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Children's Home Learning Week 16

  Week 16   

Welcome to week 16 of our Home learning.

I can't believe it is 16 weeks since we were last in school, I miss you all and the fun times we had in the classroom but I know you are having a great time at home and I love seeing the photographs you send in to me.  Keep them coming please.


Class 2 won Sumdog  again last week. Well done Emily, fantastic record 1st place three weeks in a row. Thank you to all of you that are taking part in the whole school maths competitions.  You are doing so well. 

Sumdog Maths- 1st Emily, 3rd Luzanne, 8th Ryan,

11th Ellie M, 13th Edward, 17th Louie.

A new Maths competition started this week so let's see if we can be winners again next week. Good luck.  


There is a new timetable posted at the top of our 'Home Learning ideas by subject' page  with a suggestion of activities for you to complete this week.

I have posted a new Google Classroom activity for you too, so please try our new learning area. 

Well done to Luzanne winner of our  'Home PE challenge' last week, I have put a new Baby Shark challenge on our PE page.  I wonder who will be our champion this week, don't forget to send in your scores to me. 

Remember to take  part in our 'At home Sports Day' challenges .

Let us see if Class 2 can win the Sports Day cup.  

Wednesday 1st July - Wednesday 8th July

Don't forget to send me your score sheets when you have finished.

I hope you enjoy our learning this week.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Barber

  Home PE Challenge  

Who will be our champion this week?

Baby Shark

smiley Luzanne scored 20. Well done. smiley

Can anyone beat Luzanne's  score?

Maths and English  

Maths - identifying 2D shapes and their properties

Great maths work.

English - learning about the present and past tenses.

Super work Luzanne.

Reading comprehension - ordering the events in the story

and answering true/false questions. Well done Luzanne.

English, Maths and Art  

English - spelling words with ai  ar   or  sounds.

Joining two words together to make a compound word. Well done.

Maths - comparing numbers, adding and subtracting

Great maths Emily, well done. 

A super picture Emily, I love your rainbow coloured butterfly.


Wow! What a superb family of Rubbish Monsters

made in the style of the artist Michelle Reader.

Well done Luzanne. smiley  

English and Maths 

Super English - spellings and apostrophe's. Well done.


Maths - Counting to 1000. Comparing and ordering numbers

Fantastic work using hundreds Emily well done.


Super Maths - Multiplication  10x  to colour picture.

Colouring of Lion King characters. 


Maths - multiplication 2x  5x  10x tables

Well done, super work.

  Art and Bubble Fun. 

Art - You have made a great 'Rubbish Monster' in the style of Michelle Reader.

You even built him a home. Fantastic artwork. Well done


Super bubble fun.

What amazing bubbles and very beautiful too.

Maths, English and Sports Day 

English - Reading comprehension about a trip to the Zoo.

Super Maths - division problems,  well done.

Maths - great number bonds

Writing the names of objects in the Crossword puzzle, well done.


'At home Sports Day' - Thank you for your score sheet.

Fantastic work

At home sports day obstacle course, brilliant.

Still image for this video

Sports Day and a special visitor  

Wow! Where did you go to meet a dinosaur?

I hope the Tyrannosaurus Rex was friendly.

Are you roaring at him?

At home sports day score sheet and activities. 

You look like you enjoyed the activities. Fantastic work.





Super measuring in litres and millilitres

Well done emily. 


 Maths, PSHE and PE  

Great Maths - doubling and halving using addition and subttraction.

PSHE - you have noted how Maz's feelings change in different scenarios. Well done.

PE - At home Sport's Day activities. 

1 - Long jump   2- Throwing the blocks in the bucket

Super challenges, well done.


Google Classroom  

Well done Dafina you have used Google Drawing to make a super seasons picture.