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Autumn learning

November 2021 building a stone age home


We have been learning about the Stone age hunter gatherers and the types of homes in the period - which started as found caves to complex round buildings made from wood and stone. We went outside and built small-scale shelters, using the materials available on our copse: wood to make struts and upright pillars; leaves to form a roof and flexible plants to tie parts together. The children worked together with partners and in groups to hunt and gather materials.

We will return to the structures to see if they survived after a few wintery nights. 

October 2021: Dance

We have been working with dance teacher Mrs Perrins to form a dance inspired by British wildlife. We have been rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, magpies, badgers and many more. I wonder if you can see what we were. 

September and October 2021

We love Forest School

Fire building

Bug hunting 

Leaf catching

Hide and seeking

Drip drip dropping

Oak tree asking

Mud digging

Branch beading


03.09.21 Here We Are 


Every pupil in every class and every school in our Multi Academy Trust took part in a day celebrating living on Earth. We used this book by Oliver Jeffers.


Our class used the pages concerned with the animals on our planet. Then we focussed on animals found across Africa.