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Welcome back. We hope you had a fab winter break. A busy term ahead! Don't forget you can sync your phone to the school calendar so you don't miss out on any future events. Thank you :)

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Spring 1 Week 3


In art we are looking at drawing  animals and today we looked at the patterns and texture on the coats of animals that we could find in a zoo. We created some great pictures.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20

    Science with Andy    

On Tuesday we had a great time with Andy trying to find a way that the ants could cross the river. We tried different shapes and sizes  of leaves balanced carefully on top of the water and investigated to see how many 'ants' we could fit on the leaf before it sank.

Then Andy asked us to make a boat for the ants using aluminium foil. Some of us made some fantastic boats that held a lot of 'ants'. We used the knowledge we learned from the leaf investigation to help us design the shape of the boat.

    Shared Reading 

This week we are looking at the book


Spring 1 Week 2


Winner of the Brilliance cup

Well done Class 1


    Musical Animal Safari        

Today the children listened to different styles of music from Africa and identified some of the instruments playing.

After this  we learned a 'Call and Response' song from West Africa (Ghana), The song is used traditionally to teach children the names of different body parts. Once we knew the song well we sung as a call and response and added actions for the different body parts. See if you can join in with the clip below.

Kye Kye kule call & response song.mp3

Special visitor

We had a special visitor today who we met in assembly. Her name is Poppy and she is a PAT dog . Poppy is two and a half years old and is going to come into our school each week to listen to children read. She is lovely and was very good when she met the whole school.


Animals including Humans

We looked at lots of photographs of animals. We then tried to group them into fish, birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. We then discussed the reasons why we placed the animals in the group e.g had two antenna, had a beak etc...


    Animal Needs    

We looked at the animal shelter 'Wood Green' and took part in a virtual tour of the centre. Come and see all the wonderful ways that they look after  the animals.


Being healthy and happy is really important for all pets and also for people.’

We looked at what humans, dogs and guinea pigs all need to be healthy and happy

–  food, water, home, friends and clothes/coats


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

  Shared Reading  

This week we are looking at the book

In English we read 'The Big Animal Mix Up' book together

and discussed the different mixed up animals.

Then we created our own mixed up animal and wrote questions about them using the question hand.

We punctuated our sentences using question marks.             

Spring 1 Week 1

In Science the children are investigating seasons.

Today the children revisited their chosen tree and looked at the changes that had occurred from autumn to winter. What changes can you see?



This term our theme is

A world of animals

We   started by reading the book The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen.

We enjoyed the story and talked about all the different pets that the boy found in the pet shop. Then we talked about our own pets and made a class pictogram. We answered questions using the data collected and even thought of our own questions.

It was great to see you all again today and to hear about all the wonderful presents that you received for Christmas. We had fun writing about our presents today using descriptive writing and then reading our writing to the class for them to guess what our presents were.


Spring 1

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year

Welcome to 2018

This term our role play area will be a Pet Shop.

Please could you save any clean food boxes / bags / containers that you  use for your pets and bring them into school for us to use in our Pet Shop.

If you have any other items that you think would be suitable please bring them in to show us or ask us  if you are unsure.

Thank you

Mrs Woodford & Mrs Barber

Autumn 2 Week 8

 Christmas Holidays    

What a fun last day we had with lots of games, films and food!

We hope your parents will like their Christmas cards and calendars.


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas with lots of rest and fun.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Barber & Mrs Woodford


Today we had great fun at our Christmas party.

We joined together with Explorers and Year 2 and went into the school hall. 

We played lots of games and enjoyed all the party food.

See our photos below.

Autumn 2 Week 7


Winner of the Brilliance cup

Well done Class 1, I am so proud of you.

The children will be having their class Christmas party on the afternoon of

Monday 18th December.

Please could the children bring in some party food to share with the class.

The children can bring in party clothes to change into after lunch time.

Thank you

     Paddington models     

Before the release of the first Paddington film there was a London Paddington trail set up where 50 Paddington statues were placed across London close to museums, parks, shops and key landmarks, and  remained there for the whole of December. Each Paddington statue was created by a celebrity. We looked at all these designs and then created our own design for our own Paddington statue. Then we painted the Paddington statue and decided where in London we would place the statue for a Paddington Trail of our own. Do you like our designs?

