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Art & creative activities

Activity 1



Rainbow Song | I Can Sing A Rainbow & Lyrics on repeat

‘Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue’. Can you sing a rainbow? Well even if you can’t, you could at least make a rainbow collage! Simply find different coloured pictures in newspapers, magazines, wrapping paper, leaflets...any paper lying around, and glue them on to a rainbow to make a rainbow collage.

Activity 2


What’s that sound? It sounds like rain! Wait a minute, no it isn’t. It’s a homemade rain stick! Now you can imitate the sound of rain by making your own home-made rain stick.   All you need is a tube of some sort and some sort of grain, like rice or pearl barley. Make sure you seal of the ends otherwise it could make a mess! Why not decorate it with paint, coloured paper or felt tips, and maybe even stick sequins and glitter to make it look beautiful.


Activity 3

Create a tree to show each of the 4 seasons.

The picture below shows trees painted with cotton buds to show the different seasons. 

Activity 4

Create a model or picture for each of the types of weather.

e.g. rain, snow, cloud, lightning, sunny etc..


Activity 5

What can you see out of a window in your house?


Is it your back garden?

Do you overlook a park, or can you see your front garden or the houses over the road? When you draw your view of the land, it is called a landscape. Your task is to find a window that you can sit comfortably at and draw what you can see.

Think about what is nearest to you and what is further away.

Do you think this will affect how big they are in your drawing?

Activity 6

Paul Klee was a Swiss artist who was famous for his use of colour. He experimented with different painting techniques and painting on different materials, and is widely regarded as one of the founders of modernism. Examples of Klee’s work can be seen by typing his name into Kiddle Images. Use the views from your windows or the world you see on your daily exercise walk to observe the colours in the world around you. Consider if there is just one shade of green? Can you describe colours more precisely, for example orangey red, pale yellow, bluey green or bright pink? Does a particular colour look the same in the sun as in the shade? Use your knowledge of colour to help you create a city scape image inspired by your walk or views from home. Paul Klee used geometric shapes like squares, triangles and circles in different shades of colour to build up his pictures. Try using these shapes in your artwork.