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Book Week Feb / March 2018

Monday 26th February

Class 6S shared books and talked about favourite books, with Class 1 and Class 4. We really enjoyed some of Mrs Strange's special books.


We began to research some facts, to plan a biography of an author of our choice.

Tuesday 27th February

At the bell, we had some DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read).


Using our inference skills (and some DT skills) we built the bedroom of a favourite character in a box.

Then diving more deeply into the lives of an author, we began to turn our writing plans in to a biography.


Wednesday 28th February


The weather was exciting and the sunrise was breath-taking, but can't wait to get back to our book week activities. We <3 reading!


Thursday 1st March

Image result for snow day gifImage result for narnia gifImage result for stickmanImage result for the snowman gif

World Book Day

Follow the link to have your own book day fun.

  • Snuggle up and share a good story
  • Explore some fascinating facts
  • Watch a film, which has been adapted from a book (The Snowman is for life, not just for Christmas!)

We'll catch up on our book week activities as soon as we can. We <3 reading!


Friday 2nd March

The more it snows tiddly-pom

The more it goes tiddly-pom

The more it goes tiddly-pom

On snowing.


And no-one knows tiddly-pom

How cold my toes tiddly-pom

How cold my toes tiddly-pom

Are growing.


AA Milne