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Welcome back. We hope you had a fab winter break. A busy term ahead! Don't forget you can sync your phone to the school calendar so you don't miss out on any future events. Thank you :)



Spellings are given out to the children during their phonics lesson on Mondays.

Please practise them with your child. 

(You could use the 'look  say cover write check ' method shown at the bottom of this page).


Spellings given out on Monday 15th January 



Spellings for testing on Monday 22nd January

Mrs Barber's Group

wag    wig    web    wax    mix    fix    six    then    them    with

Mrs Dunsford's Group

moon    hoot    boot    cool    soon    spoon    school    all    they    you

Miss Whitwell's Group

pie    lie    tie    die    cried    sea    seat    bead    read    treat    I'm    by

Mrs Woodford's Group

stops    parks    chats    sings    wings    bunches    lunches    crunches    catches   matches    I'm    by