Today we had our Christmas Dinner together.

We had a great time with lovely food, Christmas music playing and pulling crackers together. We even had a special visit from Father Christmas!

Today we went to see the pantomime Aladdin. We had a great time.

Ask us what our favourite part of the trip was.

A very festive week.

Wednesday 13th December

The children are off to the Towngate Theatre in Basildon to watch Aladdin.

Oh no they're not!  Oh yes they are!

Children can bring some sweets and a named bottle of water.

Remember we will be late back to school approx. 4.20pm 


Thursday 14th December

School Christmas lunch



Friday 15th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Children to bring in £1 and wear a Christmas jumper,

all proceeds to go to Save the Children


Autumn 2 Week 6


Brilliance cup joint winner with Class 3

Well done Class 1!

Today we had a surprise visit by a Big Rig.

We looked around the enormous truck and Paddington even got a chance to drive!

Mrs Mitchell sat in the truck and took our photos through the window and then made us jump by pulling the horn.

We watched a cartoon about a monster truck then designed our own monster truck and wrote our own stories.  We had a great time.

   Christmas with the Aliens    

Today the children gave their final performance of our production 'Christmas with the Aliens'.

They all performed brilliantly and were so enthusiastic. A big pat on the back to them all.

Thank you very much for supporting us by helping the children to learn their lines, song words and also for providing the lovely costumes. 

    Christmas Play    

Today the children performed 'Christmas with the Aliens' to the school and the Evening Echo came in to take a photograph which will appear in the newspaper. Please see poster below or on Parents notice board by the classroom door for more details.

   Shared Reading   

This week we are looking at the book - The Play

Autumn 2 Week 5

    NSPCC Special Assembly    

Speak out, stay safe

Today Buddy came to visit us.

He had this special message for us.

    Odd Jobs    

Paddington loves to help people and in the recent Paddington 2 film he is trying to save money to buy a special pop up book all about London for his Aunt Lucy.

Unfortunately things often go wrong for poor Paddington.

This week we have been planning our own Paddington story where Paddington carries out an odd job and yes, something goes wrong again!   

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book - Alien Invasion

Autumn 2 Week 4


Road Safety Activities

Try some of the following activities to see how much you know about Road Safety.

     Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - Look out on the Road

Advance notice

Friday 15th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Children to bring in £1 and wear a Christmas jumper,

all proceeds to go to Save the Children


Thursday 23rd December

Flu immunisation


Christmas Production

Tuesday 5th December at 2.00pm

Wednesday 6th December at 9.30pm

See letter below ( sent home Friday 17-11-17) for booking tickets 


Autumn 2 Week 3

It was great to see all the children taking part in our non-uniform day.

Thank you for your support.


Congratulations Class1

Winner of the Top Attendance award this week.

Well done!


    Special Visitor    

We had a special visitor today.

Canon Jane Freeman from St. Andrews Church came to visit us and told us all about the vestments she wears. We tried on her chasubles, see pictures below.

She also told us about  the different activities she does

e.g. different services  in the church,  visiting people, going into schools, meetings and lots of paperwork!   

Today we went to the Wickford Collaborative Learning Centre (CLC) where we took part in a morning session of the ‘Poetry Slam’.

First we brainstormed what a poem was. Then we listened to lots of poems and wrote a collaborative poem about what a wizard had in his pocket. After that we performed our class poem and made everybody laugh.

Connie and Rose stood up on the stage in front of everybody and performed their poems very well. They were given a certificate.

We had a great time learning about different kinds of poetry. Thank you CLC.

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - A Day in London.

Autumn 2  Week 2

Tuesday 14th November 9.30-11.30

Poetry Slam

Year 1 and Year 2 children are off to the CLC for an exciting collaborative learning opportunity.

    Christmas Play    

This week the children have been busy learning their parts for our Christmas production.

At home please help your child to learn their lines and the Christmas songs.

Thank you


The children have been looking at onomatopoeia  - words that imitate sounds. First we watched an online firework display and brainstormed all the words we could think of and then the children  worked in groups to use these words to write a firework poem.  Finally the children investigated our percussion instruments to find the ones that made the most appropriate sound for the onomatopoeia words. We hope you like our poems.

