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Class 2

School's out for summer!


You have been a brilliant class,  Year Two!

We hope that you all have a wonderful summer holiday with lots of fun.

Please stay safe and return to school on Friday 3rd September with all your news and adventures about your holidays. We cannot wait to hear them.

Take care.

Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Woodford

Summer 2 - Week 7 - 19-7-21

Congratulations to Benjamin 

Benjamin has been looking after his sunflower. Look at the photographs below to see how much it has grown. You must have green fingers Benjamin. 


Last Day

Today we tried some shop bought potato salad and then some of our school grown  cooked potatoes. We tried them on their own and with dressing. We all thought they were much tastier than the shop bought ones. 

Sports Day

We had great fun today, we took part in 3 races  - obstacle race, sprint race and space hopper race. Click on the arrow icon below to see our sports day photographs. 


  Potato growing competition  

Today, we were so excited to dig up our potato plants.

We counted 35 potatoes (decent size as some were very small) and cannot wait to try them on Wednesday.

Monday 19th July

  Meet the teacher  

Today the children will spend the morning with their Year 3 teacher,

Mrs. Strange. 


No PE today so normal school uniform for school please. 



Tuesday 20th July

  Sports Day  

Please remember to come in PE kits today and wear your red / white or blue coloured T shirt as per the letter sent home on Thursday.  (If you do not have the required colour T shirt do not worry we will give you a sticker stating your team colour).  This will be a fun event and we will take photos so parents can see some of the experience. The children are really looking forward to Sports Day. 



Wednesday 21st July

  Last day in Year 2  

The children  wanted to celebrate  the last day of year 2 by having a film and some party food. Please could you give your children some food for them to eat  themselves for this day. We will not be sharing food.  The children can come into school in their party clothes  but please wear sensible shoes as they will still be running about at playtime and lunchtime.  Thank you. 


Summer 2 - Week 6 - 12-7-21


In computing today the children created their own quiz using Scratch Junior.

They created two sprites on each of two backgrounds and then put blocks together to create a program for the quiz on 'Do I live here?'. 



PE will be on Monday as normal this week so please come to school in your

PE clothes. Thank you

Summer 2 - Week 5 - 5-7-21

   Meet the teacher   

On Thursday and Friday this week you will spend two days with

your new class teacher Mrs Strange.  

Note: This will now take place on Monday 19th July. 


PE will be on Monday as normal this week so please come to school in your

PE clothes. Thank you

Summer 2 - Week 4 - 28-6-21



In computing this week we continued using Scratch JR.  The children  learned how to use the ‘Start on tap’ and ‘Go to page’ (change background) blocks.  Then they   created an animation based on the seasons.

This week we have looked at the position of lighthouses around the Uk and discussed why they are where they are. We then looked at lighthouses and how they have changed from the past to the present day. 

In English this week the children have written their own suspense story based on Katie Morag and Castle McColl. They were so proud of their finished stories.  Ask the children to retell their story to you, they have some unexpected twists. 

Summer 2 - Week 3 - 21-6-21

This week the children have looked at the coastline and named the physical and human features that can be found. We also looked at photographs of the seaside from different angles including aerial shots. 


PE will be on Monday as normal this week so please come to school in your

PE clothes. Thank you

Summer 2 - Week 2 - 14-6-21


Wow! look at our potato plants now. 

Starting from this: 

Now this: 

We cannot wait to harvest our potatoes at the end of the term and see how many we have. 

Science - Parts of a plant

In our science lesson this week we identified all the foods we eat that are parts of a plant. Here are some of the examples that we thought of:

Root  - carrots, parsnips, turnips

Stem - celery, rhubarb, asparagus

Leaf - brussel sprouts, lettuce, cabbage

Fruit - strawberry, tomato, blueberry

Flower - broccoli, cauliflower, artichoke

Seeds - peas, sweetcorn, hazelnuts



This week in geography we looked at the similarities and differences between living on a small island and living in  our own locality.  We had lots of discussions to as to where we might prefer to live but overall we decided that we preferred our own location the best.


This week is our writing week in English and we decided to write a persuasive text on the topic of 'Why we should have a longer playtime'. The children had some wonderful ideas which we put into three main arguments for our writing:

Physical health/exercise,

Brain break/rest-emotional well being ,

Social skills /teamwork  


PE will be on Wednesday this week so please wear school uniform on Monday and PE clothes on Wednesday.

