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Children's Home Learning Week 10

  Week 10  

Hello and welcome to week 10.

It was great to see your lovely smiley faces on Zoom this morning. We also saw lots of pets and Mrs Woodford showed us a picture of the fox cubs living under the pagoda outside our classroom.  If you have not joined us before then please attend a meeting and see your friends.  Don't forget to try our Zoom challenge and bring your clocks to our next meeting (Details on Zoom Challenges icon on Year 2 home page, next to the Home Learning weekly icons).

Congratulations to  our class for their success in last weeks Whole school Sumdog competition. Excellent work guys.

1st place Millie,  6th Dafina, 8th Emily,  9th Luzanne,

11th Louie, 15th  Seren and 16th Darcy.

A fantastic achievement to have  class 2 children come in first place for the last 3 weeks. There is another competition starting on Monday 25th, keep playing guys and let us see someone from Class 2 in first place in this weeks competition. 

There are no BBC Bitesize lessons this week but we have Maths activities to help us learn about time and English  lessons under Week 10 on subject pages. Take a look through the subject pages and see if there are things you would like to do. On our music page you can make and play your own musical instrument, it would be great to see pictures of these or even better videos of you playing your musical instrument. Don't forget our Zoom in picture on the science page and keeping fit with Joe Wicks on our PE page. It is lovely to hear that you are going for walks and riding your bikes and scooters in the fresh air. Some of you are planting seeds and bulbs and watching them grow. You are doing some fantastic learning, well done.

Have fun and stay safe

Take care

Mrs Barber

smiley  Zoom challenge  smiley

Wow! that's a great idea for a clock.

3 o'clock - well done

smiley English and Maths smiley

English verbs and compound words - making a word by putting two words together.

Well done .


You have made beautiful drawings of SpongeBob, Bella and Rose.

 I like your unicorn's thought bubble -

'Why are you outlined and I'm not? Is it because I'm a unicorn?'

Super maths work on time -  hours and days.  Well done. 


smiley Maths and crafts smiley

Wow,  what a lovely turtle - is this scratch art? 

 Maths - drawing a chick using symmetry, brilliant.


Maths - Times Tables  4x race and dot to dot to 100. Well done. 



smiley  Zoom challenge and Maths smiley

Wow! A cat clock - fantastic work.

Maths - learning to tell the time - quarter to and quarter past. Super learning.


smiley Maths, Art and exercise smiley

Maths - learning about time quarter to and quarter past

and  counting forwards and backwards. Great maths.


Oh what fun jumping  on the trampoline with your brother. What a high bounce!

Creating a picture with foam pieces - is this you and your brother. Super.


Zoom challenge - Fantastic clock well done.

smiley First Zoom challenge for this week smiley

I love your clock, it has all the minutes marked and the hands are able to move.

You have drawn a cute face on the clock face and you even have a pendulum. Fantastic.

You completed multiplication number sentences to colour in your picture. Well done.  


smiley Luzanne - Healthy Eating, English and Maths activities  smiley

You had some great ideas for keeping fit  and

you chose the food wisely to put on each plate. Well done.


You listened to the Willy the Wimp story and then thought about how Willy changed from being frightened of everything to being big, brave and strong. 

Finally you revised how to tell the time and practised your cursive handwriting.

A busy day well done Luzanne. 


smiley Wow! You have been working hard Ryan . smiley

Reading instructions to build Lego.


Finished models. Excellent building Ryan.

Reading comprehension - Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Making words from jumbled letters. Brilliant!


You coloured in animals and then drew some of your own. Fantastic drawing Ryan.


You even tried finger painting insects in a jar too. Well done

Finally maths number bonds and a maths activity mat. Super star Ryan. 


smiley Exploring Norsey Woods then home to relax. smiley

You explored Norsey woods with your brother and

you look as if you are having a great time.


You even found a swing to try - what fun!

Finally home to cool down in the hot tub at home. 

It looks very inviting. Can we all come round and try?

smiley Maths - time and Reading 'Rita's Rhino' smiley

Excellent o'clock and half past times and

you look as if you enjoyed reading Rita's Rhino.

What was your favourite part of this  book?


More maths adding so that you could colour by number and continue the rhino theme. Then looking at homophones - words that sound the same but are spelt differently and mean different things. Super work Luzanne.


Practising numbers and counting. Well done.



smiley Celebrating Elmer Day -  Emily smiley

Your colouring is amazing Emily, so neat. Well done.


Practising spelling using 'ar','air', 'ee', 'oa', 'er' and 'ear'

Busy learning o'clock and half past times. Fantastic Emily.