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Adventurers Y3

Welcome to year 3 ...we are Adventurers 3...

we are lit up with learning

Transition activities - getting ready for September 2022. If you have questions, please ask.

Three Giant Steps

01.07.22 - 20.07.21

In this theme we will explore three countries and find out what they have in common and what makes them different too. We will learn about physical and human geographical features of Canada, France and England. On y va!

bunchberry                                    iris                                      red rose 


Under the Canopy 


02.05.22 - 24.06.22


This is a conservation theme.

We will learn about the typical flora and fauna found in the rainforest, about the Mayan civilisation and what the rainforests around the world provide for the rest of the world. In addition we will be writing a story and a persuasive letter on the theme of the rainforests. 

Window on the World 

Settlers and Trade

March 25th - April 29th 2022 


In this topic, through geography, we will learn about shipping and trade and where food comes from. And why humans have settled in certain places...thinking about what makes a place a good place to live. Where did early humans settle? Why did towns build up in certain places? What causes people change where they live?



Athens v Sparta

February 7th - 25th March 2022

In this theme, we will learn about the history and culture of Ancient Greece. In addition, in geography and science, there will be a focus on the water cycle and properties of water.

Where is Greece? When was the height of the Ancient Greek empire? Who were the Athenians and Spartans? 

Saxon King

17th January - 4th February 2022


When were the Anglo Saxons in Britain? How did they live? What was important to them? Who were the kings?

Who was the last Saxon king? 

In this unit, Adventurers 3 will find out about King Harold II - how he became king and why he was the last Saxon king. Who came next?

from Wednesday 5th January 2022

Adventurers 3 will begin swimming lessons as part of our PE curriculum

  • lessons will be at Wickford pool, staff be walking with pupils, from school after lunch and then walking back 
  • pupils will need:                                       

                              swimming trunks for boys

                              swimming one-piece swimming suit


                              long hair must be tied

                              a sturdy bag

Please ensure trunks and suits fit. Your child will be given a hat, which we wash and keep at school. 

Check your emails for details, sent from the office.  


In addition, on Wednesday mornings we will have gymnastics with Mrs Perrins. Please wear suitable PE on these days, avoiding all jewellery. 


16th October 2021 - 14th January 2022

Come Fly with Me...Africa

In this theme, we will explore the continent of Africa. Learn about the countries and cultures that are shaped by the geography and history. Did you know... that there are 54 countries in Africa; approximately 2000 languages spoken in Africa and that its population is around 16% of the world population?



October 18th  - November 15th 


Lindow Man 

In this topic we will learn about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. When were these eras? How did ancient Britons live? What have we learned from the archaeology that has been uncovered? What were the key innovations in technology? 

Find the topic homelearning - click on the icon at the bottom of the page. 



September 6th - October 15th 2021

Lightning Speed


Our first theme of the year is Lightning Speed, which is all about technology and electricity. 


How often do you use technology? How do you use the Internet? How can we be safe online?