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Let the festivities commence! Lots of events coming up over the next few weeks. Please ensure you check the calendar so you don't miss anything. Remember you can link your mobile phone to the school calendar too! :)

Our work

After drawing a cross-section of an ancient Greek temple, we used folded paper to strengthen sheets of paper. We looked at buildings by the British architect, Richard Rogers, who used X shapes. The reinforced shapes were fastened together, to form ceiling and a base, columns and a roof.


a-MAZE-ing Creative Homework October 2018

28-9-18 Maths puzzles

28-9-18 Maths puzzles 1
28-9-18 Maths puzzles 2

We played a game, where by spinning a spinner it generated a number to be subtracted from a 4 digit number. In ten moves or less, whoever reached zero - won.


27-9-18 Tag Rugby in the sun

We learned to hold a rugby ball and throw to the side. It's harder than it looks.

6-9-18 We can choose and use equipment for maths.