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Children's Home Learning Week 9

  Week 9   

Hello and welcome to week 9.

It was great to see your lovely smiley faces on Zoom this morning. You always amaze me with your news and the activities that you show and tell me about. If you have not joined us before then please attend a meeting and see your friends.  Don't forget to try our Zoom challenge and bring your photos to our next meeting (Details on Zoom Challenges icon on Year 2 home page, next to the Home Learning weekly icons).

Congratulations to  5 members of our class for their success in last weeks

Whole school Sumdog competition. Excellent work guys.

1st place Luzanne,  2nd place Emily,  3rd  place Dafina,

7th place Millie, 10th place Louie.

A fantastic achievement to have 5 people in class 2 in the top 10 places for the whole school. There is another competition starting on Monday 18th, keep playing guys and let us see who can make the  top places in this weeks competition. 

Take a look at the assemblies icon on the RE page,  the first focuses on hope, the second focuses on wellbeing and has a sing-a-long with the West end cast of Disney's Lion King and the third one focuses on discovery and has an interview with astronaut Helen Sharman .

How about learning to sign and sing the song 'What makes a family?'  (PSHE icon)  Maybe your whole family could join in and you could record some of the song and send it in to put on our webpage.

Learn about Africa, Asia  and Australia (Geography icon) and if you are interested in sport, look at our History page, learn about famous sporty people and read the

'I can be sporty' Ebook.  

It was lovely today to hear some of you read to us on Zoom, keep up the reading everyone, free Ebooks on if you cannot find anything to read at home.

I look forward to receiving your home learning this week.

You brighten my day.

Take care

Mrs Barber

P.S. Don't forget Elmer Day on Saturday, see resources on our Home learning by subject home page.


Zoom meetings will still be held on Monday 25th May .

I look forward to seeing you there.

smiley Zoom Challenge smiley

Wow! An amazing owl.

What a fantastic idea, it looks great. Well done. 

I hope you have fun eating it too!


smiley Zoom Challenge smiley

Wow! I do not normally like snakes but this one looks really good Millie.

A fantastic Zoom challenge. Well done.

smiley Exploring Nature smiley

Wow! It looks like you and your brother had a great time exploring nature.

I like the way that you found out information about the ducks that you saw.

You could even say which group of animals they belonged to. Fantastic learning.



smiley Elmer and having fun in the sand smiley

Completing a crossword and addition number sentences to 20

to produce a beautiful Elmer. Well done.

Having fun with your brother in the sand and creating shapes with your kinetic sand.

What great fun!


smiley Maths and cooking smiley

Wow, the chocolate krispies look delicious. You are clever.

Did your family like them? I think you enjoyed the chocolate on your fingers.

Maths - working on the 5x tables, multiplication sentences and problem solving.

Brilliant maths, well done.


smiley Maths - times tables and Geography / Art smiley

You are working hard on your 4x tables and wow, what a fantastic 'Great Barrier Reef'

Well done to you, super work.


smiley  Darcy - English and Maths  smiley

Super work on money, well done Darcy.

Finding the total amount of money.


Using speech marks, contractions and question words.

I can see you are trying hard with your writing and I am glad to hear that you plan to do lots of reading too. Well done Darcy, you are working so hard.


smiley Brilliant face for Zoom challenge smiley

You look as if you really enjoyed making your face, did you get to eat it too? 


smiley Maths, English and Geography smiley

Maths - 2x table and multiplication sentences.

 English - punctuation, you added the correct punctuation at the end of each sentence.

Well done Emily.


You know all about Australia now and the continent of Oceania.

You have coloured the continents and labelled them very neatly.

Great work Emily.

smileyZoom challenge,  Maths and English smiley

Maths - subtracting to 20 and English - practising your handwriting by writing an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Well done. 


What a fantastic lamp that you showed us in our Zoom meeting Monday. Well done.

smiley Maths, Geography, and fun in the sun smiley

You know all about Australia and the continent of Oceania now. Well done.


Maths - using bonds to 100 (tens and ones). Great maths work.

You listened to the family song and then drew a lovely picture of your family.

Did you sing  and sign to the song too?

Finally some well deserved time having fun in your splash pool.

A great day, well done.

smiley Zoom Challenge smiley

Wow! You have made an elephant, crab and a dolphin.

It looks as if you enjoyed eating them too!

Maths - Using arrays for multiplication sentences.

Well done.


smiley Busy planting smiley

I bet you cannot wait to see your flowers grow.

You have planted Sweet Pea seeds and some bulbs.

Maybe you could keep a diary to show how they  grow.


Maths - Finding half


Maths - Sharing between two.

What a fantastic day.


smiley Zoom Challenge - Fantastic smiley

I love your people and the strawberry sun!

English - recipes and Maths - number bonds to 100.

Super worker, well done.


You also went on My Happy Mind where you  learned about why it’s important to wash your hands and you did the pepper experiment too. Were you amazed?

smiley  Darcy - English spelling and story  smiley

I hear you have been busy planting tomatoes.

Could you keep a diary to show how they grow?

Spelling activities - silent letters ( k g w ) and sorting  words by their sounds


Well done Darcy you ordered the events in the story by numbering the boxes.


smiley  Maths - multiplication  smiley

Creating multiplication sentences using the x symbol. Well done Emily.


Learning facts about Rosa Parks. Super work Emily.


smiley A brilliant paper plate elephant smiley

He even appeared in our Zoom meeting. Well done.

You  learned  what is inside your body and wrote a fact file.

Maths revision too. Super work.


smiley  Our green fingered Darcy smiley

Wow! I cannot believe those little radish seeds you planted  have grown and are now ready to eat. Look at the changes below. Fantastic.


smiley What a great birthday you had, thank you for sending in your photos. smiley

I hope your guests were well behaved!

I hear you had 2 birthday cakes. How lovely.

I hope you are having fun  riding your new bike.