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Have a fabulous half term. We look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 25th February. Don't forget to download the new school app: TheschoolApp, where you can find lots of info and important dates at your fingertips :)



Spellings are given out to the children during their phonics lesson on Mondays.

Please practise them with your child. 

(You could use the 'look  say cover write check ' method shown at the bottom of this page).


No spellings taken home on 16th July



Spellings taken home on Monday 9th July

for testing on Monday 16th July

Mrs Barber's Group

he    she    me    mind    find    wild    old    cold    gold    fold    cooked    called      

Mrs Dunsford's Group

curl    hammer    meet    spoon    torn    might    goat    for    see    look     

Miss Whitwell's Group

knife    knives    elf    elves    shelf    shelves    half    halves    calf    calves    made    by   

Mrs Woodford's Group

 puff    huff    bell    tell    less    mess    had    put    up    I