Brown Bears

Still image for this video

Polar Bears

Still image for this video

In Science the children are investigating seasons.

Today the children revisited their chosen tree and looked at the changes that had occurred from summer to autumn. What changes can you see?


The first picture was taken at the beginning of September and the second picture was taken on the second week in November. We noticed that the tree looked similar in appearance from a distance but on closer inspection there were bare branches and lots of leaves that had fallen on the floor. The colour of the leaves had also changed.


    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at Special Days poems.

We read and discussed 'It's my birthday', 'Bonfire Night' and It's Divali'.

Autumn 2  Week 1



Winner of the Brilliance cup with Year 6


winner of the Attendance certificate with 99% attendance for the week.

Well done Class 1!


Firework Poetry 

We started by brainstorming words we could use in our poetry for each of our five senses .

We found lots of brilliant words and then used these words to write a Firework night senses poem. Read some of our poems below.


I can see flickering sparklers.

I can hear noisy rockets.

I can smell the tasty hot dog.

I can taste the smoky burger.

I can feel my woolly gloves.

By Michael


I can see multicoloured sparklers.

I can hear noisy, banging fireworks.

I can smell the delicious hot dog.

I can taste the barbecued burger.

I can feel my chilly feet.

By Rose


I can see twinkling fireworks.

I can hear spitting bonfires.

I can smell barbecued hot dogs.

I can taste delicious hot dogs.

I can feel the cosy heat.

By Connie


I can see multicoloured sparklers.

I can hear noisy cheering children.

I can feel woolly soft gloves.

I can smell delicious hot dogs.

I can taste barbecued sausages.

By Dorian


I can see sparkling fireworks.

I can hear popping fireworks.

I can feel my warm gloves.

I can taste the barbecued chicken.

I can smell the burning fire.


I can see sparkling fireworks.

I can hear whooshing rockets.

I can smell the burning fire.

I can taste the delicious hot dogs.

I can feel my soft fluffy gloves.


I can see sparkling fireworks.

I can hear crashing rockets.

I can smell the smoky fire.

I can tasty the burning hot dogs.

I can feel my woolly gloves.






Then we looked at poems with onomatopoeia in them.

We really  like this word!

Onomatopoeia are special words that imitate sounds.

Enjoy the clip below.


We started to make fireworks today. First we chose a 3D shape for our firework. Then we had great fun decorating them with brightly coloured paper squares which created a mosaic effect. Can you see the concentration on our faces? Next week we are going to finish them, look out for our finished fireworks, we cannot wait to show them to you!

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book Sparks in the Sky.

A Grand Morning Out!

Friday 3rd November

9:00 - 11:30 for Grandparents

Come and join us for a cup of coffee and a celebration of learning

with your fabulous grandchildren!

Children in Need

Friday 17th November

non-uniform day - details to follow

Welcome back to school. We hope you had a great half term holiday.

We have an exciting Firework themed week planned for you.

Wow! How quickly this first half term has gone. You have all settled into Class 1 so well and we know that in the next half term  you will show us more of your brilliance.  

Mrs Woodford and I are really looking forward  to seeing your homework  hot air balloon designs and to hear about the jobs you would like to do when you grow up. 

We hope that you have a great half term holiday with plenty of fun and relaxation. We cannot wait to hear about your holiday  and we know you will have lots to tell us about your adventures and places you have seen.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 30th October.


Autumn 1 Week 7

Thank you to all the children for wearing non uniform and making their donation to this charity event.  Mrs Woodford  and I loved all the children's jokes. It was lovely to have a laugh together! The winning joke below, which was read out in our Brilliance Assembly, was from King Mike.  

He didn't have the guts.

   Futuristic Fire Engines   

The children have researched fire engines from the past and present and noted the features that they liked. They then designed  and made their own fire engine for the future.

  Wickford Family Mini Sports Hall Athletics  

Congratulations to the following children who represented our school at Bromfords 

for this event:

Asher, Bethanie, Bonnie, Charlie, Mark and Rose

The children showed their brilliance  in all of the different events they took part in.

Some children even came first in their race!

Well done, you made us very proud of you all and showed excellent sportsmanship.

