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Class 1

School's out for summer!

You have been a brilliant class Year One!

We hope that you all have a wonderful summer holiday with lots of fun.

Please stay safe and return to school on Wednesday 4th September with all your news and adventures about your holidays. We cannot wait to hear them.

Take care.

Mrs Barber, Mrs Cane and Mrs Woodford

  Summer 2 - Week 7  

Final week in Year 1

What a great day we had today.

We played games together, ate party food, watched Paddington and had our treat.

As winners of the Summer Fair stall, taking the most money, we had a visit by the ice cream van in the afternoon,  I think you will be able to tell from our faces how excited we were and how much we enjoyed our treat.


We had a wonderful surprise on our last day at school.

All the rain and storms of Thursday night had an impact on our garden.

Look at the beautiful sunflower that we found this morning, fully opened and shining as if to give us a final wave and goodbye  for the holidays.


Tomato Plant Competition

The results of our Tomato Plant Competition are in.

1st Place - Jimmie 40 cm

2nd Place - Darcy 37 cm

Extra bonus prize for Louie whose plant died but he planted another one and wow it was the tallest and has tomatoes on it too!

Wow! What green fingers you all have.

Enjoy eating the tomatoes.

Wow! Two children in our class received 100% attendance certificates and £10 vouchers.


For Louie it was a repeat  100% certificate as he has never had a day off school.

Well done Louie.


Congratulations to the star readers in our class for the Summer term.

Louie - 113 reads

Emily - 108 reads

Dollie -  96  reads

Dafina - 94 reads

The Golden Ticket  Draw for the £10 WHSmith voucher

took place today and was won by


Well done!

The Golden Ticket Scheme will restart when the children return to school in September so there is no need to count reads over the holidays. 

Remember to continue reading over the summer holidays by joining the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library. You can sign up at your local library, then read six library books of your choice to complete the Challenge. There are exclusive rewards to collect along the way, and it’s FREE to take part! See video explaining the 'Space Race' library challenge below.

Space Chase, Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Please bring a bag to school on Friday to take your books home.

Thank you

    Class 1 have green fingers!    

Wow! Look at all our garden produce, we have runner beans, broad beans, beetroot and courgettes. (Although I think one of our courgettes is impersonating a marrow!)



The children took home a broad bean each, I hope they liked them.

Our scarecrows are doing a fantastic job and having great fun in our garden.

Tomato Plants

You took me home, watered and fed me.

Am I the best tomato plant in the class?   Could it be me who wins the competition?


How tall is your tomato plant?

You can send photos of your plant to

with details of how tall your tomato plant is.

Who will be our champion tomato plant grower?

Competition results on Friday

Thursday 25th July, we are having our class treat and party. Please could the children bring in some party food to share with the class. Your child is more than welcome to bring clothes to change into after lunch. Please make sure these clothes are sensible and comfortable for dancing and playing party games.


Friday 26th July, we will be handing out the children’s books – I am sure you are all going to love looking at these. Please could the children bring in a bag to put all their work in.

Also on Friday we will have the opportunity to play some different games. If your child has any games they would like to play with their peers please bring them in! Please ensure these are not of any value and are labelled.

Summer Reading Challenge 2019

On Wednesday the library are coming into school to tell us all about the

Summer Reading Challenge - The Space Chase.

Prepare for lift off as we travel across the galaxy on a very special reading mission...

It's the Summer Reading Challenge 2019! Taking part in the Challenge is simple - when your summer holidays start, you can sign up for free at your local library.

Space Chase, Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Summer 2 - Week 6


On Friday the children brought home their end of year reports.  

Please fill in the 'Parents Comment' and return.

Thank you

    Meet the Teacher    

Moving to Year 2

This morning the children were told their teacher and classroom for Year 2.

I am so pleased to take the children onto Year 2 and we are very fortunate to be moving into a larger classroom (presently used by Class 4) . 

We spent an hour in our new classroom this morning and the children were introduced to our theme for the Autumn Term ' World Voyages and Beyond' where we will be learning about the voyages of Apollo 11, The Titanic and Santa Maria (Captain Columbus).

The children wrote on a piece of paper what they would like to learn about in year 2, we then folded the paper into an aeroplane and went outside to begin our voyage of discovery by flying our aeroplanes. Mrs Barber then collected our aeroplanes to inform her planning.

    Summer Holiday Activity for Year 2    


The children have been asked to note all the places they travel to over the holidays. They could write a diary, collect pictures, plot on a map, make a book of their travels or any other way of noting.

How did the children travel to these places?

What was the weather like?

Have they visited lots of different places in Wickford or nearby?

The envelope provided is for the children to collect any evidence of their travels e.g. tickets, brochures, photographs, maps, souvenirs etc.. ( Information can also be emailed to  marked for the attention of Mrs Barber). 

For full details please download Summer Holiday Activity letter, which the children brought home in their envelopes,  from the link below.


Today the children  worked in pairs. The first person chose where the Beebot would start and finish. The second person planned a series of steps to get the Beebot from start to finish. We worked together to debug the program if it did not work.

Click on the rainbow to see our photographs.

Thank you very much to all the parents that came to watch our Celebration Assembly on Wednesday morning. The children were so excited to show you their  year in photos, recite some poems and sing summer songs.

I hope you are all proud of your children they have had an amazing Year 1.


Wednesday 17th July - Year 1 End of term Celebration Assembly

Time - 9.15-10.00am

Venue - School hall

All parents are invited to this assembly.      


Friday 19th July - Meet the teacher

Morning - Children will meet their Year 2 teacher.

3.30-4.00pm - Parents meet the teacher sessions.


On Monday we watched the dress rehearsal of the year 5/6 play 'The Lion King'.

It was amazing! Well done everyone for a brilliant performance. smiley

Summer 2 - Week 5

    Money Week    

We had a great time at our Summer Fair on Friday. The weather was lovely and Class 1 were lucky to have their stall under the trees which offered us some shelter. The children were so excited  that they could not wait for the event to start. Class 1 ran a cake or biscuit decorating stall and we also sold cakes as well.  

Total money raised on our stall = £120

Thank you very much for all your kind donations of cakes for our class stall and for your support in attending the Summer Fair too. Thank you also to all the children that helped behind the stall on the afternoon, you did a brilliant job!


On Friday we said a sad farewell to Kieron who has left our school. We spent the morning looking at photos,  eating party food and  presenting him with a book of the children's memories of him. Some of the children in the class have known Kieron since playschool. Kieron told us all about his new school and some of us would like to go there as they have a swimming pool. He told us that his new uniform was blue rather than the red we wear at North Crescent.

Goodbye Kieron and we wish you all the best at your new school.



Andy Goldsworthy

We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy a Scottish artist and  sculptor who works in the natural environment using natural materials.

We then went into our forest area and looked for natural materials to make our own artwork in the style of Goldsworthy. Look at our designs by clicking on the leaf below.


Money, Money, Money 

This week has been a special money week.

In maths we have been learning to identify the different coins and notes for the UK currency by looking at their size, colour and shape. Then we found out the value of each coin and how many 1 pence coins we would need to make the same value. We also used the inequality signs to compare the coins and solved money problems.


In History we looked at before money was invented and how systems were set in place depending on what the community decided was a valuable asset. We found out that some early forms of currency around the world  were:

  •  Parmesan cheese in Italy,
  • Salt in Ancient Rome to pay soldiers, 
  • Cocoa beans in Brazil,
  • Cowrie shells in parts of Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Animal skins in Russia

We thought about what we would use for currency if we did not have money. We role played using this currency with a partner.


