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Please be considerate when parking your car, particularly where and how you are parking. Frequently, the pavements are blocked and neighbours are unable to access their driveways. This is not only frustrating, but dangerous. As a result of this, two pupils this term have been vulnerable to such negligence. As a school we are unable to police North Crescent or Hyde Way, nor get involved in parking / driving disputes. Please report any unsociable parking / driving at this website; as will we. tra-eyes-what-next/. Additional information can be found on this website too, Permits for the Ladygate Car Park can be obtained, free of charge, from the school office. Thank you.


Spellings brought home 11th February

for testing on Monday 25th February

Mrs Kaur

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Mrs Barber

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Mrs Woodford

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Miss Whitwell

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Mrs Cane

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