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Let the festivities commence! Lots of events coming up over the next few weeks. Please ensure you check the calendar so you don't miss anything. Remember you can link your mobile phone to the school calendar too! :)

Community Events

Help fund the CLC 


The Wickford CLC (Collaborative Learning Centre) is a unique facility to Wickford providing exciting curriculum learning opportunities for the local primary children. The building was built with a grant secured by all the Primary schools of Wickford and opened in 2010. It has been delivering unique activity days to all primary children throughout the school year ever since. Heads and staff work collaboratively together to deliver a fun and exciting learning programme of  themed activity days focusing on key curriculum skills with the additional benefit of mixing children from the different schools. This alone helps raise local awareness, self esteem, confidence and community belonging along with transitional benefits as children progress through the different school years.  Wickford is very lucky to have this unique learning environment. The Centreis part funded by the schools however due to withdrawn Government funding and cut school budgets we are continuing to try and meet running costs by generating external revenue. To date this has included letting the Centre when schools are not booked in to come, for corporate and community use. The Centre now has a wide use by the community, ECC, private clients and charities all letting the building for varying activities. The Centre is also central to the highly popular holiday activity scheme and weekly youth clubs for years 3 to 8 through Wickford Extendeded services.  Part funded  and delivered on behalf of the Wickford schools by the centre staff. 

The centre has 1 full time and 1 part time member of staff. The staff cover all that  is required to maintain and run the centre relying heavily on volunteers and community schemes to help with gardening, hospitality and repairs. This year we are introducing fund raising events and community days to further help meet and minimise the cost of running the centre. It is proving very difficult to engage a high enough number of local people in helping with our cause. 

To this end we are now hoping alongside our other fundraising activities “ crowd funding” may be another tool to help the centre. We are currently likely to end this financial year with a deficit of approx £10k. There is no additional funding from schools or grants available to cover this and every opportunity to maximise business revenue within the capacity of the staff is being taken. You may wish to support the Centre and it’s future by donating. It is not something we wanted to have to do as school children have enjoyed use of the CLC free for 10 years but we have no other option now than to appeal to our local and wider community to help keep us open.  We hope you will support the Wickford CLC and share our appeal. Thank you.


Please follow this link to donate...



A Lovely Ladies Treat

Flood! Wickford Flood 1958 Community Exhibition 20-22 Sept 2018

22- 9- 18


My family and I attended the final day of the exhibition and commemorative service led by Canon Jane and the Bishop of Bradwell. I met people who had experienced the flood, first hand, and shared the work made by our pupils with them.

I received such lovely feedback from the visitors and staff of the parish, which made it all the more rewarding. I felt very proud of our pupils and to be part of the Wickford community.

Mrs S

Thursday 20th - Saturday 22nd September

Drop by 10am - 4pm to see writing and art inspired by the Wickford Flood made by Class 6S (2017-2018). Find out about Wickford's history - be part of the community.

WIckford Extended Services

Essex Police Reporting Poster

22-2-18 Year 6 SATs chat