In Art we designed a new coin for our community and we hope these will be entered into a competition.


In PSHE we looked at how  three people of different ages got money.

We looked at young children, people that go to work and old aged pensioners.


Next week we are going to look at how we can spend and save money.

   Teddy Bear Festival    

We had a great time today at the Teddy Bear festival. We were joined by Wickford Infants, Crays Hill and Grange Primary schools to take part in the festival on our school field.  The weather was kind to us and we took part in  lots of different races with our very own Year 6 children leading and demonstrating each one. Click on the bat and ball  below to see our photographs.

    Shared Reading    

 This week our book is


Tuesday 9th July - Teddy Bear Festival  (No parents)

Venue - North Crescent Primary School

You will need - Teddy , PE kit and plimsolls or trainers, sun hat

Extra Information - This event will take place in the afternoon on the school field.

                                  Other primary schools will be joining us for the Festival.


Friday 12th July - Summer Fayre 1.30pm - Parents/family/friends all welcome

Venue - North Crescent Primary School Field

Extra Information - Class 1 are running a decorate a cake/biscuit stall and they are also selling cakes. The children have been asked to bring in some cakes to sell on our stall.


Wednesday 17th July - Year 1 End of term Celebration Assembly

Time - 9.15-10.00am

Venue - School hall

All parents are invited to this assembly.


Friday 19th July - Meet the teacher

Morning - Children will meet their Year 2 teacher.

3.30-4.00pm - Parents meet the teacher sessions.


Friday 26th July - Last day of term

Summer 2 - Week 4

    Our Garden    

Latest news!

Our garden has been very busy growing and we have been busy weeding and watering it.  Look at how our plants are growing below.


We have red blossom on our runner beans.

We were surprised to see courgettes growing.


Our brussel sprouts have made an appearance.

The sunflowers are growing taller.

    Maths - Fractions     

In maths  we are learning about fractions.

We started by finding half of shapes. We learned that a half is 1 of 2 same size (equal) parts. We then found half of a number with the help of a halving mat. 

After this we found a quarter of shapes and quarters of a number using our quartering mats. We learned that a quarter is 1 of 4 same size (equal) parts.


Today Lisa-Marie's mum brought some chicks in to school to show us.

She told us all about how she has hand reared them after they lost their mum.

    RE - Hindu Creation Story    

Today we learned about a different religions creation story.

We learned about the importance of the Lotus flower too.

We made our own lotus flowers and placed them in the water, watch what happened.

What happened to our lotus flowers when we placed them in the water?

Still image for this video

   Science Day    

Our Science Day was based on the book 'George's Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl.

We watched   Rik Mayall retelling the story on a BBC clip of Jackanory.

Then we looked at making a special potion.

We took a red cabbage and tore the leaves into small pieces.. Then we put them into a blender half filled with water and turned the blender on. This produced a beautiful shade of blue liquid.


We then added different ingredients to the cabbage water and compared them to a cup of the original cabbage water that we called the control.




We found that if we added an ingredient that was an acid the cabbage water became redder and if we added an ingredient that was an alkali the cabbage water became greener. It was like magic!

    Shared Reading    

 This week we are continuing the book 

Summer 2 - Week 3

On Friday the children walked to the Collaborative Learning Centre (CLC) to take part in the Poetry Slam. They watched some clips of Michael Rosen reciting different poems and they especially enjoyed 'Chocolate cake'. Michael's  facial expressions were great!

The children also brainstormed ideas to continue a poem about a dog who was found on the school playground and where he might go next. After a break outside the children then recited our class poem 'Little brown seeds' .

Watch their performance below.

Little Brown Seeds

Still image for this video

Two children from our class were brave enough to stand up on the stage and recite their poems to everyone. They each received a certificate for their winning school poetry performance. Well done, I am so proud of both of you. 


The cat

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


In science today we looked at the names of different parts of a plant. Then we went outside , created a plant from natural materials and then labelled the parts of the plant roots, stem, leaves, petal and flower. Click on the red flower to see our work.

On Tuesday Pete Francis,  an ex-member of Disdance came to teach our school his version of stomp which uses hands and feet as percussion.  No instruments were necessary and Pete worked with all our classes.  Pete used warm-up games to develop the children’s rhythm and control.  We enjoyed the stomp lessons and all managed to learn a group dance.   Pete encouraged the children  to create their own stomp dances for performing. At 2.15p.m. the whole school gathered outside to watch a stomp extravaganza performed by all the children.  The whole day was a huge success and the children had a wonderful time. Watch the video clip below of Year 1 and 2 in action.

STOMP Dance Performance

Still image for this video

    Our Garden    

With all the lovely rain  and sunshine over the last few weeks our garden is finally beginning to show signs of growing. We can see sunflowers, carrots, courgettes, turnips, broad beans, peas and beetroot. Look at our pictures below.

We won the Brilliance Cup!

Still image for this video

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Tuesday 25th June - NCPS Stomp Day

Children should wear trainers and suitable, comfortable clothes for dance or their PE kit. Each class will take part in a session with a professional dancer and share their dances with each other. A £2.50 donation is requested through parent pay.


Friday 28th June - CLC Poetry Slam 9.30-11.30am

The children will be attending the CLC for a Poetry Slam. They will be walking to and from the CLC in the morning returning in time for lunch.

Summer 2 - Week 2

  Sports Day    

What a great sports day we had on Friday.

The sun was shinning and the children were in good form for the races.

All the children ran an obstacle race, a multiskills race and a sprint race.

Some children joined in with the whole school to run a relay .

    Well done children.    


Overall the Red Team won with the greatest number of points.

Thank you for all your support on the day and for providing your child's team colour shirt.

Click on the orange paint blob below to see photographs of this event.

    Clay Day    

Today we learned how to make a pinch pot so that we could make a flower pot. It was great fun and we practised lots of new skills in handling and sculpting the clay.

Click on the paint palette below to see how we made our flower pots and photographs of the finished  items. 

    Charles Darwin    

Today we learned about the life of Charles Darwin and then we went on a 'Thinking walk' to collect interesting items from our school grounds.

We felt just like Charles Darwin who loved to collect things .

Click on the leaf below to see the things we collected on our sticky wrist bands.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Summer 2 - Week 1

   Sports Day    

Sports day will be on Friday 21st June at approximately 10.00 am.

There will be a picnic lunch at 12.00pm, straight after KS1 races. The children can bring a picnic from home or book a picnic lunch from school.  You are welcome to bring blankets or chairs to sit on.  Please see letter below for more details.

The children will need a t shirt  for their team colour. 

Red T shirt : Millie, Lisa-Marie, Ryan, Swaley, Ellie J, Ellie M, Tom, Bailey, Kieron.

White T shirt: Mischa, Annalise, Logan, Louie, Emily, Jasmin, Max, Darcy, Rihanna

Blue T shirt: Seren, Sienna, Jimmie, Edward, Catherine, Dafina, Georgie, Kimberly.

    Chaplin Lodge    

The children had a great time today singing summery songs to the residents of Chaplin Lodge. The children brought smiles to their faces as they sung and when they presented them afterwards with summer pictures. It was a lovely sight to see.

Click on the sun below to see our photographs.

