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Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Summer break. Remember, you can link your mobile phone to our school calendar, so you will always be informed of future events. :)

Week 1- Doctors

This week we are learning about doctors and what it is like to do their job. We have opened our very own North Crescent hospital in the explorers class, where we have been looking after our friends and making them better. We have been sorting medicine, labelling our skeleton and even making our very own x-rays! Please take a look at the pictures to see more of what we have been doing...smiley

FunnyBones - Bumps In The Night

2nd Epsoide Of Funny Bones a childrens TV series from 1992. This episode is about the funny bones skeletons needing to see a doctor because of their 'bumps in the night'. The children have enjoyed watching these clips this week, especially with their links to Halloween!