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Children's Home Learning Week 2

Week 2

It is great to see some new faces joining us this week.

You are all working so hard at home. Well done.

Please keep sending your work to me, it is lovely to hear from you all. smiley

Happy Birthday to Maisie

Brilliant song, thank you for recording for us and supporting the NHS too.

Still image for this video

Part 2

Still image for this video

smiley We have a song lyric writer in Class 2 smiley

Wow! You have written new lyrics for the song 'Little do you Know'.

Reading them brought a tear to my eye.

Do you think you could record you singing this song?

That would be fab to put on our website.

smiley Wow! Iced Easter biscuitssmiley

You have created  Easter egg and Easter bunny decorations on your biscuits.

Terrific icing skills and I can see you are both enjoying the biscuits.

smiley Emily - Phonic work - Reading and practising split digraphs smiley

smiley Spells and Magic potions smiley

I didn't know you were into magic. Look at your green cauldron, spell book, magic wand and all those potions. You have some wicked potions but some nice ones too.

I like your new haircut (I hope that  wasn't the result of one of your spells ).

smiley Busy with a wordsearch and drawing a rainbow. smiley

What a great idea to draw a rainbow and display in support of the NHS.

Perhaps we could all do this.


smiley Someone from Class 2 has been very busy in the kitchen with their dad. smiley

That looks yummy! Do you think she is enjoying her chocolate brownie?


smiley We have another super inventor in our class.smiley

A remote controlled swing designed by Luzanne.

I bet we all wish we had one of these.

smiley Working hard on his daily maths activities smiley

 Well done.


smiley Darcy - BBC Bitesize website and Science Experiment smiley

English game - Crystal Explorers

Darcy has shown how washing your hands can help to repel germs.

How amazing!


Watch the CBeebies link below for an explanation of Darcy's experiment.

smiley 1 minute skipping rope challenge smiley

What a great idea. What else can you do for 1 minute?

You could repeat the activity and try and beat your score.

smiley Maths and another inventor in Class 2

She designed a new chocolate bar. smiley

If only we were at school I am sure there would be many volunteers

in the class to try your new chocolate bar.  


smileyLuzanne- English - spot the mistakes and Maths - fractions, multiplying by 3 smiley


smiley  Enjoying English suffixes and Maths - finding quarters. smiley


smiley TT Rockstars and a fantastic invention - I think we will all want to buy

one of your special hats. What a fantastic idea. Well done.  smiley


smiley Another busy day - maths- fractions, activities in the garden

and  Elmer the elephant for arts and crafts.

Elmer looks so cute! smiley


smiley  I see by your smile that you  are enjoying pebble painting. smiley

smileyHi, hard at work on your phonics.smiley

smileyWhat a busy day - times tables, number sentences, healthy eating, handwriting and her green fingers have produced  sprouting radishes.smiley


smileyKeeping a daily record of his activitiessmiley

smileyJimmie has been busy working in his English and Science books.smiley

Well done. Click on links below to see his work.

              smiley Exercising to keep healthy and creative story writing. I will have to  remember to close my windows! smiley


smileyEmily - Maths- great fraction work and PSHE -  I am Luckysmiley



smileyPSHE - I am Lucky and Art - a lovely spiral.smiley


smileyMaths and Easter cards. I like the weaving,

just like we did in class with your Easter basket.smiley


smileyWow! A busy day. Pebble Painting,Maths - fractions and English - Homophonessmiley


smileyIdentify tricky words, Maths - fractions and Sumdogsmiley