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Welcome back. We hope you had a fab winter break. A busy term ahead! Don't forget you can sync your phone to the school calendar so you don't miss out on any future events. Thank you :)

Class 6S

Welcome to Class 6S!


Spring Term 2018 our topic will be about...


Brilliant Minds 


Drop in to our class page to see photos, work and regular updates to show what we're up to.


The Highwayman Time Capsule Education January 2018

On Friday 5th January, to carry us in to the new term, Tim and John returned to give us a unique insight into the poem The Highwayman. Our pupils were able to learn about the language and imagery in the verses through storytelling, historical facts, models and first hand experience hearing a pistol being fired.

To celebrate what we had learned during our history topic, we invited our families to a pop-up museum exhibition. Our year group set out their pieces of work that had explored British turning points, with a special focus on wars and battles.


Pieces included:

  • a drawing of in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry
  • black-out poetry using poems and texts from WW1
  • a fictional diary entry of a WW1 soldier, sailor or airman
  • creative homework
  • independent projects about WW2
  • a fictional persuasive speech


Many thanks for all of the parents and family members, who were able to attend. The children were thrilled to shared their learning with you.


WW1 Trenches - November 2017

To bring the past into the present, we made our own WW1 trenches. It gave us a taste of the effort taken to dig and fortify the trenches - the search for materials and problem solving to build and join components. By getting our hands dirty we were able to sense the cold and variety of textures that the soldiers, medics and cooks experienced day-to-day. We were able to imagine, more vividly, the cramped conditions and the hardships suffered by so many during wars and conflicts. This project will be used to inspire writing about the physical conditions and private thoughts of combatants. Lest we forget. 

Creative Writing Project - Music Inspiration Visit November 6th


We were very fortunate to meet and have session with a professional musician: Beth, who is a percussionist for the Royal Opera House orchestra, came to share some musical experiences. Following on from a course, led by Beth, Mrs Strange designed a session where the children would use classical music to inspire narrative writing. The session culminated in the children composing and performing their own percussion pieces to tell a story - in this case a battle to complement our History and English focus.


Glad to be back at the CLC!

We had a smashing time learning, exploring and making pieces of art and design inspired by Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist, who worked in the first half of the 20th Century. Thank you to the staff and children from the local schools, who led the sessions and took part.


12th Oct 2017 CLC art morning

Maths games

Given the challenge to create their own maths quizzes, the children used PowerPoint slides and animations to make their work interactive. Here is some of their work.

Coffee Morning

After a great deal of work, to write our science fiction stories, we invited Class 2 to listen and share our finished pieces. Class brought some writing to share, about stars too. Smiles all round.

Science-fiction story share.

School Elections 2017 - 6S Elected Reps

On Friday 22nd September, we welcomed, local MP Mark Francois, to act as returning officer in our school elections. Every child voted for three posts: Junior Governors; Eco Warriors and Sport Ambassadors.

Congratulations to our winning candidates and thank to all of the nominees, voters and election helpers - who made the day such a success.

Time Capsule Science Fiction Day - Project Endeavor

Star-date: Monday 18th September. The members of NCPS year 6, joined with the highly trained Time Capsule Education team to boldly go where no-one had gone before. Performing a range of physical, technical and intellectual tasks; in order to have FUN. Mission accomplished!