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Let the festivities commence! Lots of events coming up over the next few weeks. Please ensure you check the calendar so you don't miss anything. Remember you can link your mobile phone to the school calendar too! :)

Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Premier League Diversity Poems
We are excited to begin our poem entries to Premier League Writing Stars competition which this year focuses on the theme of 'Diversity'. In the next few days, we would like to ask our families about some special and unique facts about our heritage, language and culture.

Spelling, Spelling, Spelling!!!!


As the children have moved into Year 5, they also now have a new set of words that they are expected to know how to spell by the end of Year 6. You will find these in the back with the Partnership Book, along with spellings for Year 3 and 4, but I have also placed a photo of them below.


Along with our weekly spellings, based on spelling patterns, we will be practising the Year 5/6 spellings every week. 

Picture 1

5th October, 2018


The children have been absolutely fantastic lately at developing their growth mindset and are keen to learn as much as they can!


We are doing a lot in improving mental maths skills and will be using various methods to do this including regular practice, songs, Mega Maths, Times Table Rockstars and Sumdog. This is also a good way to help children improve their Maths at home. A couple of good websites, aside from Sumdog and Times Table Rockstars, are below.


I would also like to encourage children to continue reading at home as much as possible. As they grow older, more importance in reading is given to understanding of text and making inferential assumptions. In the homework section, I have uploaded some independent reading activities that the children should frequently do when they have finished reading a book. We're aiming to get as many Golden Tickets as possible!

17th September, 2018


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend.


Last week, the children made excellent progress in understanding the expectations of Year 5. This is an important year for the children and so we discussed the importance of being responsible and independent in our learning and in life. We came up with some ideas of what makes a fantastic learner with some 'Learning Skills'. These include:





Keeping healthy


Being Responsible 

Listening to others


We have also begun to develop our 'Growth Mindset'. This is an ability to think positively about learning and has been shown to actually grow our brains! It takes the approach of 'I can't do this' and turns it to 'I can't do this...yet', thereby recognising that we learn from mistakes and we are all, always, learners.


More information on this can be found below.



Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset 1
Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset 2

7th September, 2018


I hope that the children have settled into Year 5 well and are excited by their new learning space and curriculum! In this half term, we will be learning about the Mayans, through our topic 'Mayan Mayhem!', focusing on the geography of the Central American region, the history of the Ancient Mayan civilisation and some their artwork and music.


We will be linking our topic to the book 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson and have been absorbed already by the first chapter, where Maia finds out that she will be moving to live with her family in the Amazon rainforest!


Our P.E. days this year will be Monday for outdoor P.E. and Wednesday for indoor P.E.


I look forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks.


Miss Butterworth