Thank you

Summer 2 - Week 1 - 7-6-21

It was great to see you all back in school today for our last half term together. We are blessed with  lovely sunny weather but please ensure you bring a named water bottle to school so that you can have a drink.

We hope you have a great holiday with lots of fun. 

We return to school on  Monday 7th June  for your final half term in year 2. 

We look forward to hearing all about your holidays.

Take care and keep safe.

​​​Mrs Barber and Mrs Woodford

Summer 1 - Week 6 - 17-5-21

    Science - Plants   

Potato growing competition with Year 1

Our potato plants continue to grow. 

We are hoping that when we return after the holiday we will see a lot of growth. 


Look at the results of our cress investigation below.

We found that the cress without water, whether in the dark or light, did not grow at all.  The cress in the light with water grew and produced green leaves. The cress in the dark with water grew taller than the one in the light but the leaves were yellow.




Summer 1 - Week 5 - 10-5-21


This week in computing we used logical reasoning to predict the outcome to a program (series of commands) by:

  • following a sequence
  • predicting the outcome to a sequence by using a paper bot
  • comparing our predictions to the program outcome by using a robot. 

Look at our photograohs by clicking the 'bug' below.


On Thursday Mrs Woodford showed us how to paint using watercolours. We found out about the wet into wet techniques and stippling the brush to create texture.  We then used these skills to paint our drawings of a sunflower. We had great fun and the paintings were amazing . Look at the photographs of our work by clicking on the sunflower below. 


Look at how much our sunflowers have grown.


Look our potatoes have started to grow leaves. 


This week in Science we looked at how we could set up an investigation to see what plants need to grow. We decided to use cress and investigate if a plant needs water and light to grow.  We made up four identical containers with cotton wool in them and sprinkled cress seeds on top. We then added water to two of them. We set up the investigation with two containers in a box, one of which had water and then two containers left in the light, one of which had water. 


Summer 1 - Week 4 - 4-5-21

This week we found out that the United Kingdom is an island because it is surrounded by water. We  investigated some of the islands of the United Kingdom, found their location and named them. We also talked about the different ways that  islands are formed. We noticed that the size and physical features of an island can be very different .


We are experimenting by trying to grow some peas using the hydroponics method. 

We noticed how dry, hard and shrivelled the pea seeds looked when we put them in our bags but after  1 day the pea seed has swollen because it has absorbed  water. We will observe them closely to see what happens next. Mrs Barber is looking after her pea seed in the cupboard, we are going to observe how this one grows too. 


Summer 1 - Week 3 - 26-4-21


This week in Geography we looked at maps in an atlas and found North. We then looked at a map of the United Kingdom and the seas and oceans that surrounded it. We identified and named these areas of water. 

  Science - Plants   

We are observing the growth of our sunflowers.

Click on the sunflower below to see  the photographs of where they are after two weeks.

Summer 1 - Week 2 - 19-4-21

Computing, Geography and Maths

In maths we are looking at position and direction. We started by learning our left from our right and moving forwards and backwards. Then we looked at making turns clockwise and anticlockwise. After this we followed directions and wrote our own directions for our partner to follow. 

We then used these skills in Geography when we followed directions to create a route on a map, some of us found this a bit tricky at first but we persevered and arrived at our destinations in the end. 

We then looked at how we could use these directions when moving a 'human robot' and we discovered that our directions need to be precise. 

   Science - Plants   

Wow! Look at the photographs of our sunflowers.

After just over a week they have started to grow leaves.

Click on the sunflower below to see the photographs. 

This week we looked closely at trees.  We measured trunks and leaves, we looked carefully using magnifying glasses at the markings on the leaves, we made bark rubbings and made an observational drawing of a leaf.  Click on the leaf below to see some photographs. 

Summer 1 - Week 1 - 12-4-21

Friday 16th April

The children will be having their school photographs taken today

 Photographs with  siblings  were taken today. 

The children have brought home a card giving details of how to view these photographs.

  Finding North 

Today we looked at a compass and learnt the cardinal (North, South, East, West) and ordinal directions (North East, North West, South East, South West). We took part in an activity to help us to remember these directions. Then we went outside  and used a compass to find North, we marked this direction on the floor with chalk. Without looking at the compass again we drew a compass in chalk on the floor and labelled the directions.   Look at our photos by clicking on our North Crescent logo. 