Tuesday 11th June - Thursday 13th June - Phonic Screening Check

Friday 14th June - Trip to Chaplin Lodge to sing to the residents

Friday 21st June 10.00 am - Sports Day followed by picnic on the field


Please note that PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday when we return to school although the children should have their PE kits  in school everyday.


Well done to all the children who brought in their scarecrow homework.

You have done a fantastic job.

 Look at the great scarecrows below.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 


It was great to see the children back at school today.

You all looked so smart and eager to tell us  about your holidays.

Welcome back to your last half term in Year 1.

We have lots of exciting  things planned.

Remember to read as much as you can over the holidays.

Every read counts towards a golden ticket to add to your  summer totals. 

Keep practising your phonic sounds, real words and alien words ready for our Phonic Screening Check when we return to school.


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Half Term Holiday with lots of rest and fun.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Barber, Mrs Woodford and Mrs Cane


Monday 10th June - Children return to school

Tuesday 11th June - Thursday 13th June - Phonic Screening Check

Friday 14th June - Trip to Chaplin Lodge to sing to the residents


Please note that PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday when we return to school although the children should have their PE kits  in school everyday.

Summer 1 - Week 5

Lunchtime Award

Congratulations to Swaley  for his Lunchtime Award for

being so kind  and caring with his peers and helping the adults too.


Well done Swaley we are so proud of you. 


    Pyjama party    

The children voted to have a pyjama party for their end of half term treat.

Friday was a lovely sunny day and the children played games,

danced and played football before having party food.


We even had a child eaten by a shark!

Thank you to all the parents who supplied pyjamas and food for the children.

Everyone had a great time.


    Broad Beans     

Our Broad Beans have grown so much that today we decided to plant them in our garden.


The children made a label to put on the cane so they knew which bean was theirs.

Click on leaf below to see our photographs.


Today we worked in groups outside.



First we were given an adjective and had to find as many things as we could that we could use this describing word for.

Then we selected a word such as  stone, leaf, stick, seed etc.. and found examples. After this we brainstormed some adjectives to describe the objects and then used this adjective in a sentence.

Click on green splat for more photographs.

    Plant Hunt    

On Wednesday we decided to take our learning outside. 

First we started with a maths hunt. Mrs Barber hid twenty cards around the  Eco Centre which we had to find and then solve the number sentence . We had great fun although some were a bit tricky to find.

Click on the clipboard below to see our photographs.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 


On Friday, Class 1 will be having their half termly class reward.  They have chosen to bring their pyjamas into school and change after lunch for a fun afternoon. Please could your child also bring in some party food for the children to share as an afternoon snack.

Thank you

Summer 1 - Week 4

    Our Class Garden    

Last week we prepared the raised beds by weeding them and then this week we have been busy planting seeds. We planted lots of vegetables including beetroot, turnip, brussel sprout, carrot, courgette, cucumber, pepper, onion, cauliflower and pea seeds. We cannot wait to watch them grow.

    English - Jack and the Beanstalk    

We took on the role of different characters to dramatise different events in the story.  We used lots of dialogue and dramatic reaction which helped us to understand/explore  the characters better.

Then we talked about  what we had discovered about the characters and their reactions in different situations. The children chose which event in the story and which character they wanted to be and then rehearsed their event before we made a video of  them. Look at our videos below.


Jack's mum tells Jack to sell the cow.

Still image for this video

Fun Run

Congratulations to the eight children who represented our school at the Oakfield Fun Run On Tuesday 14th May. You were great participants and made us very proud.


 Broad Beans    

Wow! Look at how fast our beans are growing.

We are keeping a bean diary to track their progress.


    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Summer 1 - Week 3

Congratulations Year 1

Lunchtime Award


Well done everyone!

  Racket Festival    

On Thursday we went to The Deans School for a Racket Festival. We joined three other primary schools and had great fun whilst improving our hand eye co-ordination skills. We practised hitting balls, balloons, shuttlecocks and table tennis balls with different types of rackets. 

Click on child below to see our photographs


    Maths / Art    

On Wednesday we learned that shapes can play  an important role in the creation of art.

We looked at geometric shapes e.g. 2d shapes rectangles, squares, triangles and how they can be found in the work of  Sarah Morris and  other abstract artists.


We took a piece of linen and stuck strips of masking tape onto the linen to create 2D shapes.


Then we painted the shapes.

Our finished work.


Finally we named and identified the number of different shapes that we had created.

Click on the artist palette below to see all the photographs from our lesson.

Outside Learning

On Tuesday we decided to take our learning outside. 

First we started with a spelling hunt. Mrs Barber hid twenty cards around the              Eco Centre which we had to find and then write the word for the picture using the correct spelling. We had great fun although some were a bit tricky to find.

Click on the clipboard below to see our photographs.


Then we carried out some problem solving by having 4 hoops that were numbered 1 to 4 and 3 beanbags. We threw the beanbags into the hoops to find out how many different ways we could make 6 and 9. We also looked for other totals and the highest total we could make. We recorded the number sentences for each combination that we found.


In the afternoon we  went on a plant hunt around the school grounds and then drew the plants where we found them on a plan of the school. We were amazed at the different plants that we found including different trees and bushes with beautiful leaves and lovely wild flowers . Click on  flower below to see our photographs.

    PE Kits    

Please can you make sure that the children's PE kits are in school everyday.

Although we usually have PE on Thursday and Friday's there are times when the timetable changes so PE kits are needed on different days.

Reminder -  School PE Kit consists of:

Shorts - navy blue

polo t-shirt - red

plimsolls or trainers

cold weather - joggers and sweatshirt - navy blue


Thursday 9th May - Racquet festival at Deans School. Children will need a school PE kit

                                for this event.

Tuesday 14th May - Some children will be going on a fun run at Oakfield school. The

                                children will need a school PE kit for this event.

Week beginning 10th June - Year 1 phonics screening check

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Summer 1 - Week 2

    Seed Collage    

Today we looked at lots of different seeds and then created our own plant seed collage.

Look at the photographs by clicking on the blue flower below.




This week we have been preparing the raised beds by weeding them and digging over the soil. It was hard work because the ground was so hard but we managed to fill 2 sacks with weeds which we then tipped into the compost bin.

     Broad Beans      

Today we looked closely at a broad bean. We then placed it in a clear plastic cup with tissue  and water. We started a bean diary so that we can record the things we observe as the bean grows.

Click on  the green flower  below to see photos of our beans.



    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Our theme for the summer term is

Plant Power

The children have brought home a copy of this overview.

You can also download from link below.

Summer 1 - Week 1

In Science the children are investigating seasons.

Today the children revisited their chosen tree and looked at the changes that had occurred from  winter to spring. 


   M&M Theatrical Productions    

On Thursday afternoon M&M Theatrical Productions visited our school to perform Alice in Wonderland. It was a fantastic performance and  a great opportunity for the children to see live theatre.  Everybody enjoyed the play.

Click on the rabbit below to see some photographs.

English - Jack and the Beanstalk

We went outside to recreate the giants chant.


Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman.

Be he alive or be he dead.

I'll grind his bones to make my bread.


We considered how the giant would speak and move. We also thought about the sound the giant’s boots would make as he stamped towards Jack.

We tried to stamp and chant in time.

Some of us were quite scary as giants!

Watch our video clips below.

    St. George's Day        

Today we celebrated St. George's Day.

We found out about the legend of St. George and ordered the events in the story.

Then we took part in some maths activities, we added dragons, counted princesses, solved problems and found lots of different ways of making 23. 

We then looked at how to draw curved and straight lines  to draw a rose.

