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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

Sports Day - Friday 21st June!! Gates open 10am for KS1. KS2 begins with a picnic at Midday. We hope to see you all there. A letter will be sent home confirming details asap. Thank you


Spellings  given to the children on  Monday 17th June for testing on Monday 24th June

Mrs Kaur

fin    pig    dig    put    a


Mrs Barber

blew    chew    grew    drew    knew    flew    threw    elephant    dolphin    alphabet    your    day


Mrs Woodford

this    that    buzz    chat    fizz    yes    fox    too    he    we


Miss Whitwell

fetch    ditch    catch    pitch    capture    picture    future    mixture    fudge    sledge    badger    their


Mrs Cane

pavement    payment    argument    development    statement    refreshment    enjoyment    employment    amusement    agreement    amazement    entertainment