Next week we are going to think of a mnemonic to help us to remember the directions and then use the directions to find our way on a map. 

    Science - Plants    

Today we planted sunflower seeds  which we are going to observe as they grow.

We also planted our potatoes for our competition with year 1.  The potato variety we are growing is called 'Rocket' and they should be  ready to harvest, if conditions are correct, in 10 to 11 weeks. Fingers crossed we might be able to taste them before we break up for the summer holidays.  


PE clothes to be worn to school on Monday.

Please bring a bottle of water.

Practise your spellings for a quiz on Monday (copy of spellings can be found if you click on 'spellings' icon above).

What a great 3 weeks we had back at school.

It was so good being back and learning together again. 

We hope you have a lovely Easter holiday and that your parents like their Easter cards with the pop up chicks. 

Take care

Mrs Barber and Mrs Woodford

Spring 2 - Week 5 - 22-3-21

  Potato growing competition  

We have been given two different varieties of potatoes - Regional and Rocket. We are going to have a competition with year 1 to see which variety of potato grows the best. 

We started by chitting the potatoes, this is the process of starting seed potatoes into growth before they are planted.  When we return after the Easter holiday we will plant the potatoes and watch them grow. 


We also planted some bulbs that Mrs Clark gave us  to see if they would grow. 

Click on daffodil below to see our photographs.



Spring 2 - Week 4 - 15-3-21

Remember to bring in a water bottle to drink during the day.

This bottle must contain water only. Please could this bottle have a sports lid rather than a screw top to try to prevent spillages on the children's tables.  Thank you. 

Monday - please come to school wearing your PE clothes.

Red Nose Day

We raised money for Comic Relief by coming to school dressed crazily. 


Spring 2 - Week 3 - 8-3-21

What a busy week!

In maths and computing we have been looking at collecting, recording and interpreting data and in English we looked at the story features  in Little Red Riding Hood. PSHE this week  helped us to understand that we can influence people's feelings by how we behave and how we communicate. In science we looked at healthy eating and then we designed our own healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner ( click on link below to see photos of our meals - coming soon). In history we were able to look and play with some Victorian artefacts to see the kinds of toys that children would have played with in this era. It was great fun and Mrs Woodford was the only one who managed to get the ball in the cup! We enjoyed music this week using body percussion to create different rhythms and in art we made a special surprise for our mums.  In RE we acted out the story of Zacchaeus to help us to understand what some Bible stories tell us about Jesus.


It was great to see all the children back in the classroom today. They were all so excited to be back at school and adjusted very well to school routines as if they had never been away. Well done to all of you a super first day. 

School will reopen on Monday 8th March.

Children to wear their PE clothes to school on Monday.

Please bring a bottle of water with  you too. 

We cannot wait to see you all again.

Mrs Barber and Mrs Woodford


Storytime with Mrs Barber   9:00 - 9:30 Google Meet

Activities for Thursday & Friday coming soon.

  Virtual Book Fair  

Take a look at all the wonderful books.

Books available can be found on the bottom of the order form.

Fill out the order form, pay and send to

You can use the £1 voucher to get money off your child's book


Wow! You have all been fantastic.

What a great time we have had with our remote learning , you have made us so proud and proved you are the best!

A big thank you to your parents too for all the support they have given you and for all the work they have sent in to me.

We cannot wait to see all the 'real' children on Monday.

Take care

Mrs Barber & Mrs Woodford


Remote Learning 

We are continuing to learn remotely.

This week you will need for Week 8 :

  • Your Google Classroom login so that you can click on the Google Meet link when it goes live  Monday-Friday at 9:00am and 1:00pm. ( Please logout  at end of morning session and click on Meet link on the stream page for the  afternoon session)
  • Children will need their TTRS login which you can find on the inside front cover     of your school partnership books. ( spiral bound record that we used to record  reading at home).
  • Resources for making your own puppet (Thursday & Friday).
  • Paper- plain and lined
  • Pencil or pen ( ruler if possible)
  • Suitable clothes for PE on Monday.
  • If you would like resources for lessons click on the day of the week below or go into Google Classroom and find resources under each day.
  • Timetable  displayed below for the week.  

