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Children's Home Learning Week 3

  Week 3  

I hope that you and your families are keeping well and staying safe.

It is great to hear from you and to see some of the things that you are doing at home. From the smiley faces I have seen in your photographs you all look as if you are having a good time and finding lots of things to do. Please keep sending in your work.

Remember to look at the Easter activity page for some creative activities. I am looking forward to receiving your Easter eggs for our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt.

If you like to work on English activities that are related to books have a peep at the weekly English activities on the English writing page. On the Science page there are new activities for our Animals  and Seasons themes and  I have put another close up picture of an object for you to guess. Who can be the first person to tell me what the object is? Congratulations to Luzanne and Emily who guessed the first close up pictures as an orange and a dog's nose. Well done .smiley

Take care 

Mrs Barber


    Wishing you all a Happy Easter    


Hope you have an enjoyable Easter weekend.

Mrs Barber 

Happy Birthday to Edward and Jasmine

smiley Wow! An Easter cake and a Galaxy Universe smiley

Well done. I hope you enjoyed sharing the cake with your family.

Looks delicious.


smiley Making Easter cards for his family smiley

How kind, well done.


smiley 1 minute challenge with her brother smiley

Jumping and zigzagging through cups while adding blocks to their Easter basket.

Also salt dough family hand prints to commemorate  'Lockdown 2020'


smiley Emily - Maths - fractions, ordering numbers and phonics smiley

Well done



smiley Busy practising his times tables smiley

Well done .

smiley Bee Habitat and facts about bees smiley


Wow! A brilliant habitat for a bee and amazing facts too. Well done.

Keeping healthy with GoNoodle  and Art portaits


Maths - practising 3x tables

A busy day well done.

smiley Maths - division calculations smiley

What an expert divider you are.

Thank you for your beautiful Easter egg.

Look out for this egg on our class 2 pages for our Virtual Easter egg hunt.

smiley Busy Writing smiley

A biography of Florence Nightingale and a film review of The Smurfs


Reading and drawing

I love the colourful art work. Well done.


Playing maths and spelling games


What a busy time you are having. smiley

smiley  A fantastic flower smiley

What a super flower you have made. Looks very effective.

You used your maths skills to crack the code for our Easter message.

Well done.


smiley Africa shaped biscuits smiley

We have some great cooks in Class 2.

Look at these super biscuits.

Also some writing using 'wr' words


smiley Green  fingered Gardener smiley

Look carefully at the plants and see that the radishes and beetroot have started to shoot. Has anyone else planted some seeds or bulbs?

What a lovely Easter garden and iced Easter biscuits.


You enjoyed the colourful science investigation


and made candles too!

Finally busy working on fractions and a picnic in the garden.

What an action packed day!





smiley Happy Easter wishes to Class 2 smiley

Thank you to you and your brother for the Easter wishes.

smiley What a busy day smiley

Cooking scones and writing instructions.

I bet the scones tasted good and you enjoyed them.

Then Maths - Non-Unit fractions and English - phonics


smiley The Life Cycle of a Bee smiley


A beautiful Easter Egg to display in her window.

Can we use this egg for our Virtual Easter Egg Hunt too?

smiley Great Building - Supporting the NHS smiley