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Children's Home Learning Week 15

  Week 15  

Welcome to week 15 of our Home Learning Page.

Wow! What a hot week we had last week, I hope you haven't all melted!

It is wonderful to hear from you and see your photographs, you are working so hard at home and I am very proud of you. 


Class 2 did well on Sumdog again last week.

Maths - 1st Emily, 6th Seren

Grammar - 1st Luzanne, 2nd Emily

Spelling -  3rd Millie, 4th Edward, 5th Luzanne, 6th Louie,

10th Emily & Seren, 14th Ryan 

A fantastic achievement to have  class 2 children come in first place  in the

Maths and Grammar competitions.  You are superstars. Great work. 

A new Maths competition started this week so let's see if we can be winners again next week. Good luck.  (No spelling or Grammar competitions)


There is a new timetable posted at the top of our 'Home Learning ideas by subject' page  with a suggestion of activities for you to complete this week. I have posted a new Google Classroom activity for you too, so please try our new learning area. 

There is a new assembly  about dinosaurs on our RE page, click on assemblies and see what you can find out about dinosaurs.  Look at our new exciting 'Home PE challenge' on our PE page.  I wonder who will be our champion this week, don't forget to send in your scores to me. 

I hope you enjoy our learning this week.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Barber

Stay at home Sports Day - See our PE page for details

Wednesday 1st July - Wednesday 8th July

  Home PE challenge  

Who will be our champion this week?

Around the Sock

1st  - Luzanne 11

  Sports Day, Writing and Art  

English - You learned about Usain Bolt and wrote about him.

Fantastic facts. Well done. 

Did you run as fast as Usain Bolt?

Jumping over an object and balancing.

More great sports skills.

Superstar. Well done. 


You created Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol

using  a leaf cut out of card and bubble wrap.

You are a great artist. Well done. 


  Maths and English  

English - Rearrange the words to make a sentence.

Creating compound words and finding them in a wordsearch.

Well done, Emily.


Maths - comparing volumes

Great comparing Emily.

  Maths, Spelling and PE 

Spelling - words with silent letters 'kn' 'gn' and  'w' - great spelling.


Maths - multiplication, writing number sentences - super  multiplying.

Creating pictures with shapes - fantastic

At home sports Day challenges:  

1 - Egg and spoon race         2 - Bin bag race          3 - Water race

This looks great fun.  Great challenges. Well done.


  At home sports day  

Wow you must be exhausted after today.

Taking part in some of the sports day challenges.

Terrific effort, well done.

You are a superstar.

Sports Day.mp4

Still image for this video

  At home sports day  

Taking part in some of the sports day challenges:

1 - keeping the scrunched up paper in the air.

2 - rubbish bin basket ball.

3 - throwing a ball in the air and seeing how many times you can clap in between.

I hope you have made a note of your scores.

Great activities, well done. 




  Zoom Challenge  

You designed a game called Robot using some computer skills. 

You can play with 2 or more people.

Start off by rolling a dice for the body (6) and head (5) and then for the arms, legs, eyes and mouth. 

The winner is the person who can finish the game first and then shout out ROBOT.

Once all games are completed add up all the scores to see who is the overall winner.

What a fantastic game. Well done. 


  Maths and Art  

Maths - Measuring mass in kilograms

Well done, super measuring.

Art - Brilliant Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol

The photos show that you really enjoyed making this picture.

A fantastic finished picture. 


English - Reading comprehension about alphabetical order in a dictionary and reading the meaning of words too.

Maths - addition to 20 colouring by number.

Well done


Geography - You have drawn the clothes you think you would wear for each season. 

Brilliant drawings, well done.



Wow! What a fantastic strawberry tart.

You have used strawberries that are in season in the summer to make a tart.

You are a super cook. 

Strawberries are my favourite fruit, are they  your favourite fruit too? 


  Geography, maths and colouring  

Geography - seasons, you have  drawn some trees to show how they change during the different seasons and how we wear different clothes in each season too.  A lovely picture Emily. Well done

Yes, ice-cream is a great idea to help to cool you down  when we have hot weather. 


Maths - measuring in grams. Super maths Emily. 

  Writing, Maths, PSHE and Art  

Reading comprehension - I have learnt a lot about giraffes reading this. I didn't know giraffes had blue tongues so that they do not get sunburnt.

What was your favourite fact about the Giraffes?  

Maths - practising multiplying by 3 - Super counting. 


PSHE - you sorted the good and not so good feelings and helped Maz, the alien, to identify how he might feel in different situations. Well done. 

You have made your own Safari park. I would like to visit here.   What a great park.