Remote Learning Week 8 - 1/3/21 - 5/3/21

Remote Learning Week 7 - 22/2/21 - 26/2/21

I am so proud of you and all of your  efforts over the last six weeks of remote learning. It has been a steep learning curve for us all and I think you  and your parents deserve a big round of applause, a double clap on the back and an enormous marshmallow clap too. You have all been superstars  and I would like to wish you a fantastic, relaxing  half term holiday. I will look forward to welcoming you back to remote learning on Monday 22nd February at 9:00am.  Mrs Barber


The Famous Five - Five go on a Treasure Island

by Enid Blyton

As promised I have recorded myself reading the last two chapters of our book. Now you will be able to find out what happened next. Did you predict the ending?

The recordings can be found on Google Classroom under storytime because the video files were too big to upload here to our webpage.

I hope you enjoyed this book. If you have a book you would like me to read to you after half term please add it to the comments in Google classroom or message me at . Please give me time to buy the book if you suggest one that I do not have already. Take care.  Mrs B. 

Remote Learning

We are continuing to learn remotely.

This week you will need for Week 6 :

  • Your Google Classroom login so that you can click on the Google Meet link when it goes live  Monday-Friday at 9:00am and 1:00pm. ( Please logout  at end of morning session and click on Meet link on the stream page for the  afternoon session)
  • Paper- plain and lined
  • Pencil or pen ( ruler if possible)
  • Manipulatives e.g. counters, cubes, pieces of pasta,  etc ( you will need up to 40)
  • Suitable clothes for PE on Monday and  Thursday
  • Do you have a puppet? Bring it to our DT lesson on Friday. 
  • If you would like resources for lessons click on the day of the week below or go into Google Classroom and find resources under each day.
  • Timetable also displayed for the week 

Remote Learning Week 6 - 8/2/21 - 12/2/21

Remote Learning Week 5 - 1/2/21 - 5/2/21

Whole school Sumdog competition 

From 23rd November until 27th November

Let us see if we can be the best class in the school for this competition. 

Remote Learning Week 4 - 25/1/21 - 29/1/21

Remote Learning Week 3 - 18/1/21 - 22/1/21

Remote Learning Week 2 - 11/1/21 - 15/1/21

Remote Learning Week 1 - 4/1/21 - 8/1/21

 Homework during Remote Learning 

Your task, for the two weeks you are learning remotely, is to keep an exercise diary. Draw a table like this:

Day Exercise

Fill in the exercise you have each day. It could be walking, running, cycling, yoga or a keep fit routine like the ones we did with Joe Wicks each day during the lockdown. Click on the link below to see lots of ideas for keeping fit and healthy as well as the Joe Wicks videos.  

We hope you all had a great Christmas and we would like to wish you a very

Happy and Healthy New Year. Happy 2021.

Remote Learning Day 4th January

The children had a great last two days in school and we know they are looking forward to Christmas with their families, in fact we know they cannot wait!

We would like to say thank you very much for all the beautiful cards and lovely gifts that we received, it was so kind of you to think of us.  We hope you like the cards that the children made for you, they are so proud of them and took such care making them. 

We wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2021. 

Take care and keep safe

Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Woodford

Library Winter reading Challenge 2020

5th December 2020 – 27th February 2021

Visit your local library and collect one of their exclusive Giant Bookmarks, which will be stamped with one of their special woodland creature stamps for each book your child reads. The aim is to read 6 books over the winter period and receive a large golden star to complete the challenge.

This year’s theme is the Animals of Snowy Wood where Connie the fox and her friends will help Fraser the squirrel to get a good night's sleep. Please take part and fall in love with reading this Winter.

Watch the beginning of Fraser's story in the video clip below . The library will  be telling more of Fraser's story every week via their social media platform so click on the link to find out what the animals of Snowy Wood get up to and if Fraser can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Essex Library Services - Winter Reading Challenge 2020

Autumn 2  Week 7  14-12-20

This week we wish a Happy Birthday to:



Party Time

On Thursday we had our Class Christmas Party. The children  worked hard this term to colour all the squares on our reward chart so they could enjoy a 'Marshmallow Party'.

Thank you for all the food that you provided for this party.


Christmas Dinner

Class 2 had a fantastic time on Wednesday, listening to Christmas songs, pulling crackers and eating a delicious  Christmas lunch. Click on holly leaf below to see our photos.

Wednesday 16th December - Christmas Dinner

Class 2  Christmas dinner  in the hall.

Thursday 17th December - Class 2 Christmas Party

Please can the children bring some food for their party.

The food must be bought from a shop and in a sealed packet / box.

(I am sorry that we cannot accept any home made food this year).

