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Children's Home Learning Week 4

   Week 4   


I hope you all had a brilliant Easter Weekend and that you did not eat too much chocolate. Did you have an Easter egg hunt? The weather was lovely and sunny so I hope you managed to get outside for a while to relax in your gardens or go for a walk.

This week there are no new daily maths lessons but click on the rainbow for the holiday fun  daily activities. Remember to have a go at the new close up picture on the science page and there is a competition on the DT page to  design and win a climbing frame for our school. How proud would you be to say 'I designed our school climbing frame'?

I will continue to add ideas for activities for you to do at home so please keep looking through our subject pages for suggestions that might inspire you.

Keep sending me your photos it is great to see what you are doing and I like to know that you are all keeping safe and healthy.  

Take care and have fun

Mrs Barber

P.S. Well done to Emily for guessing two of our close up images,  a flower and a mushroom. Well done to Luzanne for guessing our other close up image was a Blue Tit.

Happy Birthday to Catherine, Emily and Ellie M.

smiley Emily - Building Rainbows with her family smiley

A brilliant idea to use pipe cleaners for your rainbow.



smiley  Emily - Maths - fractions of shapes and English - comprehension smiley

Well done you have shaded halves and quarters of shapes and answered lots of questions about Sally. Well done.


smiley PE with Joe Wicks and glitter sand art smiley

Did you enjoy your PE? Is anyone else from Class 2 doing PE with Joe?

I love your rabbit picture, you and he look very happy. Well done. 


smiley  Unicorn Birthday cake and an Easter Egg Hunt smiley

Wow!  What a superb unicorn birthday cake and a lovely tiara.

Princess for the day. Happy Birthday to you.

Looks like your basket is full of chocolate.

A successful Easter egg hunt.

I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of fun.


smiley A busy day smiley

Measuring different objects with a ruler to find out that Simba was the shortest.


Describing a scene and building a rainbow.

I like your use of noun phrases when you described the scene ( e.g. the playful sea lions and the cheeky monkeys)  and what a lovely rainbow.


smiley Television Review smiley

A written review of the television programme  The Next Step.

It is a shame that you are missing your dance school, can you join in some of the dancing when you watch The Next Step?

smiley Playing 'What's in the box?' and  Maths - fractions smiley

  Many different materials were hidden in the box. One at a time and with her eyes shut she felt and described the items to her mum. They had lots of fun doing this. 

A super game, well done.


smiley Describe the scene smiley

Well done you have looked closely at the picture and I like the way you have used adjectives to create noun phrases. 

smiley An obstacle course smiley

She  made an obstacle course in the garden and  drew a map with instructions for the course. What a fantastic idea.  I can see you are enjoying the fresh air too.

Well done.


smiley English - tenses and comparisons and 

Maths - equivalent fractions smiley

Who is taller than you / the tallest in your family?

A busy day - well done.


smiley Describe the scene smiley

Well done you have looked closely at the picture and I like the way you have started your sentences using time words.


smiley Instructions and Maths - unit fractions smiley

Writing instructions for condensed milk cookies - sounds delicious.

You used imperative (bossy) verbs too. Well done.


smiley Habitats smiley

Wow! Super sorting.

Three habitats - Rainforest, savannah/ grassland and ocean.

smiley Wow! You have been busy. smiley

Sumdog, Phonicsplay, a beautiful Easter Garden, spelling practise, tricky words, maths Easter multiplication mosaic and wordsearch. 

I think the pictures show you enjoyed your Easter chocolate too!