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book By the Stream.

Parent Partnership Meetings

Wednesday 18th October 3.40-6.00pm

Thursday 19th October 5.30-8.00pm


Friday 20th October

Stand up to cancer.

Children to bring in £1 and share their silliest jokes with the class.

All money raised is to support Cancer Research.

This will be a non-uniform day.


Monday 23rd October - Friday 27th October

Half term Holiday


30th October

Children return to school

Autumn 1 Week 6

Thank you very much for all of your donations of food for our Harvest Festival on Thursday..


Harvest Festival

This week we have carried out lots of different activities to learn about the festival of Harvest.

  • We read and followed instructions to make bread. We shaped the dough and left it to rise before cooking. We discussed how farmers use combine harvesters to collect the wheat and how it is milled to make flour.


  • We carried out a survey of the classes favourite fruit. We collected the data and presented it on a block graph.
  • We practised using a dictionary for finding the names of vegetables and then coloured pictures of the vegetables once we had located them on the dictionary page.
  • We wrote a mind map of all the things we had discovered about Harvest Festivals in England and in other countries.
  • We took part in a Harvest tasting and enjoyed many different types of bread. Can you see by our faces whether we liked them or not?
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

   The Great Fire Of London   

We have been looking at the events in the Fire of London and how much the London skyline has changed since 1666. We made a colour wash for a background and then added black silhouettes to create amazing pictures.

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at The Ice Rink. 

Class 1 Talk and Share  Monday 9th October  3:15 - 4:00pm

Join your child in their classroom to have a look at their work

and discuss their achievements so far this year. 


    Thursday 12th October    

Rev. Cannon Jane will be joining us to lead our Harvest celebrations in a special school assembly. We will be collecting harvest items for the local food bank and would welcome any donations.

Class 1 will be singing 'It's Harvest Time'.Please keep practising the words  at home. 

Autumn 1 Week 5



            Well done Class 1 for achieving                

   99% attendance for the fourth week.  



In science we are learning about materials.

We worked in groups to sort materials and then chose a material to make a face.

We chose words to describe the properties of the materials and found that some words could be used  to describe more than one material.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

   A special visitor arrives in Class 1!  

A special visitor arrived at school on Monday.

At first we could not find them but then Mrs Woodford found  a strange suitcase with a label saying 'Class 1'. Inside the case we found our special visitor with his lunch of marmalade sandwiches and a book all about him. Can you guess who he was?

Paddington wore a special label which said 'Please look after this bear. Thank You.'

We thought of a message that Aunt Lucy might want to send to the person that found Paddington. We then wrote a label for Paddington to wear on his journey.

We tried hard to use neat handwriting, use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops so someone would be able to read the label easily.

Picture 1

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at The Wobbly Tooth. 

Autumn 1 Week 4


Winner of the Brilliance Cup again this week.


Class 1, what superstars you are.

I am so proud of you.





            Well done Class 1 for achieving                

   98% attendance for the third week.  


Thank you for

supporting our

MacMillan Coffee Morning

The children loved the cakes!

 Design & Technology 


We have been busy choosing design criteria for our futuristic fire engines.  We will be  drawing our designs and then we will be making them. Please could you help us by bringing in boxes and other materials that would be suitable to make into a fire engine.

Thank you

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at Number poems.

    Macmillan Coffee Morning  

Come and join us for a cuppa and cakes

Friday 29th September


All donations of cakes gratefully received.

Thank you

Autumn 1 Week 3


Winner of the Brilliance Cup this week.


Class 1, what superstars you are.





            Well done Class 1 for achieving                

   100% attendance for the second week.  


           Polling Day           

Friday  was Polling Day at school.

We voted in polling booths, just like grown ups do. 

Then we posted our votes in a ballot box.

The votes were then counted.

 The winners were announced in our Celebration assembly by

Mark Francois, the Member of Parliament for Rayleigh and Wickford.

Class 1 Junior Governors


Class 1 Eco Councillors


Class 1 Sports Ambassadors

Well done to everyone for taking part.

We read the story of Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat and then acted out the story.

We looked at Joseph's colourful coat  and decided to make one. Then we looked at different fabrics and described their properties before making a class coat for Joseph.  