The children can come to school in their party clothes on this day.

  Reading at Home  

Please keep reading at home.

Books can be found at :

Oxford Reading Owl - click on the link below and  login using the following:

User: ncps

Password: MrsB

Bug Club Phonic Reading books - click on the link below and login using the following:

Username: ( Your child's username was sent to you during school closure)

Password: class2book

School code: mtwx

When you have read a book please enter the details on the Electronic Reading Log in Google Classroom or send in details of books read to

Follow the link below to see our classes reading page with  a video tutorial of how to use the Electronic Reading Log. 

Autumn 2  Week 6  7-12-20

This week we wish a Happy Birthday to:


We took part in Computer Science Education week which is designed to spark young people's interest in learning about Computer Science. 

Class 2  began by looking at the Bee-Bots to find out what they do and how to program them. They started to understand the very simple programming language – the command buttons – used by the Bee-Bots. Then they created short sequences of instructions (algorithms) to navigate a route and entered these as simple programs on the Bee-Bot floor robots. Look at our photos by clicking on computer icon below.

Look at the lovely Christmas jumpers that we wore

to raise money for Children in Need.

  Class 2 Festive Christmas Songs  

The children wanted to sing some Christmas songs for you.

Please click on the holly leaf below to watch the videos. Thank you

  Christmas Jumper  

Remember to wear your Christmas Jumper

on Friday 11th December.

Also last day for posting Christmas cards on Friday.

  Letter Writing  

We have been reading Jasper Space Dog in class.

The book is about a boy called  Charlie and his  dog Jasper. Charlie writes letters to Dr. Isabella at the Explore Space station and she replies. Finally Jasper is invited to go to space with them and be the first dog to walk on the moon. 

We identified the features of a letter and then wrote a letter of our own. 

Autumn 2  Week 5  30-11-20

This week we wish a Happy Birthday to:

Violet and Mila

Friday 11th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Children to come to school wearing a Christmas jumper for Save the Children.

Donations will be greatly appreciated. 

Monday 7th to Friday 11th December

Children can bring in Christmas cards for our class only (Class 2 Bubble) between these dates. The cards will be posted in a post box and left to quarantine over the weekend before giving out to the children. I am sorry but no cards will be accepted at school after Friday 11th December. 

Wednesday 16th December - Christmas Dinner

Please remember to order a Christmas dinner for your child.

Today we learnt about Advent and the Advent wreath. 

Ask the children what each of the candles symbolize. 

It was great to see all the children back at school today. In maths we used our number bonds to 10 to help us find number bonds to 100 and in Computing we looked at what makes a good photograph. We retook some of our photographs to improve them. 

Look at our photographs by clicking on the swirl below. 

We are  really looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday,

Have a lovely weekend and see you soon.


Spelling and times table quizzes on Monday.

Remember to bring in your times tables orange books and 

update your electronic Reading Log on Google Classroom.

Outdoor Learning

Special message for when we return to school.

Please read the download below.

Autumn 2 Weeks 3 and 4 

During these weeks we wish a Happy Birthday to

Tommy and Carmen. 

In light of the recent news of our Class 2 Bubble closure on Friday, I have given the children a range of tasks and activities to complete at home. These are a mixture of projects, websites and creative activities.  All activities have been created to link to our curriculum provision and current learning in school.  Click on suitcase icon below. 

I will be updating the website regularly with messages as my way of keeping in touch with you. I would love the children to keep in touch with me too by sending  their completed work and any messages  using the email account 

Please write Class 2 under the subject on the email

 This email account is for incoming mail only and has an automated out of office reply.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need any support and I can get back to you.

Mrs Barber

Autumn 2 Week 2 - Week beginning  9/11/20

Wow! you all looked amazing today. I thought my class had been replaced by aliens!

In assembly Mrs Tucker announced that we had the winner

for the craziest hair competition in our class. 

(Your certificate will be waiting for you when we return to school).

Well done. smiley



Click on the rainbow below to see more photographs of our crazy hair designs. 


  Pudsey Says  

We took it in turns to play 'Pudsey Says' and had great fun.



We worked very hard today to clear the raised beds of weeds  so they will be ready for us to plant some bulbs in when we return to school. 

Tuesday 10th November

Today we took part in a Record-breaking challenge to see how many home-made paper aircraft we could throw into a target area in three minutes.

