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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What wonderful support for MacMillan Cancer. £265.57 - our highest to date - not least the scrummy cakes! This follows £142.60 for Jeans for Genes last Friday. Thank you for your generosity! :)

Class 1

Week 7 - Autumn 1


Today we listened to the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. We divided into two groups and with the help of some children from Year 6 we acted out part of the story.

Click on the star for photos.

     Surprise Visitor    

Today we were visited by the Cats Protection.


Roger told us all about what we need to do to look after a cat. He talked about what different cats eat from kittens to senior cats and what they drink. He told us how cats like to play  and explore and how the Cats Protection check the health of all their cats. Finally Roger told us about his pet cats at home. We loved his cat puppet.

Week 6 - Autumn 1

        Class 1 Superstars    

This week Class 1 are the proud winners of both

the lunchtime sticker reward and the attendance certificate.

Well done Class 1.


   Big Write    

Today the children took part in the whole school Big Write event.

The children watched a video about how Paddington Bear arrived in London and how he was found by the Brown family. Then we acted out the story so that the children had a good recall of the events before retelling the story during our Big Write. They used word banks to help them. Whilst writing we had sparkly lights in the classroom and calming piano music playing that helped us to concentrate and do our best work. It was great fun.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

    Harvest Festival      

Today the children celebrated Harvest with an assembly.

Thank you very much for your food contributions which will be distributed by 'the gateway project' who help vulnerable people in our local community .

Thank you to all the parents who came into the classroom for our Talk and Share session.

The children were thrilled that you came in and were very proud to show you their work.



In Science we are learning about everyday materials.

We worked in groups to sort materials and then chose a material to make a face.

We chose words to describe the properties of the materials and found that some words could be used to describe more than one material.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 9th October - Talk and share

Please come into the classroom after school and let your children show you their books and talk about their learning.

Thursday 11th October - Children's Harvest assembly

The children will be celebrating harvest with an assembly on Thursday and throughout the week we would like to collect food donations for our charity - The Gateway Project. The children brought a note home about this on Friday and there is one displayed on Parent Noticeboard on the classroom window showing a list of items that would be great if you can donate (Mainly tinned and dry food items).

Wednesday 17th 5:30-8:00 & Thursday 18th October 3:40-6:00

Parent Partnership Meetings

Please return your reply slips as soon as possible to request your appointment times.

Thank you


Week 5 - Autumn 1

  CLC Centre - Science Day  

On Friday we went to the  Collaborative Learning Centre for a special Science Day.

We were blessed with lovely weather for our walk to and from the centre.

On arrival we  joined children from Oakfield and Abacus schools and we were given the challenge to build a bridge that would support a 1 kg weight. We worked in teams to plan and build our bridges. Half way through the morning we had a break with a drink, some fruit and a play in the fresh air.

Click on the arrow below to see our photographs of the event.

    Special Visitor    

Today we had a special visitor who left his suitcase in our classroom with a label on it. The label was very useful because it told us who the suitcase was for - Class 1.

We found some initials on the case which helped us to work out who our special visitor was.

We were thrilled to find out that our special visitor was Paddington.

We looked at the label that he had round his neck which said 'Please look after this bear, thank you'. We talked about how labels can give us important information and then we wrote our own labels for Paddington.



Today we looked at our science topic 'Materials'. We talked about what a material is and then named some materials. We had a classroom hunt to find objects made of these materials and placed them in groups. Then we looked at the groups to see if they were all correct.


The children have been asked to bring in samples of  materials that are made from wood, paper. plastic, fabric and metal. We are going to sort these materials and use them to make some pictures.

Week 4 - Autumn 1 

       Macmillan Coffee Morning    

Please come and join us for a drink and piece of cake on Friday

9:00 - 11:00 


This week in computing the children are learning to search the internet safely by using the visual search engine 'Kiddle'. We talked about what to do if we find an image that upsets us.Then we  researched for pictures of fire engines for our DT project. The children noted the appearance and features on the fire engines.


Today we took part in the World'slargest lesson.

We learned that the UN have set up 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

We looked at goal 1 - No poverty, we discovered that people that live in poverty do not have the most important things to live a healthy life. We thought the three most important things that children in poverty need were water to drink, food to eat and somewhere to live.

We then empathised with people who had to flee from a desperate situation. We thought about the things we would pack in a suitcase if we were going on holiday. Then we thought about what we would pack if we had to leave our homes and we might not be able to return. We then compared our two suitcases.

Week 3 - Autumn 1 

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This week we have been thinking about our wellbeing and how we can all work to increase our levels of wellbeing. We discussed five ways we could improve  our mental wellbeing and carried out an activity for each one during the week.

1. Connect

In circle time we talked about how it is good to feel close to and valued by other people. We each answered the following questions:

  • What important things have happened to you?
  • Who makes you feel good about yourself?

2. Be Active

Regular physical activity is great for our bodies and minds. We discussed what physical activities the children did outside of school. On Wednesday afternoon we went for a walk around the field and chatted to our partner to try to find out something new about them that we didn't know before.

3. Take Notice

For this way of improving our wellbeing we tried to catch sight of something beautiful, spot something unusual and notice the evidence of the changing season/weather whilst we explored our school grounds.

4. Learn

We learned a new word each day, found out what it meant and then tried to use it during the week. The words we explored were:

noun     verb     adjective     silhouette    kindness

5. Give

We discovered that if we help others it makes us feel happy. In circle time we discussed what kindness is, how we can show kindness and what kindness does to

help us and our school. We then decided what we could do to show kindness.


Children can wear jeans to school for this day but must wear usual school uniform top and shoes. £1 donation is requested.


