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Children's Home Learning Week 14

Week 14  

Welcome to week 14 of our Home learning page.

You have been working so hard at home and I have really enjoyed seeing all the photographs you have sent me.  Please keep sending me pictures of all the things you do it is lovely to see your smiling faces and see you make some special memories with your families.  I bet your dads enjoyed their Fathers Day surprises.


Class 2 did well on Sumdog again last week.

Maths - 1st Emily, 6th Ryan,  8th Seren, 

Grammar - 1st Luzanne, 2nd Seren, 4th Emily

Spelling -  1st Edward, 5th Millie, 10th Emily

A fantastic achievement to have  class 2 children come in first place  for all competitions.  You are superstars. Great work. 

A new competition started this week so let's see if we can be winners again next week.


There is a new timetable posted at the top of our 'Home Learning ideas by subject' page  with a suggestion of activities for you to complete this week. I have posted a new Google Classroom activity for you too, so please try our new learning area. Have you watched Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge talking about kindness in the assembly? (You can find the assembly on our RE page --> Assemblies)


Any problems please contact me through ''

or message me in Google Classroom.

You are doing some fantastic learning with your families, well done to you all.

Have fun and stay safe

Take care

Mrs Barber

P.S. Don't forget to click on 'Rainbow' icon  on our Class 2 home page to see Mrs Woodford's Birthday video. She loved it. 



  Zoom Challenge  

Maths - Zoom challenge

 Spin the fidget game which can be used for addition and multiplication. 

A super game. Well done Dafina.


Google Classroom

A fantastic story on Google Slides. Super work. 


 Maths, English and Art 

Maths - Looking at place value and Numbers bonds to 20

Great maths


English - Reading Comprehension

Super understanding.

Shadow Art - beautiful pictures

Well done.

  Maths and English  

Maths - working on pictograms

English - correctly sequencing a story and adding the silent letters 'g' 'w' 'k'

Well done, you are working hard. 


  Maths and Art  

A busy day, well done . I am glad you found time to go in your splash pool again too. It is has been a very hot day today. Maths - number and 10x table race


Phonics Wordsearch and Art - Rainbow and Unicorn scene

Well done. 


  Google Classroom  

Wow! a fantastic London factfile  created by Emily on Google Slides.

Super learning. Well done Emily

  Shadow Art and fun   

Wow! Fantastic shadow art. You drew around the shadows of your toys and then coloured in a background. I love your finished picture. Well done. 


Time to play in the splash pool on a very hot day.

It looks lots of fun.

  Maths and PSHE  

Maths - describing turns and practising the 7x table

Well done Emily you are our times tables champion. 


PSHE - You have identified  'good' and  'not so good' feelings.

Great work Emily.

  Maths, Computing, Geography  and English  

Wow! What a busy day. Maths - identifying odd and even numbers and colouring by multiplying and matching answers to colour code. Well done.


English - alternative spellings for the phoneme 'n' and 'r'

You also went onto Google Classroom and created a fantastic

Google Slides presentation on Cape Town. Well done, super learning

  Maths and Geography 

Maths - You have described movement by using the terms forwards, backwards,

left and right turn. Super maths Emily.

Geography - You have explored Wickford and described  the places you found.

Great exploring Emily. 

  Maths, RE and English  

Maths - counting in 2s across the lily pads and a dot to dot counting in 2s

to create a horse. Great counting, well done.


You learned about Noah’s ark and then wrote a conversation between

the animals going into the ark.  I like the chat between the lions and tigers, I can just imagine them saying that. Well done Luzanne.

  Zoom challenge 

Wow! What a fantastic cake Seren.

I bet your dad enjoyed eating that.