We made a prototype first and checked that it would fly. We changed the wings and made the nose heavier so it flew better. When we were happy with the design we made some more planes in the same way.

We went into the hall and threw our planes at the target (3 metres away) for 3 minutes. Unfortunately   no planes hit the target but one hit the side and bounced off - well done Jimmy. smiley

Click on  'world'  below to see our photographs.

Reminder - Spelling and Times Tables Quizzes 

Please practise your spellings and times tables so you are ready for our quizzes on Monday. Also remember to bring in your orange Times Tables book.

9th - 14th November - Maths Week

Please join in at home with the competitions running on Sumdog and Timestables rockstars.

Children's  logins are in the front of their partnership books.       

P.S. Don't forget Class 2 has a Sumdog club after school on Fridays 3.10 - 4.15,

please let Mrs Barber know if you would like to attend. 

10th November - World Science Day

Class 2 will be investigating paper planes

13th November 

 Children in Need - Funky Hair Day


North Crescent will be fundraising for Children in Need this year on Friday 13th November 2020 with everybody invited to make it a funky hair day, for a small donation of £1.

(Children to wear normal school uniform on Friday but have crazy, funky hair). 

Children in Need work all over the UK to support children and young people affected through a whole range of disadvantages. Last year, they supported over 550,000 children and young people struggling with things such as poverty, disability, illness, distress and trauma. If you would like to find out more about how your child’s donation will make a difference, please visit for more information.

World Kindness Day 

Class 2 will be recognising kindness and learning how to be kind. 

Future Dates:

16th - 22nd November - Road Safety Awareness Week

17th November - Individual photos

26th November - Flu immunisations


Autumn 2 Week 1 - Week beginning  2/11/20

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to

Lewis. Patrick, Isaac and Henry.


Remember Remember the 5th November

and North Crescent's special dinner.

Autumn 1 Week 7 - Week beginning  19/10/20

The children had great fun on Friday, dressing in their Halloween costumes and taking part in Halloween Maths  and English activities.

Thank you to everyone for making the day such fun. 

    Christmas card 2020 competition    

The mayor of Basildon - David Burton-Sampson  asked the children of North Crescent School to enter his competition.


The children designed and made their Christmas cards and two children  were selected to represent  Class 2 in the competition.

Congratulations to Benjamin and  Will and Good Luck in the Mayor's competition.



Autumn 1 Week 6 - Week beginning  12/10/20

Pie Corbett Reading Spine

This week the children asked to read  another Flat Stanley Book by Jeff Brown.

This book is about Stanley's adventures in Africa. 

How does information technology benefit us? 


Today we pretended to be a supermarket till. We worked in groups of 3 and we each had a role:

  1. The Customer -  who selected 2–4 products to buy.
  2. The Barcode scanner and item finder - who looked at the code and looked up the product from the code, then told the price finder what the item was.
  3. The Price finder and adder -  who listened to the ‘item finder’, looked up the cost of an item on the price list, told the customer the price of that item, and added it to the till receipt.

We then discussed the following questions:

  • Were we able to complete the jobs quickly?
  • Were we able to work well with the other part of the till?
  • Do we think a real till would be quicker than we were?
  • How does having barcodes help shops and shoppers?


We concluded that barcodes help with speed and item price changes. We also discussed how barcodes help to determine how many of an item a shop has sold and when they need to order more from the warehouse.

This was a good example to show us how information technology benefits us. 

Look at our action photos by clicking on the computer below.

Autumn 1 Week 5 - Week beginning 5/10/20

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to 


Pie Corbett Reading Spine

This week we read another Flat Stanley Book by Jeff Brown.

Stanley had some great adventures in this book when he won a competition to go to Australia with his brother. 

  Special Places  

This week in RE we looked at Special places at home.

Our home is special for all the family, it is a place for sharing family events and celebrations. We discussed our special places at home where we might like to spend time to think or be alone sometimes e.g. our bedrooms or gardens. We might have special places at home where you go with your family to be together e.g meal times at the table or to watch a film together snuggled up on the sofa. 

We read the book Kipper by Mick Inkpen - Kipper was looking for a special place to rest.

Kipper by Mick Inkpen - Children's Stories

Autumn 1 Week 4 - Week beginning 28/9/20

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to 


Pie Corbett Reading Spine

This week we read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. In this book we found out how Stanley became flat and read about the advantages and disadvantages of him being flat. 