Look at our fantastic roses  (picture coming soon)

                  Creative Holiday Homework

Wow! Look at the great holiday homework that the children have brought into school this week. They have worked so hard and produced some amazing work. Well done.

Thank you for all the support you have given the children to complete their holiday homework.

Click on the leaf below to see photographs.

It was great to see you all back in school on Tuesday and to hear about all the exciting things that you did over the holidays.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

What a fun last week we had !


Remember to read as much as you can over the holidays.

Every read counts towards a golden ticket to add to your new summer totals. 


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter with lots of rest and fun.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Barber, Mrs Woodford and Mrs Cane

Week 6 - Spring 2

      Golden Ticket Winner  

Congratulations to Louie our Golden Ticket Winner for the Spring Term.

He read 97 times at home. Well done.

    Louie won a WHSmith token for £10.    

    North Crescent's Got Talent    

On Friday we watched North Crescent's Got Talent.

Congratulations to Seren who came 2nd 


Congratulations to Lisa-Marie and Rihanna who came 3rd.

Well done to you all.

     Zoo Trip   

On Thursday we visited Colchester Zoo and had a fantastic Day.

The journey by coach was smooth and quick so we arrived in plenty of time for our experience workshop, in the Kalihari Theatre, with one of the zoo keepers. We learnt about the Fennec Fox and we looked at different  habitats to find out where he lived.


We felt a wolf and ocelot's fur to discover how the animals adapt to the hot and cold climates they live in.


We worked out that the Fennec fox lived in the desert

Then we discovered how big a gorilla's hand was and how an elephant's foot works.


After the workshop we looked around  the zoo and had our lunch.

Click on  penguins below to see more photographs from our trip.

Easter Party

On Wednesday we had our end of term treat, our Easter Party.

We had great fun with dancing, party food and an energetic Easter egg Hunt.


We started the week with Mr Hotten, making Easter cards using the mechanisms we had investigated.  When we finished our cards we evaluated them. Click on the chick below to see some of our cards.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 5 - Spring 2

  North Crescent's Got Talent  

On Friday auditions were held for the children to vote on the acts that they wanted to represent Class 1 at the North Crescent's Got Talent competition.

1st -  Seren - tap dancing

2nd  - Rihanna and Lisa-Marie - singing

Reserve - Edward - drumming

Thank you to all the children who auditioned it was great to see all your talents.

    Monday 25th March - Spring Service    

The children will be singing a selection of spring songs  and poems at St. Andrews church on Monday afternoon. Doors to the church open at 2pm for a 2.15pm start. This event is open to parents and families of the children.

Thursday 28th March

Talk and Share 

Parents please come into the classroom after school on Thursday  so that your child can proudly show you their books and all the work they have done since September. 

Friday 29th March

On Friday auditions will be held in the classroom for the children to vote on their two favourite acts that are going to represent Class 1 on Friday 5th April at North Crescent's Got Talent. So if the children  have a talent, they need to practise their  act ready to wow the class on Friday. We cannot wait to see all the children's talent. This event is for children in school only - no parents.

Wednesday 3rd April

Easter Party

Children's End of Term Treat

The children decided to have an Easter Party with games, activities and party food for their end of term treat. Please could the children bring in some party food that they can share with the class for this event. Thank you.



    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 4 - Spring 2

We learnt the names of the different parts of our body in Science  and then labelled an outline of a human girl or boy.

Then we made a body out of clay. Click on the 'head' below to see our sculptures.

Body Song

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 3 - Spring 2


This week Mr Hotten has taken us to explore the continent of Africa. We have found out lots of information about the countries in Africa and he challenged us to identify the physical and human features we could find there.


This week we have based our lessons on the book Handa's Surprise.

We started by looking, smelling and tasting the delicious fruits that Handa put in her basket.  I was so pleased that the children were excited and enthusiastic to try all  the different fruits. We brainstormed describing words for each of the fruits.

Click on rainbow below to see our photos.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 2 - Spring 2

  Winners of the Brilliance Cup   

Well done Class 1.  What a great end to the week. I am so proud of you.



Today we celebrated World Book Day.

We came to school dressed as our favourite book character.

Look at our photos by clicking on the book below

    Brilliance Showcase    

Thank you very much for coming to our Brilliance Showcase. 

The children had a lovely time showing you some of the activities we have been doing in school. I was very proud of them and it was great to see how excited they were to show and teach you things they have studied.


RE - Shrove Tuesday

Today we found out that Shrove Tuesday is a time when Christians get ready for Easter. It is also known as pancake day because people in the past gave up food like butter and eggs during Lent. This meant that all these foods had to be eaten before Lent started so pancakes were made to use the items up. We talked about how to make pancakes and the different ways people eat them. Then we looked at how Pancake Day is celebrated in different parts of the world. Finally we had a pancake race with year 2 and some of us managed to flip the pancakes too! See the photos below.



This week in music we have been learning to make a sound using a digeridoo.

Click on the music notes below to see the photos.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Reading at home

Reading is such an important activity. 

If your child reads at home for just 20 minutes a day,

they'll see 1.8 million words per year. 

Wow! What an advantage your child will have.

   Thursday 7th March    

Theme is Share a Story.

Thursday is World book Day and the children are invited to come to school

dressed up as their favourite book character.


    Book Swap    

In the afternoon the children will have the opportunity to take part in the 'Book swap'.

They need to bring one of their own books to school that is in good condition and then they can swap it for another book.

Week 1 - Spring 2

Art - Aboriginal dot painting

Today we looked at Australian  Aboriginal dot painting. 

Then we chose an Australian animal and created a dot painting of our own.

Click on artist palette below for photos.

It was great to see you all back at school on Monday, with your smiling faces and your eagerness to continue learning. It was also a wonderful sight to see your creative homework, such great ideas. Look at our photos below.

Wow! How quickly this  half term has gone. You have all worked so hard and we know that in the next half term  you will show us more of your brilliance.  

We are all really looking forward  to seeing your animals creative homework  and look forward to displaying them in the classroom.

We hope that you have a great half term holiday with plenty of fun and relaxation. We cannot wait to hear about your holiday  and we know you will have lots to tell us about your adventures and places you have seen.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 25th February.

Mrs Barber, Mrs Woodford, Mrs Cane and Mr Hotten

Monday 25th February

  • Return to school
  • Spelling Test
  • Creative Homework project to be handed in. (Please could chn bring their yellow folders into school  so that new homework can be added. Thank you).

Monday 25th - Friday 1st March - Travelling Book Fair

 Each book purchased will earn you a raffle ticket, which will be entered into a draw to win £25 worth of books. See opening times below.


Monday 25th Feb

Tuesday 26th Feb

Wednesday 27th Feb

Thursday 28th  Feb

Friday 1st March


8:25 – 8:45am

8:25 – 8:45am

8:25 – 8:45am

8:25 – 8:45am

3:20 – 3:45pm

3:20 – 3:45pm

3:20 – 3:45pm

3:20 – 3:45pm



Tuesday 5th March -  Class 1 Brilliance Showcase  - 9:10-10:00

Come and join us for a showcase of some of the amazing learning that your children have been showing us this term.  


Thursday 7th March - World Book Day

Children are asked to bring a book, in good condition, to take part in a giant book swap: bring books, which you do not want anymore and swap for something new to read. The children can also dress up as their favourite book character and the whole school will be taking part in a variety of reading activities during the day.

