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Children's Home Learning Week 6

  Week 6   

Hello, I cannot believe we are on week 6! What a great week we are going to have.

Hopefully I will be seeing you all on Monday in our Zoom sessions. You do not need to have a Zoom account just enter the URL  and then the ID and password that your parents received in a text last week. You will then enter a waiting room until the meeting starts. The meeting can only start when there is more than one person in the waiting room. If this happens you will be sent an email after the meeting. 

Don't forget to go on Sumdog, there is an Essex competition on until Thursday, it would be lovely if Class 2 won. The more times you play Sumdog the greater the chance that we will win. 

See how much you remember about Neil Armstrong  by taking part in the Bitesize History lesson (go to our class History page for a link to the lesson). Can you make a blossom tree or a handprint butterfly? Instructions can be found on our art page.

Daily phonics lessons start today for Mrs Barber (10.00 a.m.) and Mrs Woodford's (10.30 a.m.) phonic groups, click on the link on our English phonic page. Please keep on reading and practising your times tables.

Take part in pyjamarama day on Friday 1st May by clicking on the rainbow at the top of our 'Home learning ideas by subject'  page. 

Keep sending me pictures of all the activities that you are doing at home and if you need any ideas look at our subject pages, our new Summer learning or our Home learning weekly pages to see what your friends in Class 2 have been doing. They all look as if they are having great fun. I hope you are too.

Take care  and keep safe.

  Mrs Barber    

Zoom meetings on Monday went well, it was lovely to see you all. We have set a challenge to you for our next Zoom meeting - to make a character out of a toilet / kitchen roll. Bring your character along to our  next Zoom meeting  and send a picture to

Some ideas for you:  



smiley Three more toilet roll characters smiley

A gorgeous family - Mufasa, Simba and Sarabi.

I cannot wait to see them at our Zoom meeting.

She has done lots of reading and made a bookmark too.


smiley Two more super toilet roll characters smiley

She made two characters out of kitchen rolls with  her mum.

She made a butterfly and a mermaid. They are brilliant I hope you are going to join us on Zoom Monday to show them to your friends.


smiley Bird watching and maths smiley

Wow! Emily spotted lots of the birds and described where she saw them, I hope one day you might see a Blue Tit too.  Super problem solving using measure. Well done.


smiley Maths, maths maths smiley

Darcy has been busy adding 2 and 1 digit numbers and then ordering numbers.

Well done.


Lovely to hear that your plants are growing so well that you have  re potted some to bigger pots and you will be putting them in the garden soon. We would love to see some pictures when they are in your garden, perhaps you could keep a diary to note and draw your plants as they grow.

smiley You accepted our first Zoom challenge

by being the first one to make a cardboard roll character smiley

Well done, a super hungry caterpillar, please bring him along to our next Zoom meeting.


smiley English - suffixes, maths - measuring and pyjamarama word search smiley

What a fantastic suffix detective you are, you have added 'ing' or 'ed' and then you looked at making words plural and the rules for adding 's', 'es' or 'ies'. In maths you are an expert at ordering lengths and you completed a beautifully coloured word search. Well done. 


smiley Indoor obstacle course  smiley

Wow this look like fun - you found lots of different ways to get to the other side.

Geography - you found lots of facts about France and I like the way you used the safe search engine 'Kiddle' to help you find the facts.


Maths - well done you have identified odd and even numbers


smileyMaths - measuring and Sumdog. Art - Spring blossom tree smiley

Wow! What a fantastic blossom tree, you look as if you enjoyed making this.

Measuring and reading scales to record lengths.

Playing Sumdog. Well done.


smileyEnglish - joining words and Maths telling the time and times tables smiley

You are working hard  well done.

Learning to tell the time up to half past and practising her times tables.


English using  joining words  in sentences  and making a minibeast factfile.


smiley   Times Tables Superstar and Seasons information   smiley

Terrific work.


smiley   Maths , maths and more maths smiley

Order shapes by size, naming shapes, matching numbers and words, order coins by value, naming 2D shapes, divison facts and time. Wow!

Finally out for a walk near her home, a moment of reflection and I hear you had an ice cream too.

smiley  English - Information  smiley

Darcy wrote facts about corn snakes  as she would like one as a pet when she is older.

Super facts, well done

smiley  Maths, maths, maths! Fractions and times tables   smiley

Terrific times tables . Well done.

It was lovely to see you today at the Zoom meeting. 

I hope to see you again next week.



smiley  Maths - Measuring length and English - My Diary smiley

Super maths and a very  interesting diary. Well done Emily.



smiley  Spellings  smiley

It was lovely to see you today at the Zoom meeting. 

I hope to see you again next week.