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Welcome back. We hope you had a fabulous half term break. Lots of exciting events happening this half term. Remember you can link your mobile to our calendar so you can be reminded of events coming up. :)

Homework & Spellings

The children should continue to read daily and practise the spellings they have been given, which will be tested every Monday. See below for a list of your child's group spellings.



Creative Summer Homework To Do Over Half Term:

Homework set on Monday 11th June due on on Monday 18th June

Homework set on Mon 4th June due in on Mon 11th June

Spellings taken home on Monday 4th June

for testing on Monday 11th June

Mrs Barber's Group

boy    toy    joy    enjoy    annoy    girl    sir    bird    skirt    first    house    about

Mrs Dunsford's Group

card    hard    for    born    fail    mail    pain    you    are    my   

Miss Whitwell's Group

singing    kicking    jumping    starting     lifting     shifting    laughing    fighting      flying     spying      asked       saw     

Mrs Woodford's Group

tan    ran    man    pan    rat    pat     and    is    as    ge

Spellings taken home on Monday 11th June

for testing on Monday 18th June

Mrs Barber's Group

blue clue glue true value law jaw paw lawn yawn made make

Mrs Dunsford's Group

now see car or oil oak fur me be she

Miss Whitwell's Group

careful carefully hopeful hopefully playful playfully fearful fearfully joyful joyfully here day

Mrs Woodford's Group

men pen hen Ben Ken ten off of I the