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Children's Home Learning Week 5

  Week 5  

Welcome to week 5 of our Home learning page. You have been working so hard at home and I have really enjoyed seeing all the photographs you have sent me.  Please keep sending me pictures of all the things you do it is lovely to see your smiling faces and see you make some special memories with your families.  I hope you are also enjoying the lovely weather and that you are managing to get outside and enjoy the sun too.

This week I have some new activities for you. It will be St. George's Day on Thursday 23rd April so I have put some ideas for activities to inspire you under the red rose icon on our subject page. BBC Bitesize have started their home learning with lessons in all subjects. I have added the link for science, geography and history activities to our subject pages if you would like to have a go at them. 

Is there a friend or member of your family who you have not seen for a long time? What about writing a letter or email to them. Look at our English writing page for some ideas for your letter. I bet it would bring a smile to the face of the person who received your letter.

Luzanne and Emily have been busy guessing the Close up pictures in Zoom in Zoom out, well done girls. One of the pictures was a Blue Tit, could you carry out a bird hunt? Look at our Science page under the 'Animals in the garden week' heading for resources to help you. Who can spot the most birds?

Take care and have lots of fun

Mrs Barber

smiley Busy, busy, busy smiley

You have been busy the last 2 days. Well done.

Spellings - ie/igh - ph/wh - ng/nk - split digraph i_e


Time - before/after - o'clock times - time of day


 half hour - add 5 mins


Feeding the duck and her ducklings 

smiley A lovely story about Jess the cat and learning about time  smiley

Well done - super work


smiley Creating a Superhero smiley

and solving problems. Super work.


smiley Dragons for St. George smiley

A fire breathing dragon - well done.


I love your codebreaker - we need to remember this  and smile.

'Turn your frown upside down' - you certainly did!

smiley Our first dragon smiley

Beautiful rainbow colours and it looks like a friendly dragon - well done


English - describing the scene and spellings


Maths - working on division facts.

You are a maths star - well  done.

smiley  Wow! What a busy day smiley

The day started with Cosmic Kids yoga and writing a letter to her cousins.

 I bet your cousins will love receiving your letter, maybe they will write back to you.


Learning about seasons on BBC Bitesize

I love your trees from the different seasons.

Looks like you enjoyed the spelling and geography games on Bitesize too.


smiley  Darcy - English smiley

Unscrambling 'ir' words and split digraph o_e words.

I like your sentence using these words. Well done.


Using the prefix 'un' and 'which one is heavier?'



smiley Times Tables practise smiley

Super multiplication, well done.


Spelling activities

Using 'r' or 'wr' correctly. Well done.

Learning geography - she thought the lesson was amazing,the game was especially fun, and all her family were watching it together! Our Geography expert. smiley



smiley  Designing a cake for the Queen's birthday smiley

She talked about friendly/ kind and unfriendly/ unkind behaviour and then sorted the behaviours.  Then you and your brother were fantastic builders with Lego. Well done.



smiley Green fingered Darcy smiley

Wow! Your beetroot and radishes are growing very well.

I can't wait to see your tomatoes growing too.



smiley Another super science trick - well done. smiley


smiley Fractions - recognising half smiley


Phonics work


Also a budding artist - well done.

Don't forget to sign your artwork, all the best artists do that. smiley

smiley Super measuring - very skilful smiley


Another budding artist - I hope you signed your drawing too.

You have made good observations to draw your picture, just like we have practised at school, well done. 

smiley Spring time activities  smiley

You have used adjectives in sentences and to describe a Spring scene.

You read about the garden birds and answered the questions too. Well done.


Dancing and exercise with Patty Shukla and her brother. Looks like fun.

Also maths measuring. What a busy day.



smiley Enjoying the new BBC Bitesize  website activities with her brother smiley

You do look as if you are both having fun.