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Children's Home Learning Week 17

  Week 17  

Welcome to week 17 of our Home Learning pages.

Just one more week until the summer holidays, 2 more Zoom meetings  to go - Wednesday 15th and Wednesday 22nd

It is great to see you, so please don't forget to login. 


Class 2 won Sumdog  again last week. 

Well done Emily, fantastic record 1st place four weeks in a row.

Thank you to all of you that are taking part in the whole school maths competitions.  You are doing so well. 

Sumdog Maths- 1st Emily, 3rd Luzanne, 17th Seren

There is another competition starting on Monday 13th, keep playing guys and let us see  Class 2 in first place again in this weeks competition. 


Please send in your 'Goodbye to Class 2' video to 

Thank you to Luzanne, Louie, Emily and Seren for your great videos. 

Take care

Mrs Barber

Home PE Challenge  

Who will be our champion this week?

Spotty Dog Challenge

(Details on our PE page)



I knew you were the best class in the school !

Congratulations to all the children who took part in the 'At home sports day'.

Thanks to you, Class 2 was the winning class from the children at home.

Class 6 was the winning class in school.



A brilliant Lion King sun catcher made with card and cellophane.

This looks so effective, well done.

A great drawing of a fox that you coloured in and then cut out.

Well done.

 Maths and English  

Maths - Writing and matching words for numbers

Well done Emily

Super Maths - working on place value, identifying digits as  tens or ones

Super English - counting syllables and splitting words into syllables.

Reading comprehension.  Well done.

  Maths, English and PSHE  

 Great Maths- solving number problems using  addition and subtraction.

Wordsearch about Recycling. Well done 


A fantastic Google slides presentation on  Google Classroom all about recycling.

You made your own Mr. potato head, well done.

Another brilliant picture using shaped stickers to make a Puffin.

Superb, you are really good at these pictures. I really do like this idea.

  Maths, English and Art 

Maths - 3D shape properties

Well done you know the properties and names of 3D shapes.

English - using double letter consonants and suffixes to make  verbs into the past and present tense. Well done, good spelling.

Art- What a brilliant giraffe - fantastic




  Maths and Art  

Maths - multiples and multiplying 

Great maths Emily

Fantastic - drawing and colouring Emily

I love your rainbow heart.

Another brilliant drawing Emily, well done.

English - Correcting sentences that do not make sense

and matching riddles to the correct picture.

Well done Emily, great work. 


  Maths, English and Art 

Maths - Division problems - Great maths. smiley

Maths - Practising the 3x table and Number bonds to 20

You are working hard to learn your tables and number bonds. Well done.


English - Wordsearch fun and using the suffixes 'er' and 'est' to compare

Well done.

Art - Wow! You found all the correct shapes to stick on the paper and create a brilliant elephant. What a fantastic idea, I think I would like to do that.

  Maths, English and Art 

Paper weaving - Wow! What a great turtle.

Well done. 

English - Reading comprehension

Story - The worst witch.

Maths - multiplying by 2 and then colouring in by following the code.

Super maths.

  Maths and English 

Maths - great adding Emily. Well done.

English - question and exclamation marks

Adding the suffix - 'ful' and 'ly'

Super work Emily

English - writing sound words - Onomatopoeia words

Fantastic words for different sounds. Well done Emily