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Guiding Explorers of the future :-) Time to shine!

Class 2

Autumn 1 Week 3 - Week beginning 21/9/20

New school times

Remember - 

Year 2 now start at 8.40am and leave at 3.10pm.

Please drop off and pick up from the Hyde Way gate.

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to:


Autumn 1 Week 2 - Week beginning 14/9/20

 Design and Technology 

This week we  designed and made a space rocket.

We began by researching rockets. We used  a safe search engine to look at images of rockets and recorded the shapes, colours and features that we liked on these rockets. As a class we produced a list of  design criteria and then we each drew our plan for a rocket. We evaluated this design with our partner and checked to see that our plan included all of the design criteria. We then drew our plan again improving the design in line with the discussion we had with our partner. On Wednesday we began to build our rockets, we practised lots of skills e.g. using scissors, different ways of attaching materials together etc..

Finally our designs were finished and we presented our rockets to the class. We talked about how we made our rockets, what we found easy or tricky to do and how we had covered the design criteria. This was the evaluation of our product which we then recorded in our books alongside a photograph of our rocket.

Click on the shooting star link below to see our rockets

Autumn 1 Week 1 - Week beginning 7/9/20

Our theme for the Autumn term is:

Please download a copy of our Parent overview ( as shown above) by clicking on the link below.


We had PE with Rob on Tuesday and this term we  are learning about ball skills.

Rob was so proud of us  because of our excellent learning behaviour in his lesson. 


Please remember to come to school on Tuesday's in your PE clothes  and ensure that you remove any jewellery including earrings. Thank you.

In PSHE the children thought about their classroom and decided to make some rules so they could keep the classroom a happy and safe place to be. We typed up the rules and displayed them in the classroom and  learnt our class song with actions  to help us remember them.

We also discussed our emotions and feelings. We looked at the Zones of Regulation to see which emotions fitted into which zone.

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to:



and also to the children who had their birthdays in the summer holidays:

Poppy, Samuel and Elijah

It was great to see the children back at school today, the classroom has come alive!  They were all  so good and enjoyed exploring their new classroom and routines. The children are eager to embrace all of the new experiences in Year 2 and have proved themselves to be very grown up and ready to start our theme learning next week.

Keep looking at this web page to see all the exciting news and photographs of our learning and events we take part in during the year. There will also be information about class routines, homework and reminders about future events.

I cannot wait to see you all on Monday 7th September with your 'All about me' Summer holiday activity. (If you want to email this activity to me please send to and mark F.A.O. Mrs Barber)

Class 2 will begin school at 9.00am and finish school at 2.50pm.

Children must have a named and full bottle of water in school each day.

PE is on a Tuesday afternoon.  Children must come to school wearing PE clothing        e.g.  joggers/tshirt/velcro trainers on this day. Remember  to remove any jewellery including earrings. We will use the hall or go outside onto the playground or field.  

Please bring a book from home to read in school.

Please bring a packed lunch in a named lunchbox if you have not requested a school packed lunch.


Please download full information about returning to school from the link below.

Welcome to Class 2

Hello, I am Mrs Barber your new teacher for Year 2.

I cannot wait to meet you in September and begin our exciting year of learning together.

In the Autumn term our theme will be:

World Voyages and Beyond


We will look at the first moon landing, the voyages to the International Space Station, the tragic Titanic and the travels of Christopher Columbus.

What would you like to know about our theme?

Tell me by sending an email to 

marked FAO Mrs Barber.

I would love to hear from you.


   Summer Holiday Activity   

Please could you do a special activity for me over the summer holidays?

I would like you to tell me all about yourself so I can get to know you better. You can write, draw or use photographs. It could be called 'All about me'. 

Here are some ideas to help you:

  • You could draw a picture of yourself and introduce me to pictures of your family and pets. Can you add names too?
  • Tell me about your favourite things e.g. favourite stories, toys, games, animals, colour, clubs you attend, hobbies,   tv programmes, sports or food.
  • Who are the friends that you like to work and play with at school?
  • What are you looking forward to in Year 2?
  • You and your parents/ carers could write me a special message telling me something you would like me to know about you.

Happy Holidays

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Barber