  Great Fire Of London Day  

What another exciting day we  had today.

This morning we learned all about the Fire of London which took place in 1666. We travelled back in time to see how quickly the fire spread and how people were trying to save their possessions by burying them in their gardens. Samuel Pepys even buried his cheese! We talked about the things that were precious to use and what we might save.

Then after play we were busy sorting in maths.  We decided what criteria we were going to use to sort the objects and then chose by colour, size or type.


In the afternoon we went over to the Forest Schools area and sat around the fire circle. We shared with Tiff all the things we had learned about the Fire of London and then we went on a Fire of London hunt to try to find all the things related to that time e.g. bucket, squirt, Samuel Pepys, wooden house etc.. When we had found all the items we cut out a wooden house and attached it to a stick. Tiff placed our houses in the fire circle. We prepared some 'squirts' filling each one with a carefully measured pint of water. Finally we were ready to sit down and watch the Fire of London re -enactment which helped us to understand why the fire spread so quickly.

Week 2 - Autumn 1

School Elections

Today we had our school elections. The children went into the hall to vote for the children they wanted to be Junior Governors, Eco Warriors and Sports Ambassadors.

The winners of our school election were announced in Brilliance Assembly.

Congratulations to our winners.

Junior Governors

Eco Warriors

Sports Ambassadors

Teddy Problem Solving 

Today we carried out some problem solving. Teddy was going on holiday and packed his suitcase with T-shirts and shorts. We had to work out how many days he could go on holiday for if he could wear each outfit combination only once.




  Teddy Bear Day  

What a great day we had today with our teddies.

Click on orange spiral to see our teddies.

First we followed instructions to make teddy shaped jam sandwiches.

Click on the red spiral  below to see some photographs of the children in action!

Then we made an observational drawing of our teddies looking particularly at how we could show texture using lines on our drawings.  Pictures coming soon watch this space!

At lunch time our teddies were so tired after their busy morning

that they had a  sleep while we went to have our lunch.

After lunch we woke our teddy bears up and got them ready to go outside for our teddy bear games. We played lots of teddy team games together until we were all exhausted.

Click on green spiral below for photographs of our teddy bear games.

Finally we had our teddy bear picnic in the classroom whilst watching teddy bear songs and rhymes.


Teddy Bear Day

Please bring your teddy to school on Thursday to join us for our special Teddy Bear Day.

Thank you

Autumn term theme

 London's Got Talent! 

We started our 'London's got talent!' theme today by taking a tour of London and looking at some famous landmarks. We looked at the shapes of the buildings and how we could draw these. Then we looked at the lines we could make with the chalk pastels and how we could blend them. Click on the Union Jack flag below to see our landmarks.


Week 1 - Autumn 1

Well done to all the children for completing the first week in Year 1. They have all been so good and enjoyed exploring their new classroom.  The children have been eager to embrace all of the new experiences in Key Stage One and have proved themselves to be very grown up and  ready to start our theme learning next week.

Please can the children bring in water bottles each day as we do not have drinking water readily available in the classroom. Working in Class 1 is thirsty work!  

Thank you, Mrs Barber

PE days in Class 1 will be on Thursday and Friday.  

There is a list of dates for the Autumn Term displayed on our Class window. Please look at the Parent Notice Board for information about letters home and other events.

Thursday 13th September - Children's individual photographs

Friday 21st September - Jeans for Genes Day 

Friday 28th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning 9:00-11:00 am

Tuesday 9th October - Talk and Share - Come into the classroom after school to look at the children's books and chat to your children about their learning.

Wednesday 17th October - Parent Partnership Meetings 5:30-8:00pm

Thursday 18th October - Parent Partnership Meetings 3:40-6:00pm.

Friday 19th October - Last day at school for Autumn 1.

    Reading Books    

The children brought their reading book and Partnership Book home today. Please could the children keep both of these books in the plastic bag so that they stay together when put in the reading box at school.  The Partnership books are looked at every day at lunchtime  and if your child has read their book it will be changed  unless you write that you would like to keep the book to read again because your child enjoyed  it or found it a little bit tricky.  You can also note the pages your child has read to,  which will count as a read towards a Golden Ticket, even if they did not finish the book (For more details about the Golden Ticket Reward click on the Reading icon at the top of this class page).

    Welcome back to school    

It has been great to welcome the children to Class 1 and to hear all about their adventures over the summer holidays. The children who brought in their 'Envelope of Summer' homework  were brilliant at telling the class about the places they had visited. Well done! smiley


Please have a named water bottle in school everyday. This must only contain water.

Please make sure that every item of clothing is clearly marked with your child's name (including shoes, bags and PE kits)

PE kits should be in school everyday.



Well done to Jimmie  and Joana for completing the Summer Reading Challenge at the library.



Welcome to our school website and Class 1's very own page.  

Keep looking at this web page to see all the exciting news and photographs of our learning and events we take part in during the year. There will also be information about class routines, homework and reminders about future events.


We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and that you are busy filling your

'Envelope of Summer' with lots of things that will remind you of all the exciting  adventures you are having . We cannot wait to see what you fill your envelopes with!



Remember to try to take part in the Summer library Reading Challenge - Mischief Makers.  You can find their web page on  or follow the link below. You can also watch the video telling you all about the reading challenge.

How many books will you read this summer?    

We hope you will tell us all about your favourite book when you return to school.

We look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 4th September

with your 'Envelope of Summer' and ready to burst with brilliance!

Have fun and keep safe

Mrs Barber, Mrs Woodford & Miss Hatley


Click on link below to see all the holiday fun taking place in Wickford.

Summer Talk

Great Game and activity ideas to support children’s communication skills when you’re out and about this summer. Click on link below.