Week 6 - Spring 1

During English this week we have been looking at poetry and learning about some features of poetry such as alliteration, similes and rhyming.

To end the week we had a Big Write and wrote our own animal acrostic poems.


Special Symbols and Objects


We have previously looked at the special symbols and objects of the Christian Religion and over the last two weeks we have looked at the special symbols and objects of the Jewish religion. These have included 'The Torah', 'yad', 'The Star of David', 'Mezuzah',  'Kippah',  'Tallit' and 'Menorah'.

The children enjoyed making  their own Mezuzah, with a special thought inside. Just like the Shema that this special box contains meaning that God is present in the house.  Jewish people mount the Mezuzah on the right side of the door frame and touch it each time they pass through.


Animals including Humans

This week we have identified and named animal body parts

Then we compared the body parts of different animals looking at what is

similar and what is different.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 5 - Spring 1


We have been researching France.

We looked at famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and a famous museum called the Louvre. We compared their currency, the Euro, to ours and looked at some traditional foods. We discovered that the French grow grapes to make wine and  every year a famous bike race called the Tour de France takes place. We found out that the  French flag is known as the tricolore beacause it has three colours - blue, white and red. We practised speaking in French too. 



This week we looked at the different foods that animals eat.

We sorted animals into groups depending on the food they eat.


Tuesday was Safer Internet Day and this was celebrated by the whole school.

We started the day by thinking about all the different ways we go online

and what we do when we are online.

When we are online we need to make lots of choices, and give others the chance to make choices for themselves. We discussed how upset / frustrated we would be if our ability to make choices was taken away.

We listened to a story about Zap and Zoom who love to use the internet and spotted some of the choices they made when online.

We looked at different ways of saying Yes and No, including different symbols.

When we are using the internet, it’s important we make good choices, so we can look after ourselves and other people. We learnt that we need to ask if something is okay to do or not okay to do.


We practised asking permission to throw a beanbag to each other. We learnt that it was important to wait for a response before throwing and that there were lots of different ways of asking permission using words and actions. We thought about which ones would work best online and what would not work but really it does not matter how we ask permission, what is important is that we do.

Then we thought about what the internet is and what it can do. We found that the 

internet is made up of wires and  cables that can connect people’s computers, televisions and games consoles, and it can also travel through the air and connect people’s phones, tablets, computers and games consoles. It’s a bit like all these things are having a big conversation all across the world!

Finally we  thought about who we are connected to e.g. our family and friends, our school and home town. We sat in a circle and passed a ball of wall to a child of our choice that we are connected to and explained the connection. We ended up with a huge physical web of connections. See photo below.



We started the week by celebrating Chinese New Year.

We made Chinese flags and read the story of how the years got their names.

We found that this year is the Year of the Pig.

We followed this by using the Chinese zodiac animals to add and subtract in maths.

After lunch we found out how the Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year

and then made dragons, money wallets and lanterns.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 4 - Spring 1

We started Number Day by drawing around our hands and feet, cutting them out and measuring them with non standard (cubes) and  standard units (with a ruler in centimetres).

Then we measured how tall we were in rulers and in centimetres.

Mrs Barber told us about a visitor she had in her garden and she showed us the giant footprint that they left behind. We were interested to see how tall the giant might be because the footprint was so large. We wondered if it was possible to calculate the height of the giant based on the length of the footprint alone?
We looked at our own feet and measured them. Then we cut out feet all the same size as our own and used them to find out how many feet tall we were. We found out that we were all between 6 and 7 'feet' tall. We measured the giants footprint to be 76cm long and then calculated 6 and 7 times the length. We found that the giant was probably between 4.5 and 5.3 metres tall. Wow! What a tall giant. Mrs Barber was glad she did not meet him!

We measured other parts of our body.

Then we went into Year 4 and played 4 in a row where we had to throw two dice, add them together and find the number on our grids. The first person to make a line was the winner. We had great fun, thank you Year 4.

In the afternoon we created Mondrian pictures based on squares and rectangles.

Look at our masterpieces below.

Photos coming soon


We have begun to look at  France this week .

We looked at the Eiffel Tower  in the capital of Paris, France. 

It is  the most popular paid landmark in the world with about 7 million visitors every year! It was designed by Alexandre-Gustav Eiffel and completed in 1889.

We learned how to use lines in our drawings to draw an Eiffel Tower.

Look at our finished drawings below.

Photos coming soon

Watch video to learn all about the Eiffel Tower.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 3 -  Spring 1


On Thursday we said a sad goodbye to the chicks who then left school on Friday to go and live in the country. We were also told that the 11th chick, who broke his leg, was making a very good recovery with the company before he too will join our chicks in the country. Such good news. smiley We noticed that the chicks were beginning to grow feathers on their wings. Amazing considering only 8 days old.

Look at the pictures below of our last days with the chicks.


In art we are looking at drawing animals and today we looked at the patterns and texture on the coats of animals that we could find in a zoo. We created some great pictures.

Click on penguin below to view our drawings.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is 

Week 2 -  Spring 1

What an exciting week we had this week. We were really lucky to see some chickens hatch. They worked so hard to get out of their shells that they were exhausted. By the next day they had become fluffy and looked more like chicks. We cannot wait to see them again next week and see how much they have grown.


This week in Computing our objective was to  create instructions using pictures.

To be successful we had to:

  • know what an algorithm was
  • create step by step instructions using pictures
  • be able to follow the picture instructions

First we thought about instructions for getting dressed in the morning and for brushing our teeth. We realised how important it was to put the instructions in the correct order and that we had to give every instruction e.g if we were brushing our teeth it would be important to take off the lid before squeezing toothpaste onto our toothbrush!

In our lesson we took a number of lego bricks and built a model taking a photograph at each stage of the build. We discussed how important it was for these photos to be clear for someone else to follow. Then we pulled our models apart and gave the ipad with our photos to another pair of children with our lego bricks for them to follow the picture instructions to recreate the model. Finally we evaluated the picture instructions and whether we had built the final model correctly by following these instructions.

Click on the i pad below to see our picture instructions. 


Today we looked at pictures of different animals and sorted them into groups.

Birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects.

Some animals were a bit tricky to group like the platypus who has webbed feet and a beak but is in fact a mammal.

For extra homework we decided to find out the difference between a tortoise and a turtle and an alligator and a crocodile.


Today we looked at all the symbols in our environment.

We then went around the school looking for symbols.


In English this week we have read the book The Big Animal Mix-Up by Gareth Edwards.

We discussed the different mixed up animals.

Then we created our own mixed up animals.

We wrote questions about them using the question hand.

We punctuated our sentences using question marks.   

Here is an overview of our learning for the Spring term.

The children brought a copy of this overview home from school on Friday.

You can download from the link below.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is A Monster Mistake by Roderick Hunt

Week 1 -  Spring 1

This term our theme is

A world of animals


We   started by reading the book The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen.


We enjoyed the story and talked about all the different pets that the boy found in the pet shop. Then we talked about our own pets and made a class pictogram. We answered questions using the data collected and even thought of our own questions.

    Shared Reading    

This week our book is A Dog's Day by Claire Llewellyn

It was great to see all the children back at school today.

They all looked tired in the line this morning but gradually livened up as the day went on.

The children shared with the class all the exciting events of the last two weeks

and even told us about all of their lovely presents.

What a good time the children had over the Christmas Holidays!

With best wishes to you all for a very  Happy New Year.

May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2019.