     Friday 22nd September is Jeans for Genes Day     

Children can wear denim bottom halves with the school uniform on the top half.

The school will be collecting £1 donation in the morning.



In science we are learning about materials.

Please could the children bring in any plastic, paper/cardboard, wood, metal and fabric that you do not want.  

(e.g. packaging, foil trays, plastic tops, corks, metal tops, springs, lids, milk bottle tops etc....)

Thank you


    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at A Home for Ted.

Autumn 1 Week 2

Friday 15th September

Today Class 1 celebrated a special Teddy Bear Day.

We began the day by reading and following instructions to make teddy bear shaped jam sandwiches.We learned that it is important to follow the instructions in the correct order.

Picture 1

We looked carefully at our teddies and felt their texture by touching them with our hands. Then we drew our teddies and tried to show texture in our drawings. 

Our teddies helped us to solve a problem in maths. Mrs Barber told us that her teddy had packed his suitcase for a holiday and it contained  3 T-shirts (one of each colour - blue, pink and yellow) and 4 shorts (one of each colour - pink, red, green and blue).

We had to make as many different outfits as we could with these clothes.

We found it a bit tricky but at the end of the lesson we managed to make 12 different outfits with teddy's suitcase of clothes.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Then it was lunchtime and all our teddies were exhausted so they had a sleep while we went and had our lunch. Most of the teddies slept in a line but three found somewhere more cosy to sleep!

After lunch our teddies joined us for our Teddy Bear Games.

We had a picnic with our teddies. Thank you to the children who brought in strawberries for us to share and also to Asher for sharing his birthday cake with us.

Finally we sang lots of teddy bear songs and rhymes. We particularly liked these ones.

Teddy Bear - Family Sing Along - Muffin Songs(1).mp4

Still image for this video

Teddy Bears Picnic ~ sung by Anne Murray.mp4

Still image for this video


What a fantastic start to the year.

 Well done Class 1 for achieving 100% attendance this week.

Our theme for the Autumn Term

 London's Got Talent!

Monday 11th September

Today we brainstormed what we knew about London and then we searched the classroom for fact cards to learn some new facts.

We made a tour of London and looked at some of the landmarks. We looked at the shapes of the buildings and how we could draw these. Then we looked at the lines we could make with the chalk pastels and how we could blend them.


Big Ben

The London Eye

Tower Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral

The Shard

Buckingham Palace

The Tower of London

The Tower of London 1

    Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at The Lost Teddy.

Autumn 1 Week 1

Our first week completed!  Well done to all of you for trying so hard this week.

It has been a great week getting to know you all.

On Friday all the children brought home their reading books and Partnership Books.

When you listen to your child read please write in the Partnership book under the date you have read on:

  • The page your child read to
  • Any relevant comments on the way your child read
  • Any words that your child found difficult.

Children's reading books and Partnership books need to be in school everyday. The children will have the opportunity to change their reading books daily if their Partnership book is signed. Thank you

Please see link  at top of page for any notes that refer to Reading.

In Science the children are investigating seasons. 

Today the children walked around the school and chose a tree. Throughout the year the children will look at the tree and observe the changes that occur during the different seasons.

Welcome back to school

It has been great to see you all and to hear about all your adventures over the Summer holidays. Some of you filled your envelopes of Summer, they were brilliant. Well done! smiley



Please have a named water bottle in school everyday. This must only contain water.


Please ensure that the North Crescent Partnership Book is in school everyday. This is important as it is our way of communication between school and home.

We are already experiencing jumpers and cardigans left behind in the classroom  which are unclaimed as they have no names in them. Please make sure that every item of clothing is clearly marked with your child's name (including jumpers, cardigans, shoes, bags and PE kits) so items can be returned to their owners.

PE kits should be in school everyday. All earrings need to be removed before coming to school on PE days unless your child is able to remove them by themselves.


Well done to the following children who took part in the Summer Reading Challenge:

Asher                             Charlie

Charlotte                         Havana

King Mike                           Radu

Ronnie                            Rose 


Welcome to our school website and Class 1's very own page.  

Keep looking at this web page to see all the exciting news and photographs of our learning and events we take part in during the year. There will also be information about class routines, homework and reminders about future events.