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North Crescent Primary School

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Wear something sporty for a £1 donation to Sports Relief. Friday 23rd March.



Spellings are given out to the children during their phonics lesson on Mondays.

Please practise them with your child. 

(You could use the 'look  say cover write check ' method shown at the bottom of this page).



Spellings taken home on Monday 19th March

for testing on Monday 26th March

Mrs Barber's Group

chop    jazz    fox    wig    jet    shop    chat    that    see    was    

Mrs Dunsford's Group

now    how    cow    down    town    bow    row    they    all    are           

Miss Whitwell's Group

fast    grass    path    bath    bacon    lady    wash    want    watch    wasp    Mr.    Mrs.     Mrs Woodford's Group

putting    shutting    clapping    flapping    slimming    swimming    stopping    shopping    getting    letting    old    don't