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Children's Home Learning Week 18

  Week 18  

Welcome to week 18 of our Home Learning .

I cannot believe this is our last week in Year 2. Don't forget we have our last Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 11.00 and I cannot wait to see what amazing things you have created for our final  surprise Zoom challenge. 

There is a new sheet of ideas for work this week. There are Maths and English lessons  as well as a great maths game called 'Stones'.  Try the art activity where you can make a fantastic pinwheel in assorted colours and the science activity where you can grow your own crystals. It would be great to see some photographs of these activities to show everyone who looks at our website. 


Class 2 won Sumdog  again last week. 

Well done Emily, fantastic record 1st place five weeks in a row.

Sumdog Maths- 1st Emily, 2nd Luzanne

Superstar Sumdog players.


Remember (Last day Tuesday)

Please send in your 'Goodbye to Class 2' video to 

Thank you to Luzanne, Louie, Emily, Seren, Mischa and Ellie J for your great videos. 

   Goodbye Class 2 ( The best class in the school ! )  

Goodbye Class 2

I am sad that we did not get to finish year 2 together but I know I will see you all again when you return to school and you can tell me all your news. Thank you for all the photographs you have sent me over the last 18 weeks, you have worked so hard and created some amazing things for our Zoom challenges. I am so proud of you all. 

 I shall miss our Zoom meetings each week but I know we will talk face to face soon.

I hope you have a great summer holiday

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Barber

P.S. Our class page will  disappear sometime during the summer holidays but you can still look at it by clicking on the archived pages for 2019-20. These can be found underneath the North Crescent class icons. 


Wow! A brilliant drawing Emily. Well done.

 Emily made a super 'thank you' poster.

Thank you to you Emily for being a fantastic member of Class 2.

Emily  and her mum made a lovely  bracelet together.


  English and Maths  

Acrostic  poem for the school holidays, well done.

Your favourite memories from this year,  making friends, spending time with your family, going to South Africa  and craft activities.  Wonderful memories  for 2020. 

Read and write numbers to 100 using clues for place value.

Great maths

Wow! What a lovely surprise for you, a certificate and medal for all your hard work during the lockdown. Well deserved. 

  Brilliant Poem  

You decided to write a poem about Year 2  and then  typed the poem up on the computer. Finally you made a video of you reading the poem.

Well done, a fantastic poem.


Still image for this video

  Art, Maths and English  

Amazing pinwheels - you have worked very hard to make these.

They look fantastic. Well done. 

Maths - sequencing numbers - great number and place value skills.

English - all about non-fiction text features and then reading about dinosaurs and then answering some questions. Well done, super understanding of your reading .

  Reading, Maths and Art  

Reading - Reading about Acro'bats'  and then answering questions.

You have a good understanding of the text. Well done.

You completed a super picture crossword from The Gruffalo. Well done.

Maths - Using 2-digit numbers in problem solving questions.

Great maths, well done.

Art - super colouring and another fantastic 'paint' by sticker picture.

These are so effective. Well done.