 Christmas Holidays    

What a fun last day we had with lots of games, films and food!

We hope your parents will like their Christmas cards and calendars.


We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas with lots of rest and fun.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs Barber,  Mrs Woodford & Mrs Cane

Week 8 - Autumn 2


Congratulations to the star readers in our class for the Autumn term.

Oliver - 300 reads

Louie - 125 reads

Emily - 105 reads

The Golden Ticket  Autumn Draw for the £10 WHSmith voucher took place today

and was won by Georgie. Well done!

The Golden Ticket Scheme for the Spring Term will start on  Thursday 20th December  so remember to sign the partnership book over the holidays as all your reads will count towards a golden ticket.

Who will be our Golden Ticket draw winner for the Spring term? 

Look at us in all our Christmas finery.

Look at the photos showing all the fun we had at our Christmas Party.

We played games, danced and ate party food.

    Futuristic Fire Engines    

On Monday we had a great time building our futuristic fire engines. Some of us based our fire engines on the ones at Manchester airport and added long tubes to squirt water on the fire. Look at our photos on the red blob below.

The children will be having their class Christmas party on the afternoon

of Tuesday 18th December.

Please could the children bring in some party food to share with the class.

The children can bring in party clothes to change into after lunch time.

Thank you

   Can you help?   

Please could the children bring into school (by Monday) any boxes, tubes, small pots, egg boxes etc. that you do not want at home for the children to build their futuristic fire engines on Monday.

Thank you

Week 7 - Autumn 2

  Christmas Jumper Day  

Thank you to all the children that supported Christmas Jumper Day.

Wow! There were so many different designs of jumper. Amazing!


Today  Explorers, Year 1 and Year 2 visited Chaplin Lodge

to sing Christmas songs to the residents.


The children enjoyed singing their songs and were thrilled when

some of the residents joined in the traditional songs. 

The children enjoyed a drink and biscuit and then had a chat with the residents.  

One of the residents was 100 years old!

Each class presented the residents with a large Christmas card from the children.

Pantomime Day

Today we went to the Towngate Theatre in Basildon to watch Snow White .

We had a great time and joined in lots of the songs and dances that

Muddles taught us.

Click on star to see other scenes from pantomime.

  Christmas Dinner     

We all had a great time on Tuesday. We had a delicious Christmas Dinner, sang Christmas songs,  pulled crackers and told cracker jokes as well as wearing paper hats.

Click on the star below to see our photographs.

    Instruction Writing    

Today we looked at instructions and how they are written. We started with a title for our instructions and a list of the things we would need. Then we looked at how we start our sentences with imperative verbs (bossy verbs) that tell us what to do. Finally we ordered instructions to make a paper chain.

    Christmas Jumper Day    

Don't forget Christmas Jumper Day on Friday.

Children to wear normal school uniform but replace red jumpers with Christmas jumpers.

We are looking forward to seeing  you all looking festive.

Week 6 - Autumn 2

   Science - Materials   

This week we have been looking at metals and describing their physical properties.


We then investigated materials to see if they were magnetic or not.

We found that the flip chart stand was magnetic but the paper was not magnetic.



We found that a lot of metals were magnetic but not all of them.


We found that a magnetic would work through a table to make a metal move about.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

 Christmas Play - A Midwife Crisis   

I think you will agree with me that the children performed brilliantly on Tuesday and Wednesday's performances of 'A Midwife Crisis'.

They have worked so hard to learn all their scripts and song words and it was lovely to see it all come together for our performances to the parents.

    Well done to all the children.  





Tuesday 4th December 2pm - Christmas Play, A Midwife Crisis

Wednesday 5th December 9.30am  - Christmas Play, A Midwife Crisis

Tuesday 11th December - Children's school Christmas lunch

Wednesday 12th December - Snow White Pantomime at Towngate Theatre

Thursday 13th December - Flu immunisations

Friday 14th December - Christmas Jumper Day and visit to Chaplin House residential home to sing Christmas songs to the residents.

Tuesday 18th December - Class 1 Christmas party

Wednesday 19th December - Last day at school before Christmas Holidays.


Week 5 - Autumn 2 

Big Write

Today we jumped into a time machine and travelled back in time to 1666. We found ourselves in bed at Thomas Farriner's bakery in Pudding Lane. We woke to the smell of smoke and realised that the bakery was on fire so we quickly climbed out of the window to escape down the lane.  We visited Samuel Pepys in Seething Lane  and saw him writing his diary when his maid came running in to tell him that the wind had changed direction and the fire was heading towards us. We quickly gathered together Samuel Pepys favourite possessions of cheese, wine, special papers and  added our own into a wooden box.

Then we wrapped the box up and buried it in the garden.


Next we went to fight the fire, we formed a line and passed buckets of water along the line to throw on the fire.


After a long time of exhaustive fire fighting the fire was finally out and we rushed back to the garden to dig up our box.  Everything was safe in our box.

Our time travelling adventure was over and we returned to the classroom to record everything that had happened.

What a great adventure we had but we think we like 2018 best!

Click on red blob below to see all our photographs.


Maths Problem Solving using number bonds

Today in maths we tried some problem solving. We had to find number bonds to 10 and match them to make a triangle.

Special Visitor

Today Canon Jane came to visit us in the classroom. She told us about all the things that she does and explained how there are different services at her church.

Canon Jane showed us the Bible and the special clothes that she wears.

Click on the cross below to see some photographs.



Today we have been busy making sparkling stars to go on the stage backdrop ready for our Christmas play 'A Midwife Crisis'.

   Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - A Day in London


Week 4  -  Autumn 2

    Christmas Play    

The children have been given a letter inviting you to come and watch their Christmas Play - A Midwife Crisis. Please return the reply slip stating the day and number of tickets you would like.

The children have also been asked to bring their costumes into school by Thursday 29th November for our Dress Rehearsal. Please ensure the children's names are on their costumes and they are kept in a bag that is also named.Thank you.


    Special Visitor    

Today Fireman Steve came to visit our class. 

He told us about the Great Fire of London and how fire fighting equipment has changed over the years. He also dressed up in his uniform and showed us how hard it was to talk and be heard with his mask on.

       Monkey is sad    

On Friday we came into school to find that Monkey was crying.

He was sad that we had not taken him to London yesterday.

We decided to write him a letter and tell him about all the things that we had done when we were in London. We used our lists of verbs to help us.

   A day trip to London    

On Thursday Paddington took us to London for the day.

First we visited Buckingham Palace and had tea and biscuits with the Queen.


Then we went to Wembley Stadium to see some incredibly skillfull football and join in with the crowds cheering and clapping.

Finally we walked along the River Thames to Tower Bridge.

We met the controller who showed us how to open and close the bridge.

Then Paddington took us up the stairs to walk along the glass walkway.

We even saw the bridge open through the glass and a large ship called the Silver Cloud passed underneath. It was awesome!

Back at school we made a list of all the interesting verbs, words to describe actions, that we had done on our day out in London.

       Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - The Ox and the Yak 


Week 3  -  Autumn 2

Children in Need Day

Thank you for supporting children  in need and for dressing so well  with your spotty outfits to raise money for this charity. You looked great!

In the classroom the children have been busy carrying out Pudsey activities.

In English we read and followed instructions to make Pudsey and Blush shortbread biscuits, this also covered some elements of the Design and Technology curriculum.


