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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

Well done to the choir for their fabulous performance in Young Voices at the O2. Check out the photos under ‘School Events’ tab.

Homework & Spellings

Half Term Creative Toys Homework due in on Monday 19th February

Homework set on 29.1.18 due in on 5.2.18

Use your neatest cursive handwriting to answer questions on toys in the past. You can use this photograph below (handed out with the homework) to help you with your answers.

Victorian family with children's toys

Victorian family with children's toys 1

The children should continue to read daily and practise the spellings they have been given, which will be tested every Monday. See below for a list of your child's group spellings.



Set on Monday 19th February to be Monday 26th February 

Mrs Barber's Group

ship shin shop shut cash bash mash be she was

Mrs Dunsford's Group

oak coal coat goal soap road load for down now

Miss Whitwell's Group

blew chew grew drew knew flew threw elephant dolphin alphabet your day

Mrs Woodford's Group

baked waved hoped smiled tiled filed faced raced saved shaved looked called