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Children's Home Learning Week 8

 Week 8 

Hello. Welcome to week 8.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and that you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations.

I cannot wait to see you at our Zoom meetings on Monday with your Red, white and blue Zoom challenges.  If you have not joined us before then please attend a meeting and see your friends. 

Congratulations to  3 members of our class for their success in our Whole school Sumdog competition. Excellent work girls.

1st place Dafina,  3rd place Luzanne and 5th place Emily.

A fantastic achievement to have 3 people in class 2 in the top 5 places for the whole school. There is another competition starting on Monday 11th, keep playing guys and let us see who can make the  top places in this weeks competition. 

Look out for our new Summer learning project  with some exciting ideas for activities and also take part in Zoom challenge 3 (click on Zoom Challenges). 

It is great to see the photographs that you send me with pictures of all the things that you have been busy doing during your time at home. Don't forget to look through the home learning week pages and see what your friends have been doing. It might give you some ideas too. 

You are all doing so well and having such fun with a variety of activities. I am so proud of you all. Keep going, look after each other and stay safe

Take care

Mrs Barber

Happy Birthday to Darcy.

Hope you have a great day. 

smiley What a busy day you had on Friday smiley

Harry Potter wand picking with her brother.

Did you cast any spells?


An enjoyable nature and bug hunt.

I hope you found lots of different things on your hunt.


You drew Pablo from the BBC and Bonnie who you say likes cakes, friends and makeup.

I love your drawings, well done.


You have found lots of facts about Florence Nightingale and 

worked hard on your times tables. Fantastic work.


smiley A fun Arty Day smiley

A beautiful sun catcher and creating  a lovely piece of art

by painting and printing with bubble wrap. What fun!


smiley Great  Science work- animals smiley

Super matching of animals to their homes and to their young. Welldone.


Sorting animals into groups by what they eat

e.g carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Well done.

smiley Computing, English and Art smiley

You wrote a lovely story about the zoo vet where you added adjectives to create noun phrases. Wow! I love your mini beasts made from aqua beads. Well done. 


You completed a mini  mission teddy hunt where you wrote brilliant instructions to find teddy. Well done.


smiley Phonics- spelling and maths smiley

You filled in the missing words with long or short 'a' words to complete the sentences.

Super adding of 2-digit numbers. Well done. 


smiley  Design and Technology smiley

What a super design for your 3D model.  Well done.

smiley Science and English - past tense / conjunctions smiley

Brilliant work on the past tense using the Wombat resources (these can be found in the 'Weekly English home learning packs' icon), well done.

You looked at the past tense using the simple and progressive forms.

You also listed irregular past tense verbs and wrote sentences using them. 

You used the conjunctions  'and' 'so' 'because' 'when' 'while' to make full sentences from pairs of sentences. Fantastic work.


You went on a material hunt around your home. Well done

What a busy day you have had. smiley


smiley  Maths and Art  smiley

Comparing numbers and Sumdog, well done.


Art - I love your happy people created from natural materials. Brilliant.

smiley Art, maths and Geography  smiley

You are painting so carefully, what a lovely picture.

Well done, you located China on the world map and then you labelled a map of China by creating your own key.  Superb work.


Well done, you are good at working out the change when shopping with money. 

smiley Zoom challenge and baking. smiley

Wow! The cakes look delicious. You are a super cook.

I love your lantern for our Zoom challenge and we miss you too.


smiley Maths, English and super bunting smiley

Adding to 20 and writing using different spellings for vowel sounds. Well done. 


Super bunting for VE Day celebrations. Well done.


smiley Happy International Nurses Day smiley

A lovely lantern to display in your window and a  Florence Nightingale wordsearch.

Well done.


Great answers to the questions about your reading on Florence Nightingale.

Working hard on your times tables. Well done.




Happy International Nurses Day

smiley The first person to complete our Zoom challenge. smiley

A fantastic lantern to 'shine a light ' tonight in appreciation of all nurses.


You have written about your nan who is a nurse and helps people to get better.

I like the way she is happy when people are well enough to go home.

As you say she is your hero.  Well done. 

smiley Emily - Maths -working in 10s and Art - using natural materials smiley

Fantastic adding and subtracting 10s

You have created a beautiful picture using natural materials.

Well done Emily.

smiley DarcyMaths - money and English spelling smiley

I like the way you used the money from your piggy bank to help you with your maths.



You have worked hard with your spellings ( phonics)


You also went on a treasure hunt and followed the instructions correctly. Well done.

Can anyone else in Class 2 follow the instructions and find the treasure too?


smiley English - sentences smiley

Well done Emily, you put words into the correct order to create sentences.

smiley  Maths, English  and colouring smiley

Revising maths skills and colouring (by number) a Ubercorn. Well done.


A lovely story about Simba. I like the way you have drawn and labelled the characters. 


smiley  Maths and English  smiley

Super times tables and division tables too. Well done.


Learning all about Wombats.

Did you manage to answer all the questions? 

You must be very knowledgeable about wombats now. Great work


smiley  Zoom Challenge smiley

We loved your red, white and blue planet, well done.

Very smart in your red, white and blue hat too.