Then the children carried out counting and addition activities involving Pudsey in maths. In the afternoon Pudsey introduced one of his friends to the children and told them how he helped his friend to feel special by helping others. We talked about the fact that we are all special and have something to contribute to our community and families.

Click on purple swirl to see photographs of our biscuit making.


In maths the children are learning their number bonds for 10.

Click on the calculator image below to see some of our activities and sing along to video.

   Christmas Play   

This week the  children have been busy rehearsing their Christmas play.

If your child has a speaking part, please could you help them to learn their words.

       Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - Spots

Friday 16th November - Children in Need Day - Non uniform

Everyone to wear something spotty!

Donations to Children in Need.

Week 2 - Autumn 2


We started the week by naming Paddington's senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. We then looked at how he used all his senses when he went to a firework display and we listed good descriptive words which we grouped  by the senses.

We wrote a senses poem about firework night.

Paddington found an exciting poem to read to us which used onomatopoeia words. We all loved it and decided to write a poem of our own using onomatopoeia words.

Black Bears - 

The Roman Candle screamed as it went up in the sky.

The Rocket exploded with a bang.

The sparkler fizzled as it was waved around.


Below is a clip about onomatopoeia words.


Still image for this video


Today we used oil pastels to make a bonfire picture. First we  made a rough sketch of the outline using a white pencil and then chose appropriate coloured oil pastels to draw the logs and flames. We tried blending the oil pastels to make different shades.

Click on the purple spiral below  to see some of our pictures.

   Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - Special Days Poems

    Friday 9th November - A Grand Morning out.   

Come and join us for the Grandparents Coffee Morning with cakes, a raffle and entertainment by the children from all the classes in the school. 

Week 1 - Autumn 2

Attendance Award

Class 1 were awarded the best attendance this week - 98%.

Well done Class 1.

  Science - Materials Investigation  

Today we turned into firemen!

We explored which materials were the best for holding water.

We thought about which ones we thought would be waterproof and therefore would be good to use as a bucket. We put the ‘buckets’ in order of how waterproof we predicted them to be.

Our class prediction.


Most waterproof - metal



 Least waterproof - fabric



We tested each one in turn. It was a fair test because we poured the same quantity of water into each bucket. Then we took it in turns to pass the ‘bucket’ to the firemen who then measured how much water was left in the bucket. We noted if any water leaked through the bucket onto the floor.

We found that the metal and plastic ‘buckets’ would not let any water through so were waterproof but the fabric and paper ‘buckets’ let water through so were not waterproof. Click on image below to see our photographs.


We painted  Remembrance poppies for an art competition. We had an outline of a poppy and we used different sized brushes to paint different areas of the poppy. We tried very hard not to go over the outline especially when adding the black centre.

3D London Landmarks

We couldn't wait to see your creative homework when you returned to school this week and we were not disappointed. Look at the fantastic models below.

Big Ben



The London Eye


  The Bakery 1666


London bus, London taxi and Big Ben

   Shared Reading    

This week we are looking at the book  - The Lost Teddy


   Autumn Half term    

Wow! How quickly this first half term has gone. You have all settled into Class 1 so well and we know that in the next half term you will show us more of your brilliance.


We are really looking forward to seeing your 3D models of London landmarks when you return to school and we know that you will have lots to tell us about your adventures and places you have seen.


We hope that you have a great half term holiday with plenty of fun and relaxation. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday 29th October.

Mrs Cane, Mrs Woodford and Mrs Barber

Week 7 - Autumn 1

A fantastic end to Autumn 1

Class 1 superstars

Congratulations to all the children in Class 1.

I am so proud of you all and what a fantastic end to  Autumn  1.

Class 1 winners of the Brilliance Cup.



Also winners for the second week running of the Top Attendance for the week.


     New Sports Ambassador for Class 1    


Joanna and her classmate were voted to be our Sports Ambassadors in our school elections. Sadly she has left our class so we voted again for a new Sports Ambassador.

Congratulations guys!


Today we listened to the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. We divided into two groups and with the help of some children from Year 6 we acted out part of the story.

Click on the star for photos.

     Surprise Visitor    

Today we were visited by the Cats Protection.


Roger told us all about what we need to do to look after a cat. He talked about what different cats eat from kittens to senior cats and what they drink. He told us how cats like to play  and explore and how the Cats Protection check the health of all their cats. Finally Roger told us about his pet cats at home. We loved his cat puppet.

Week 6 - Autumn 1

        Class 1 Superstars    

This week Class 1 are the proud winners of both

the lunchtime sticker reward and the attendance certificate.

Well done Class 1.


   Big Write    

Today the children took part in the whole school Big Write event.

The children watched a video about how Paddington Bear arrived in London and how he was found by the Brown family. Then we acted out the story so that the children had a good recall of the events before retelling the story during our Big Write. They used word banks to help them. Whilst writing we had sparkly lights in the classroom and calming piano music playing that helped us to concentrate and do our best work. It was great fun.



    Harvest Festival      

Today the children celebrated Harvest with an assembly.

Thank you very much for your food contributions which will be distributed by 'the gateway project' who help vulnerable people in our local community .

Thank you to all the parents who came into the classroom for our Talk and Share session.

The children were thrilled that you came in and were very proud to show you their work.



In Science we are learning about everyday materials.

We worked in groups to sort materials and then chose a material to make a face.

We chose words to describe the properties of the materials and found that some words could be used to describe more than one material.

Tuesday 9th October - Talk and share

Please come into the classroom after school and let your children show you their books and talk about their learning.

Thursday 11th October - Children's Harvest assembly

The children will be celebrating harvest with an assembly on Thursday and throughout the week we would like to collect food donations for our charity - The Gateway Project. The children brought a note home about this on Friday and there is one displayed on Parent Noticeboard on the classroom window showing a list of items that would be great if you can donate (Mainly tinned and dry food items).

Wednesday 17th 5:30-8:00 & Thursday 18th October 3:40-6:00

Parent Partnership Meetings

Please return your reply slips as soon as possible to request your appointment times.

Thank you


Week 5 - Autumn 1

  CLC Centre - Science Day  

On Friday we went to the  Collaborative Learning Centre for a special Science Day.

We were blessed with lovely weather for our walk to and from the centre.

On arrival we  joined children from Oakfield and Abacus schools and we were given the challenge to build a bridge that would support a 1 kg weight. We worked in teams to plan and build our bridges. Half way through the morning we had a break with a drink, some fruit and a play in the fresh air.

Click on the arrow below to see our photographs of the event.

    Special Visitor    

Today we had a special visitor who left his suitcase in our classroom with a label on it. The label was very useful because it told us who the suitcase was for - Class 1.

We found some initials on the case which helped us to work out who our special visitor was.

We were thrilled to find out that our special visitor was Paddington.

We looked at the label that he had round his neck which said 'Please look after this bear, thank you'. We talked about how labels can give us important information and then we wrote our own labels for Paddington.



Today we looked at our science topic 'Materials'. We talked about what a material is and then named some materials. We had a classroom hunt to find objects made of these materials and placed them in groups. Then we looked at the groups to see if they were all correct.


The children have been asked to bring in samples of  materials that are made from wood, paper. plastic, fabric and metal. We are going to sort these materials and use them to make some pictures.

Week 4 - Autumn 1 

       Macmillan Coffee Morning    

Please come and join us for a drink and piece of cake on Friday

9:00 - 11:00 


This week in computing the children are learning to search the internet safely by using the visual search engine 'Kiddle'. We talked about what to do if we find an image that upsets us.Then we  researched for pictures of fire engines for our DT project. The children noted the appearance and features on the fire engines.


