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School Governors

Interim Executive Board


At present, North Crescent Primary School is governed by an Interim Executive Board of Governors.  This is a board comprising three very experienced governors who are regularly joined by a school improvement representative from the local authority. 


As a small, focussed group of governors, the IEB oversee all of the work of the school as one group.


The IEB was established during the sprint term of 2017 and conducted its first meeting on 21st April 2017.




Mr David Faulkner (Chair)

Mr Philip Heady

Mrs Annette McGibbon


Pen Portraits

David Faulkner, Chair of Governors

I have been a governor for 11 years at a variety of schools, serving as Chair, Vice Chair, Curriculum Chair and Finances/Resources Chair. After a career spanning 35 years in Financial Services, where I worked for 15 years in various countries, I am now retired, and prefer to volunteer my time in schools. I am a National Leader of Governance and do a great deal of work for the local authority. I am now leading my fifth Interim Executive Board which is put in place when the Governing Body is replaced by the Department for Education. I live in the local area and am also a Chair of a local Multi-Academy Trust in Wickford.

I have two grown-up daughters, one who works overseas and the other is currently doing a teacher training course at a local school in Basildon. My wife still works in Chelmsford in the education industry.

I am keen to see North Crescent Primary school become a strong school as recognised by Ofsted and will work with the school leadership and the other governors to achieve this. My personal strengths in governance are around finances, safeguarding and health and safety, but I have lots of experience in all aspects of school governance.


Philip Heady

I have worked for four local authorities and was finally responsible for a team of 30 staff servicing Council, Cabinet, and committees; looking after the needs of Councillors and mayors; and election matters.   I support a number of governing bodies in the role of Clerk to the Governing Body and am a member of the CHANGE Schools Partnership Academy Trust. I currently serve as a member of two IEBs.


Annette McGibbon

I have had two successful headships in Essex, my first turning round a failing school and my second opening a new primary school. OFSTED stated that I had an ‘outstanding vision’ for school improvement early in my second headship.

In 1999 I was nominated for a Lloyds TSB Teaching Award for my contribution to school leadership in a primary school. I was successful in winning the regional final.

For twelve years I worked for Essex County Council as a School Development Adviser, a School Improvement Partner, an OFSTED inspector and an Education Adviser. My well- developed interpersonal skills have meant that I have frequently been asked to work in complex and sensitive situations. None of the schools I have supported have gone into an OFSTED category unless I had previously notified County that this outcome was expected.

Although I have  retired from my advisory work, I have been a member of two Interim Executive Boards and am happy to report that one school is now federated with another school, securing its future and the second is about to become part of a successful Multi Academy Trust.