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Children's Home Learning Week 12

  Week 12  

Welcome to week 12 of our Home Learning page.

It was great to hear all your news on Zoom this morning and to see you having fun. 

Unfortunately Class 2 lost their 1st place in the Sumdog competition but we did come        3rd Emily, 4th Luzanne, 5th Millie, 6th Dafina, 7th Seren and 11th Edward.

Well done to you all for working so hard on Sumdog.

 New this week, three Sumdog whole school competitions for

Maths, Spelling and Grammar.

 9.30am - 2.30pm   each day (Monday 8th to Friday 12th)

What amazing things you managed to create from cardboard boxes for last weeks Zoom challenge and I can see you really enjoyed making and playing with them afterwards. New Zoom challenge is to design and make a cupcake, see our challenge page for some ideas.      I look forward to seeing your photographs.

Stay safe, have fun and please continue to keep in touch.

Mrs Barber

Thank you to

Seren, Emily, Dafina, Edward, Luzanne, Millie, Louie

for your 'special' messages. 

  Zoom Challenge  

A busy chef baking and decorating his cakes. Super work.

I hear your cakes were delicious, I wish I could taste one.



  Zoom challenge  

Busy cooking and decorating cupcakes and a 'special' cake. Wonderful.


  Outside Adventure  

You and your brother on the Gruffalo Trail.

You both look as if you are having great fun. 



A busy Maths day today.  Two step problems and Sumdog. Super work.


   Maths, Art and crafts   

Wow! You have created a brilliant zoo. Great work.


Colouring Lion King picture and making a super rocket. Well done


Maths - counting in steps of 2,3,5 and 10. 

  Fact File  

A brilliant fact file all about Wolves.

Super work .


Wow!  Lots of hard work on grammar today.

Looking at tenses and prepositions ( e.g. under, beside).

Punctuating sentences with full stops, question or exclamation marks.

Using adverbs for time e.g. Later that day, after a few minutes.

Well done.



  Maths, English and Cooking  

Super Maths Work  - finding change.

Spellings - practising using graphemes for the sounds 'ay' 'ou' 'ie' 'wh' 'ph'.         Then using imperative verbs and writing instructions. Well done.


Super cooking - Delicious cakes. Well done.

  Maths, Cooking, Art 

Super maths work -  time and number bond practise. Well done.


Delicious cakes, fantastic cooking. 


Making dinosaurs out of shapes. Fantastic artwork. 

Finding Vowels to make a pathway through and then writing some words that contain no vowels.  A busy day. Well done.



  Maths and Cooking  

Finding the difference, you are working hard with your maths.

Well done.


A chef in the making - fantastic cupcakes. 


  Maths, Geography and Cooking  

Making equal groups, brilliant maths.


Colour by 2x multiplication and creating a fact file about San Francisco.

Super work Luzanne. 


What a lovely rainbow, a decorated ginger biscuit.

  Maths and Art 

Finding the difference, wonderful maths.

Fantastic drawing of a Hatchimal and its egg. So cute.  Well done. 


  Maths and English  

Brilliant maths, you have worked hard to find the total. Well done.


English, looking at the past tense and when to use 'was' or 'were'

Fantastic learning. Well done.


  Art and Reading  

You worked hard to produce a collage of a beautiful red bus and then you added the people inside it. Well done.

You completed a Lion King animal wordsearch and the Summer Reading Challenge wordsearch. You spotted all the words well done.


You are working hard to learn your number bonds, keep persevering you are doing a brilliant job. Wow! What a great smile as you show us your Summer Reading Challenge certificate for reading 6 books. Fantastic reading. You are now a member of the            'Silly Squad'. Well done.



Brilliant maths, finding totals and odd and even numbers.

Well done Emily.


   English, Maths and Art 

Working hard on the 10x table and fascinating facts about barn owls and foxes.

Super work Luzanne.


Colouring characters from Aladdin and  Bruni the salamander chasing leaves.

Beautiful colouring Luzanne.




Darcy has been busy making comparisons. She has learned that you can add the suffixes 'er' and 'est' when you make comparisons. 


You have been busy unscrambling words with the graphemes 'ir' and 'ur'

Well done Darcy.


Darcy says that her plants are growing very well and she will soon have tomatoes and broccoli. We would love to see some photographs of your plants Darcy.


Fantastic learning about habitats.  You are an expert now. Well done



Out in the fresh air enjoying a lovely walk in the park, what beautiful flowers and you even saw a bumble bee.  I wish I could have come with you. 

  Zoom Challenge  

Wow! What a fantastic sports car and you have shown us step by step how to make.

Brilliant job.