Today we took part in the World'slargest lesson.

We learned that the UN have set up 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

We looked at goal 1 - No poverty, we discovered that people that live in poverty do not have the most important things to live a healthy life. We thought the three most important things that children in poverty need were water to drink, food to eat and somewhere to live.

We then empathised with people who had to flee from a desperate situation. We thought about the things we would pack in a suitcase if we were going on holiday. Then we thought about what we would pack if we had to leave our homes and we might not be able to return. We then compared our two suitcases.

Week 3 - Autumn 1 

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This week we have been thinking about our wellbeing and how we can all work to increase our levels of wellbeing. We discussed five ways we could improve  our mental wellbeing and carried out an activity for each one during the week.

1. Connect

In circle time we talked about how it is good to feel close to and valued by other people. We each answered the following questions:

  • What important things have happened to you?
  • Who makes you feel good about yourself?

2. Be Active

Regular physical activity is great for our bodies and minds. We discussed what physical activities the children did outside of school. On Wednesday afternoon we went for a walk around the field and chatted to our partner to try to find out something new about them that we didn't know before.

3. Take Notice

For this way of improving our wellbeing we tried to catch sight of something beautiful, spot something unusual and notice the evidence of the changing season/weather whilst we explored our school grounds.

4. Learn

We learned a new word each day, found out what it meant and then tried to use it during the week. The words we explored were:

noun     verb     adjective     silhouette    kindness

5. Give

We discovered that if we help others it makes us feel happy. In circle time we discussed what kindness is, how we can show kindness and what kindness does to

help us and our school. We then decided what we could do to show kindness.


Children can wear jeans to school for this day but must wear usual school uniform top and shoes. £1 donation is requested.


  Great Fire Of London Day  

What another exciting day we  had today.

This morning we learned all about the Fire of London which took place in 1666. We travelled back in time to see how quickly the fire spread and how people were trying to save their possessions by burying them in their gardens. Samuel Pepys even buried his cheese! We talked about the things that were precious to use and what we might save.

Then after play we were busy sorting in maths.  We decided what criteria we were going to use to sort the objects and then chose by colour, size or type.


In the afternoon we went over to the Forest Schools area and sat around the fire circle. We shared with Tiff all the things we had learned about the Fire of London and then we went on a Fire of London hunt to try to find all the things related to that time e.g. bucket, squirt, Samuel Pepys, wooden house etc.. When we had found all the items we cut out a wooden house and attached it to a stick. Tiff placed our houses in the fire circle. We prepared some 'squirts' filling each one with a carefully measured pint of water. Finally we were ready to sit down and watch the Fire of London re -enactment which helped us to understand why the fire spread so quickly.

Week 2 - Autumn 1

School Elections

Today we had our school elections. The children went into the hall to vote for the children they wanted to be Junior Governors, Eco Warriors and Sports Ambassadors.

The winners of our school election were announced in Brilliance Assembly.

Congratulations to our winners.

Junior Governors

Eco Warriors

Sports Ambassadors

Teddy Problem Solving 

Today we carried out some problem solving. Teddy was going on holiday and packed his suitcase with T-shirts and shorts. We had to work out how many days he could go on holiday for if he could wear each outfit combination only once.




  Teddy Bear Day  

What a great day we had today with our teddies.

Click on orange spiral to see our teddies.

First we followed instructions to make teddy shaped jam sandwiches.

Click on the red spiral  below to see some photographs of the children in action!

Then we made an observational drawing of our teddies looking particularly at how we could show texture using lines on our drawings.  Pictures coming soon watch this space!

At lunch time our teddies were so tired after their busy morning

that they had a  sleep while we went to have our lunch.

After lunch we woke our teddy bears up and got them ready to go outside for our teddy bear games. We played lots of teddy team games together until we were all exhausted.

Click on green spiral below for photographs of our teddy bear games.

Finally we had our teddy bear picnic in the classroom whilst watching teddy bear songs and rhymes.


Teddy Bear Day

Please bring your teddy to school on Thursday to join us for our special Teddy Bear Day.

Thank you

Autumn term theme

 London's Got Talent! 

We started our 'London's got talent!' theme today by taking a tour of London and looking at some famous landmarks. We looked at the shapes of the buildings and how we could draw these. Then we looked at the lines we could make with the chalk pastels and how we could blend them. Click on the Union Jack flag below to see our landmarks.


Week 1 - Autumn 1

Well done to all the children for completing the first week in Year 1. They have all been so good and enjoyed exploring their new classroom.  The children have been eager to embrace all of the new experiences in Key Stage One and have proved themselves to be very grown up and  ready to start our theme learning next week.

Please can the children bring in water bottles each day as we do not have drinking water readily available in the classroom. Working in Class 1 is thirsty work!  

Thank you, Mrs Barber

PE days in Class 1 will be on Thursday and Friday.  

There is a list of dates for the Autumn Term displayed on our Class window. Please look at the Parent Notice Board for information about letters home and other events.

Thursday 13th September - Children's individual photographs

Friday 21st September - Jeans for Genes Day 

Friday 28th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning 9:00-11:00 am

Tuesday 9th October - Talk and Share - Come into the classroom after school to look at the children's books and chat to your children about their learning.

Wednesday 17th October - Parent Partnership Meetings 5:30-8:00pm

Thursday 18th October - Parent Partnership Meetings 3:40-6:00pm.

Friday 19th October - Last day at school for Autumn 1.

    Reading Books    

The children brought their reading book and Partnership Book home today. Please could the children keep both of these books in the plastic bag so that they stay together when put in the reading box at school.  The Partnership books are looked at every day at lunchtime  and if your child has read their book it will be changed  unless you write that you would like to keep the book to read again because your child enjoyed  it or found it a little bit tricky.  You can also note the pages your child has read to,  which will count as a read towards a Golden Ticket, even if they did not finish the book (For more details about the Golden Ticket Reward click on the Reading icon at the top of this class page).

    Welcome back to school    

It has been great to welcome the children to Class 1 and to hear all about their adventures over the summer holidays. The children who brought in their 'Envelope of Summer' homework  were brilliant at telling the class about the places they had visited. Well done! smiley


Please have a named water bottle in school everyday. This must only contain water.

Please make sure that every item of clothing is clearly marked with your child's name (including shoes, bags and PE kits)

PE kits should be in school everyday.



Well done to Jimmie  and Joana for completing the Summer Reading Challenge at the library.



Welcome to our school website and Class 1's very own page.  

Keep looking at this web page to see all the exciting news and photographs of our learning and events we take part in during the year. There will also be information about class routines, homework and reminders about future events.


We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and that you are busy filling your

'Envelope of Summer' with lots of things that will remind you of all the exciting  adventures you are having . We cannot wait to see what you fill your envelopes with!



Remember to try to take part in the Summer library Reading Challenge - Mischief Makers.  You can find their web page on  or follow the link below. You can also watch the video telling you all about the reading challenge.

How many books will you read this summer?    

We hope you will tell us all about your favourite book when you return to school.

We look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 4th September

with your 'Envelope of Summer' and ready to burst with brilliance!

Have fun and keep safe

Mrs Barber, Mrs Woodford & Miss Hatley


Click on link below to see all the holiday fun taking place in Wickford.

Summer Talk

Great Game and activity ideas to support children’s communication skills when you’re out and about this summer. Click on link below.