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Children's Home Learning Week 11

   Week 11   

Welcome to week 11 of our Home learning page.

You have been working so hard at home and I have really enjoyed seeing all the photographs you have sent me.  Please keep sending me pictures of all the things you do it is lovely to see your smiling faces and see you make some special memories with your families.  I hope you are also enjoying the lovely weather and that you are managing to get outside and enjoy the sun too.

Congratulations to  our class for their success in last weeks 

Whole school Sumdog competition. Excellent work again guys.

1st place Millie,  3rd Seren, 5th Luzanne, 7th Dafina,

A fantastic achievement to have  class 2 children come in first place for the last 4 weeks. There is another competition starting on Monday 1st ( 9:30am - 2:30pm), keep playing guys and let us see someone from Class 2 in first place in this weeks competition. 

There is a new timetable posted at the top of our 'Home Learning ideas by subject' page  with a suggestion of activities for you to complete in a week. The English and Maths activities need to be completed in the order Monday to Friday but other activities can be completed in any order.

Why not lift your spirits by  learning a song from our music page 'shake my sillies out' and/or 'Beluga whale'. Once you have learnt them there are extra videos for you to sing along to each one.

I am really looking forward to seeing your creations for our Zoom Challenge this week, I know some of you had some wonderful ideas, happy building.

Any problems please contact me through ''.

You are doing some fantastic learning with your families, well done to you all.

Have fun and stay safe

Take care

Mrs Barber

Sumdog Competition now closed.
I am afraid Year 5 and 6 beat us to 1st and 2nd place but you have been fantastic so Class 2 have 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 11th place. I am sure that we will be back to 1st place next week. Thank you for taking part. You are all superstars.



    Zoom Challenge in Action  

Wow watch this clip below to see a brilliant game in action.

Fantastic design. Well done. 


Still image for this video

  Zoom Challenge  

   Ryan - English  

You practised writing the letters s, o, q, c, e, a, f, g and d.

Then you thought  of something that began with that letter. 

Well done Ryan.


   Edward  PSHE and English 

You wrote  words and sentences using suffixes 'ed' 'ing' 'ful' 'ness' and 'ly'.

Then you practised writing the letters s, o, q, c, e, a, f, g and d.

and you thought  of something that began with that letter. 

Well done Edward.



   Maths, PSHE and Art   

Wonderful counting in 5s and 10s. You and the cat have lovely smiles. 


Working hard on Sumdog  coming 4th place in our whole school competition

 and calculating duration of time. Well done.


Carefully making drawings and painting pictures on magnetic tiles.

You really enjoyed making these didn't you? They are beautiful.

PSHE - Looking at feelings and how we each show how we feel.

Well done , a busy day. 



You have been working  very hard on fractions today.

First you found a half.


Then you found how to work out  quarters of a number and shape.

Superstar maths Dafina, well done. 




You have been busy practising different spellings for the phoneme 'oo' as in boot.

Well done.

  Maths, Zoom Challenge and English  

A fantastic car park for you and your brother to play with.


Science experiment - you added salt to the water and the egg floated

Brilliant investigating.


Practising number bonds. Well done.


  Maths - grouping and English  

Great work on grouping in maths Emily .

You have used direction words to describe a route and

practised using 'ge' and 'dge'.Well done



   Maths Day 

Emily , you are a maths champ. You have worked so hard on sharing.

Brilliant learning and use of your times table knowledge.


More fantastic maths sharing by Emily.

Well done.

  Maths, English and Zoom Challenge  

Wow! A new home. What a fantastic zoom challenge. Well done.


Busy matching number bonds, how quickly can you do this?

Perhaps you could see if you can beat your time.

Counting in steps and ordering numbers. Brilliant maths, well done.


Did you read this book to your brother? It looks a lovely book.

Your smile matches the smiley shark.

You kept the 'fish theme' to practise your maths too.

Fantastic learning Luzanne. 


   Zoom Challenge   

Wow! What a fantastic cooker and step by step photographs

to show us how we could make one too.  Superstar designer and creator


Maths - Super work on 10x tables. Well done. 


  PSHE  and Under the Sea themed day 

You drew an alien friend for Maz and named it Weedy. I like the bubble to show he is thinking about feelings and his feet look like he could be a brilliant jumper. A super alien friend, well done. Then  you thought of all the names of feelings you might have every day and wrote them around Weedy. 

 A lovely oceans and seaside picture where you have added the animals found in these places. You also learned about sea creatures. Which is your favourite sea creature? Busy counting under the sea and adding sea creatures together. 

Great work today.


More counting and a 'What did I see?' poem.

I love this poem, very descriptive and you remembered to use

expanded noun phrases too. Fantastic work. 


  Zoom Challenge  

Well done, you said on Zoom you were going to use christmas paper and you have.

What a fantastic bed for your puppy. It looks very comfortable. 


smiley     PSHE and Maths   smiley

You drew an alien friend for Maz and named it Mel. I love its three eyes and tongue sticking out. A super alien friend, well done. Then  you thought of all the names of feelings you might have every day and wrote them around Mel.  Finally you drew faces that showed each feeling. Fantastic faces.


Maths  - finding the duration of time.

Brilliant calculating and remembering that there are 60 minutes in 1 hour.

Well done.



smiley   Maths, English and Art  smiley

Maths finding the time to the nearest 5 minutes, great calculating.

Making compound words (joining two words together to create a new word) and writing sentences using them.  I like the way you used all your 'some' words in one sentence and I love the idea of  'A  fireman put out fire that was actually our firewood in our fireplace.'  Super use of compound words. Well done. 


Wow! What a beautiful step by step drawing of a princess. 

smiley   Zoom Challenge   smiley

Wow! A Lego clock.