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Children's Home Learning Week 13

  Week 13  - 15-6-20  

Welcome to week 13 of our Home Learning page.

It is great to see all your lovely work, please keep sending it in

for me to put up on the website. 

Class 2 did well on Sumdog again last week.

Maths - 2nd Seren, 3rd Emily, 5th Dafina, 10th Edward, 15th Millie.

Grammar - 1st Luzanne, 3rd Seren, 4th Ryan

Spelling - 2nd Seren, 3rd Emily, 5th Luzanne

Well done to you all.  All three competitions are on again this week.  Good luck.

Look at our year 2 page below our 'Children's Home Learning weeks' faces and see a video of Mrs Coles reading  her favourite book, 'The  Incredible Book eating Boy' by Oliver Jeffers,  especially for you.  She hopes you enjoy it.

Remember our new Zoom challenge - a surprise gift for your dad. 

I cannot wait to see your wonderful creations.

There is a new weekly plan at the top of the 'Home learning by subject' page.

Past  weekly plans are also available.

I hope you have enjoyed using Google Classroom I have posted another activity on there for you. You can choose to work from the website or on Google Classroom for the  DT/Maths  activity.

Most importantly, have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Barber


Watch Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge

talking about kindness in the assembly.

You can find the assembly on our RE page --> Assemblies


Wow! What an amazing car you made from a cardboard box. 

Well done. 

Handwriting, Maths and Art 

Concentrating hard on forming your letters correctly using the cursive script.

If you look at your first words and then those lower down the page you can see how practise helps you to improve your handwriting. Super writing, well done.

Maths - number bonds to 20. Great maths. 


Maths -multiplying by 5  to colour by number

Scratch art - a fantastic picture, well done. 



 Zoom Challenge  

Wow! A super card and special Dad jar with a lovely cape.

A lovely surprise for your dad. Well done.



 Maths and English 

Maths - properties of 2D shapes and looking at lines of symmetry.

Super Maths Emily.


Filling in the crossword from the clues and 

working out the alien anagrams. Well done Emily.

 Maths and Colouring  

Maths - properties of 3D shapes and number bonds to 20.

Super maths.


A drawing of her Dad. He will be surprised. Well done .

 Maths and Art 

Fantastic maths work counting 3D faces and edges.


Wow! Great Father's Day card and gift of a photograph frame.

You have worked very hard, your Dad will be so proud  of you.

 Zoom Challenge and Maths 

You learned about 3D shapes and their properties. Then you built a house with shapes.

Did you count how many cubes, rectangles and cylinders you used to build your house?

Well done. 

Zoom challenge - Wow! You made a salt dough and stone tray for your Dad to put his keys and change in. What a wonderful idea. Well done. 


It was great that you could join us in our Zoom meeting yesterday

while you were at school. You had a great chat with us.


  Maths, English and Art  

Super Maths - making equal groups and writing the division sentence .

English -  I like your shoe design and what a great piece of writing for your conversation with Mrs Beanstalk, including speech too.


Drawing and Colouring

A magic flying carpet - where would you go if you jumped onto the carpet?

What a super drawing - is this a picture of

The Mixed up Chameleon from the book by Eric Carle? 


  Maths and Geography 

Maths - counting sides and vertices on 2D shapes

Super maths work Emily.


Geography / Reading comprehension on Antarctica

Brilliant answers Emily.


  Maths, English and Art 

Maths - making equal groups - super maths.

Brilliant artwork making a clay model of Bowser from Mario Kart Wii


 English - Cinderella character profiles and diary writing.

The stepsisters do not sound very nice do they? Well done.