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Capital Letters

Capital Letters

Capital letters are used at the beginning of sentences.

e.g. The bird like to eat seeds. 

Capital letters are used for days of the week and months of the year.

e.g. Tuesday        April

Capital letters are used for proper nouns(names of people and places)

e.g. Jack     Samsung     London      

If a name has more than one word, all the words need capitals

e.g. Atlantic Ocean           Mrs Sarah Jenkins

The word  Iwhen you are writing about yourself, is also always a capital letter.


Task 1:

Practise forming each capital letter correctly.



Task 2:

Can you rewrite the story below putting in the capital letters?


on friday we went to the safari park it was our school trip we went on a big coach everybody sat by a friend we had packed lunches and drinks at the safari park we saw lots of wild animals the monkeys climbed on to the coach and made us laugh


Task 3:

Can you add a capital letter to complete the names of the countries below?

__ngland        __hina        __pain        __rance        __reece        __ermany


Can you add a capital letter to complete the names of these cities?

__ondon        __aris       __irmingham        __lasgow          __ardiff



How many capital letters can you find in your house?  Why are they used? List them.