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Hope you are all keeping well and are cracking-on with the Homelearning activities on the class pages. If you need to make contact with the school during the closure, email: or phone in case of an emergency (between 8:30 - 4:00 only) on 07984693672.

Class 1

Dear Parents, 


As this an uncertain time I have attached a support pack, filled with home learning ideas for you and your child to explore. These activities are linked to our current topic of ‘exploring our world’ through fairytales. It therefore would be amazing if your child’s learning and brilliance could be recorded, to share upon their return to school in the near future. 


Thank you you so much for your cooperation. I will ensure to be in contact and update you accordingly. If you are unsure about anything or require additional resources please do not hesitate to contact me for support. 


Miss. Couchman 😊

Class 1 - Home Learning Pack

Picture 1
Welcome to Class One! laugh

Welcome back!

Here is where you will find any information regarding your childs learning and school journey.

This year your child will have 5 supporting adults that they will work with at different points in the week:

Class Teacher: Miss Couchman

LSA's: Mrs Hinton,  Mrs Hinks, Mrs Reeves, and Mrs Taylor.


Remember that if you have any

queries, or need to catch me at all, we have an open door policy—just ask the office to speak to me, or write to me through the Partnership Book. 

PE days are Wednesday and Friday, but we recommend that kits are kept in school.

Thank you.

Here’s to a great year!

Miss Couchman


Home Learning Brilliance!

Home Learning Brilliance! 1
Home Learning Brilliance! 2
Home Learning Brilliance! 3

Keep up the fantastic work at home ! Just because I don't see you every day does not stop me being your teacher. I am so proud of every single one of you!


Please send any work to 



Inspiring Young Minds

Inspiring Young Minds  1
Inspiring Young Minds  2
Inspiring Young Minds  3
Today we were visited by G.B.Strong, an up and coming children’s author. We were inspired by his book ‘running deep’ and enjoyed learning about its back story. Miss. Couchman even brought a copy to share with us laugh
Today we had our class brilliance assembly. We had the opportunity to share our learning with our adults. It was lots of fun! Thank you to everybody that attended smiley

Let’s investigate...

Let’s investigate... 1
Let’s investigate... 2
Today in Science we investigated whether wearing a hood affected the volume of a whistle. We found that due to the difference in our coats we had varied responses. We discussed how in future for us to carry out a fair test, we would need to decide on the coat materials and thickness beforehand. 
Picture 1

Look at our fantastic costumes!!!

Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 1
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 2
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 3
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 4
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 5
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 6
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 7
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 8
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 9
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 10
Look at our fantastic costumes!!! 11

I can count in 10s!

I can count in 10s! 1
I can count in 10s! 2
I can count in 10s! 3
I can count in 10s! 4

Crazy Hair Day

Today we took part in ‘Crazy Hair Day’ to raise money for young carers. We had so many amazing hairstyles showcased such as doughnut heads, mohecans and birthday cakes with candles! Thank you so much for everyone who has taken part for this amazing cause! 

Let’s go on holiday ✈️

Still image for this video

Here is an example of how our travel agent role play area is used. Today the children pretended to book holidays for one another. They gathered information from their peers to ensure that they booked them their perfect holiday! 

Today we learnt how to control our feelings through ‘Power Thoughts Day’. We were shown lots of useful tips and tools to help us when we feel big feelings in our bodies. 


Exploring Our World

Exploring Our World  1
This term we will be exploring our world. We will look at different countries and continents around the globe, methods of transport that take us there, animals in these areas, and stories from different cultures that we encounter. Our first stop will be in Africa where we will look at the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. 

Our Chaplin Lodge Visit

Our Chaplin Lodge Visit 1
Our Chaplin Lodge Visit 2
Today we visited Chaplin Lodge to sing Christmas songs to the residents. It certainly got us into the Christmas spirit and I am certain we spread it throughout the home! We cannot wait for our next visit laugh

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire! 1
Fire! Fire! 2
Fire! Fire! 3
Today we were visited by the local fire service. We learnt all about how firefighters jobs have changed since the Great Fire of London, discussing the causes of the fire and how these are prevented in the modern day. It was very interesting to see the changes that have been made over the years and to have the opportunity to ask questions about the past and present.

Operation Christmas is Complete!

Operation Christmas is Complete! 1

Reminder to all


Please ensure that your child is coming to school with all of the required items please:

  • Partnership book.
  • PE kit.
  • Coat (dependant on weather)
  • Reading book.
  • Cardigan/jumper. 


Also can you ensure that your childs name is clearly written in their belongings to avoid children misplacing their items.  

Thank you in advance,

Miss. Couchman

Would you like to hear a story?

Would you like to hear a story? 1
Would you like to hear a story? 2
Would you like to hear a story? 3
Today we were extremely lucky to be visited by a local storyteller. We were enchanted by her story all about Tom the king cat of London and his experience of the Great Fire of London. It was very exciting to capture the story in the magic musical bowl and watch it come alive before our eyes. It really was fantastic and we cannot wait for the next smiley

Interviewing Samuel Pepys

Still image for this video
Today in Drama we travelled back in time to 1666 to interview Samuel Pepys about 'The Great Fire of London'.

The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London 1
With continued help from Paddington, this half term we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. We will be walking through the events that happened in 1666 using drama. We will be taking on many roles during our journey through time, such as the famous Samuel Pepys, news reporters and civilians living through the event.  We have so many great learning opportunities planned which we cannot wait to share!
Today we went on a nature walk to collect natural resources. We then used the materials we collected to create craft bears. 

Talk and Share

Today we had talk and share where we were able to share our work with our parents. It was lovely to see so many faces! Thank you to all those that attended smiley 

Today we were visited by the reading bus. We had a lot of fun choosing books to read, which we shared with friends. We were then given the opportunity to invite our parents to come in, look at and purchase books to take home. 



A Beary Exciting Adventure!

A Beary Exciting Adventure! 1

This term, with the help of Paddington, we will be learning all about London with many

fantastic activities planned. We look forward to working in partnership with you to provide the children with an exciting terms learning.