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Autumn Term Children's Home Learning

     Weeks 3 and 4 Class closure  

Please follow the link below to see our Home Learning.

Wow Lewis! Thank you for sharing your home learning while our bubble was closed.

You have worked very hard smiley

   Week beginning 9-11-20   

Wow! What a  spectacular fish!

Thank you for sharing your latest catch with us.

Well done.

   Week beginning 2-11-20   

A lovely Firework picture Sophia, well done.

    Half Term Homework   

Lewis had a busy half term and a birthday. Read all about it in his diary writing.

Well done Lewis.


Wow! A superb International space station and welcome to Colin a new member of our Hoctopize family. Well done, fantastic models.



Benjamin has been busy practising his spellings during the holidays.

Well done, I am sure you will do well in our spelling quiz on Monday. smiley

  Week beginning 19th October  

Wow! What a fantastic Hoctopize. Well done Lewis.

I love his name 'Choco' but I am glad I am not a Hoctopize because I do not like snails.


Wow! A brilliant space station. Super modelling.

You have also been busy practising your number bonds. Well done.


Lewis has been busy practising his number bonds to 10 and 20. Well done Lewis.


  Week beginning 12th October  

Will has been busy practising his number bonds. Super maths.

Wow! A great Hoctopize. Well done Will. 

I am glad he is a 'goody' and I like it that he laughs a lot. He looks very smiley. 


Benjamin has been busy practising his spellings. Well done Benjamin. smiley 


Amazing, we now have a Space Station for our friendly aliens.

A fantastic model, well done.



Wow! Jordi is a friend for Hoctopize. I love his eyes and that he says his 'family are his treasure in his world'. Super work, well done.




The Hoctopize family is growing! Mila made her own Hoctopize  

and then wrote  a story  about her. I love the feathers for her rainbow hair and that she is on a special mission to find a fox in the forest. A super model, well done. 

  Week beginning 5th October  

A  Hoctopize joins our class and he has a brother called Loctopize.

Super work Tommy well done. 


Jamie has been busy practising his spellings. Well done Jamie. smiley


Wow! A Hoctopize arrived in my inbox this week.

A super model and you described him too. Well done.



Benjamin has been very busy practising the spellings from all the groups and also learning his number bonds to 10 and 20. Excellent work Benjamin, well done.