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Children's Home Learning Week 7

  Week 7  

Hi, welcome to week 7.

I am so proud of you all because you are working so hard whilst having fun and creating special memories with your families. I miss you all but I really enjoy seeing the work you send me and also seeing your smiling faces in our Zoom sessions. Thank you to all the children that joined in with our  Zoom sessions Monday morning.

I have created a Zoom challenge page on our Class 2 homepage so take a look and see all the lovely character 'loo' rolls that our class have made. Zoom challenge 2 is to do or make something using red, white and blue to celebrate VE Day. I look forward to seeing your creativity.

We have another exciting week ahead. In the table below I have mentioned some of the new activities on our class subject pages.

Subject Page Content
English - Reading E-books on Oxford Owl website
Science Learn about plants, electricity and sounds
Art Make rubbings to create artwork
PSHE Make a Power of Kindness Calendar
DT Design a climbing frame for our school
Geography Learn about Africa

Play Sumdog this week and see if Class 2 can win the North Crescent School competition. Can you make it into the top 10 on the leader board.

Finally click on our VE Day page and see activities to help us to celebrate the day. I hope you have fun celebrating the day, maybe you could have a picnic in the front of your house and wave your flags. Can you learn a World War 2 song in makaton?

Don't forget whatever you do please keep sending in your photographs so I can put them on our class home learning page for everyone to see. This is our way of staying in touch with each other. Take care Mrs Barber smiley

smiley VE Day Craftssmiley

A great 'Happy VE Day' poster and some 'loo roll' characters in red, white and blue.


I love your Union Jack flag, super painting.

Well done.


smiley Sumdog smiley

Well done to Dafina, Luzanne, Emily, Ellie M and Millie who have played in our school Sumdog competition this week. 

smiley  English, Science and Art smiley

A lovely story and you have included adjectives in some of your sentences too.

Well done.

You have labelled the parts of a plant correctly and created a great piece of rubbings artwork in the style of Max Ernst.


smiley Maths, Science and PE smiley

Well done you are doing well on Sumdog, keep playing for our competition this week.

You have labelled the different parts of the body correctly.


Wow! you have been practising , looks like you are a good skipper now.

Super skipping

smiley  Maths, Geography and Art. smiley

You found the fact families for the addition and subtraction bonds to 20.

I love your firework painting  made with 'loo' rolls. You are a super artist.


You have been learning about Africa and the animals that live there.

You also read more information about Africa and answered some questions too.

I hope you learned some new facts to add to your Africa book.


smiley  Maths, Geography and Art  smiley

Comparing number sentences and learning all about Africa and the animals that live there. You even read the additional information and answered the questions.

Well done, you are an 'Africa' expert now.


You found many different objects in your house and made rubbings of them to create a piece of art in the style of Max Ernst.  You even managed to include the year 2020. Great artwork, well done.

smiley Science and crafts smiley 

You learned about different materials and sorted them into plastic, metal or fabric.

Then you described the properties of different materials.

You also tested if some materials sink or float.

Well done.


Well done for completing our Zoom challenge,

don't forget to bring them to our next Zoom meeting.

Super designs.




smiley Learning about Africa smiley

Taking part in BBC Bitesize Africa lesson and reading information about Africa.

Did you tell your mum the answer to the questions?

Great work Dafina.


smiley Millie's lovely drawing - Thank you Millie smiley

smiley Parts of a plant smiley

I like the way you have labelled the parts of a plant. Well done. 


smiley  Zoom challenge 'loo' rolls smiley

These super characters are based on Minecraft characters,

Darth Vader from Star Wars and a special NHS character.

Fantastic characters. Well done. 


smiley  Life cycle of a butterfly and Noun Phrases smiley

I like your life cycle and the very grown up word 'metamorphosis'  which is the process of changing into an adult. Well done, super vocabulary.


Great work on identifying and writing expanded noun phrases. 

smiley  Zoom challenge red, white and blue - Science and Maths smiley

Wow! I love your bunting, beautifully painted and you dressed

in red, white and blue too. Brilliant.


You found things that need electricity in your home - I like your reasons for keeping the TV if you could only keep one of them. Super addition and subtraction.


smiley Darcy - English  smiley

You have been busy putting books in alphabetical order and

choosing the correct spelling  'ge' or 'dge'. Well done.


Compound words and listing describing words. Maybe you could write some sentences to describe your house and your bedroom using these words.


smiley Displaying a poster smiley

You went for a walk to our school and put a picture up on the fence.

Thank you it is lovely.

There are other messages on our fence too have you seen them?