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Monday 19th March Year 5 and Year 6 Talk and Share after school drop in.

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Welcome back everyone! We hope you have had a wonderful winter break. We are back and raring to go with our new Spring topic... Old & New. We will be comparing old and new toys, inventions, education & the school system, children's working lives and we will also be learning about the famous Florence Nightingale when we look at Hospitals today and during the Victorian era.


if you have any old (inexpensive) objects that would fit in nicely with our topic please let us know before allowing your child to bring them in to share.


Thank you for your continuing support


Miss Whitwell, Mrs Dunsford, Miss Hatley & Mrs Clark


Parents Please Note Our Brilliance Assembly Has Been Rearranged For Wednesday 21st March From 9:30 Until 10:30. We Hope To See You There :) Miss Whitwell

Monday 5th March - Wax Candles

Tiff from Woodland Warriors volunteered in Class 2 today to show us how we make candles from bee's wax. We had a tremendous amount of fun warming the wax to roll it around the wick. We even got to see Tiff light her candle. It was brilliant fun whilst learning about natural materials like bee's wax and clay, tessellating shapes, and why Florence Nightingale was called The Lady With The Lamp. This activity linked to our maths, history and science topics! Check out some pictures of our creations below.

W/b 26th February - World Book Week!

We had a lovely couple of days expanding our love for reading - before the snow fell!

As a class we read and enjoyed many books with teachers and children across the school, designed our own front covers for Roald Dahl's The Giraffe, The Pelly And Me and wrote our own stories and posters about saving animal habitats.

The highlights of our week was creating our shoebox bedrooms for a character of our choice and creating a book character with a humble potato. We have also recorded ourselves reading a poem we edited as a class called the Sound Collector. Take a look below for photos of our creations.


The Sound Collector By Class 2

Still image for this video

The Sound Collector By Class 2 (Part 2)

Still image for this video

Some Of Our Character Bedrooms

Some Of Our Character Bedrooms 1
Some Of Our Character Bedrooms 2
Some Of Our Character Bedrooms 3
Some Of Our Character Bedrooms 4
Some Of Our Character Bedrooms 5
Some Of Our Character Bedrooms 6

Our Potato Book Characters For World Book Day

Tuesday 20th February 2018


Roger from Cat's Protection paid us a visit today to kick start our Science topic of Amazing Animals. He showed us pictures of various cats that had been rescued - telling us stories of the animal's backgrounds. He also helped us to piece together how to look after a cat. We then used the knowledge from this session to write a set of instructions to help others with how to look after a cat!

29.01.18 We shared our stories with Year 6. They were so impressed with the quality of them and we were proud of our work!

We kick started our Old & New topic this term by looking at toys! We have had a chance to play with a mixture of Victorian era toys and other toys created within the last 100 years.

Look in our photo's above to see what we got up to!

Picture 1

W/c 22.1.18 and 29.1.18


Class 2 have been working on a Story Writing Unit during our English lessons this half term.

We began by learning the story Threadbear off by heart. We mapped, created our own actions and ordered the story so that we knew it inside out! We then brought in toys from home to practice our character description ready to innovate the Threadbear story.

We are now writing our stories a section at a time making our own versions that are rich with vocabulary. We will be sharing these stories with Year 6 - some of us are even publishing them to make our own books! We have spent a lot of time on these stories and plan to share them with parents at our special class assembly later in the term.

Investigating Science With Andy!

Investigating Science With Andy! 1
On the 16th January, we had a special Science lesson with Andy Markwick (a science specialist!) who had a problem for us to solve. We were asked to find a way for a family of ants to travel across a stream. So we did some problem solving in groups using real leaves and denes blocks to measure how many ants would fit on each type of leaf without sinking. We had lots of fun experimenting with this theory - using scientific enquiry and questioning skills. We even had time to make a boat for the ants using different malleable materials. See our slideshow below for more pictures. 

On Friday 8th December a Big Rig truck came to North Crescent.

Our site manager, Mr Hutson, opened up the gates for the truck to come onto the playground at 9:30am. Each class had the opportunity to see the vehicle up close, to touch the tyres and the grill...the teachers even had the chance to sit in the drivers seat! What an amazing morning of writing we have achieved thanks to the Big Rig and it's owner! Honk Honk!!

Picture 1

This term we are learning about Space and Explorers who have been beyond our world.


Watch the video below to learn more about Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon!

Neil Armstrong interview, BBC 1970.

Neil Armstrong interview, BBC 1970. He claims: -The sky is deep black, -The earth is the only visible object in the sky, other than the sun. Armstrong is either instructed to lie...or he has never been on the moon!

Bed Time Stories


Scroll down to see some of our favourite stories, why not listen to one before bed tonight?

Which one is your favourite?

Shark in the Park - Read by Sherry

'Shark in the Park' - another great book by Nick Sharratt! 'Storytelling with Sherry' - and I hope the music is'nt too scary for the kids! AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: La Fira is not just a children's book market selling affordable English books for children in Barcelona - we also do storytelling at events!

Charlie and Lola - I will not ever never eat a tomato (HQ)

Charlie has to make lunch for Lola, but she's a very picky eater and refuses to eat carrots, peas, mashed potatoes, fish sticks and her least favourite food - tomatoes (although she has never tried these foods before).

CBeebies Bedtime Stories - Tom Hardy - Odd Dog Out by Rob Bidduph 15/05/2017

CBeebies Bedtime Stories - Tom Hardy - Odd Dog Out by Rob Bidduph 15/05/2017 Tom Hardy reads a tale about a sausage dog who is trying to find her place in the world. She finally realises that being who you are is the best way to be.