  School Elections  

Results for our school elections

The children voted for who they would like to be School Councillors,

Eco Warriors and Sports Ambassadors.

The votes were counted and here are the children

who were elected for Class 2. 

School Councillors

Sports Ambassadors


Eco Warriors


Autumn 1 Week 3 - Week beginning 21/9/20

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to:



Our English unit of work for the next few weeks is based on the narrative genre.

The children will learn how a story is structured, retell the story,  innovate the  story and then write their own story.

Our 'hook' for this work is  the book ' Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. 

Watch the book trailer below.

Toys in Space | Book Trailer


We looked at three pictures of famous people.


We wrote some questions that we could ask to find out who these people are.



We looked at these  materials:


wood       plastic       paper and cardboard        metal       glass       rock 


We learnt that:

Wood comes from trees and many objects are made out of wood.

Plastic is everywhere and it is used to make loads of things.

Paper and cardboard are used for lots of things.

Metal is dug up from the ground.

It's strong and can be used to make many different things. 

Glass is a transparent material and you can find it in windows.

Rock is a natural material that comes from the ground.

Then  we matched objects to the material they are made from. 

We found that some objects are made from more than one material 

e.g. hammer - wooden handle and metal head

and the same object can be made from different choices of materials

e.g. plastic beaker and glass beaker. 

New school times

Remember - 

Year 2 now start at 8.40am and leave at 3.10pm.

Please drop off and pick up from the Hyde Way gate.

Autumn 1 Week 2 - Week beginning 14/9/20

Pie Corbett Reading Spine

This week we chose to read a Roald Dahl book 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me'.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and were amazed at the way the animals organised themselves to clean all the windows and catch a robber in the process!

 Design and Technology 

This week we  designed and made a space rocket.

We began by researching rockets. We used  a safe search engine to look at images of rockets and recorded the shapes, colours and features that we liked on these rockets. As a class we produced a list of  design criteria and then we each drew our plan for a rocket. We evaluated this design with our partner and checked to see that our plan included all of the design criteria. We then drew our plan again improving the design in line with the discussion we had with our partner. On Wednesday we began to build our rockets, we practised lots of skills e.g. using scissors, different ways of attaching materials together etc..

Finally our designs were finished and we presented our rockets to the class. We talked about how we made our rockets, what we found easy or tricky to do and how we had covered the design criteria. This was the evaluation of our product which we then recorded in our books alongside a photograph of our rocket.

Click on the shooting star link below to see our rockets

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on Monday.

We read one of his books called 'The Giraffe the Pelly and Me' which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Then  we worked with the illustrator of Roald Dahl's books, Quentin Blake who showed us how to draw the character 'Willy Wonka' from the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Our drawings were fantastic, click on the artist palette below to see them.

Autumn 1 Week 1 - Week beginning 7/9/20

This week we wished a Happy Birthday to:



and also to the children who had their birthdays in the summer holidays:

Poppy, Samuel and Elijah

Our theme for the Autumn term is:

Please download a copy of our Parent overview ( as shown above) by clicking on the link below.


We had PE with Rob on Tuesday and this term we  are learning about ball skills.

Rob was so proud of us  because of our excellent learning behaviour in his lesson. 


Please remember to come to school on Tuesday's in your PE clothes  and ensure that you remove any jewellery including earrings. Thank you.

In PSHE the children thought about their classroom and decided to make some rules so they could keep the classroom a happy and safe place to be. We typed up the rules and displayed them in the classroom and  learnt our class song with actions  to help us remember them.

We also discussed our emotions and feelings. We looked at the Zones of Regulation to see which emotions fitted into which zone.

It was great to see the children back at school today, the classroom has come alive!  They were all  so good and enjoyed exploring their new classroom and routines. The children are eager to embrace all of the new experiences in Year 2 and have proved themselves to be very grown up and ready to start our theme learning next week.

Keep looking at this web page to see all the exciting news and photographs of our learning and events we take part in during the year. There will also be information about class routines, homework and reminders about future events.

I cannot wait to see you all on Monday 7th September with your 'All about me' Summer holiday activity. (If you want to email this activity to me please send to and mark F.A.O. Mrs Barber)

Class 2 will begin school at 9.00am and finish school at 2.50pm.

Children must have a named and full bottle of water in school each day.

PE is on a Tuesday afternoon.  Children must come to school wearing PE clothing        e.g.  joggers/tshirt/velcro trainers on this day. Remember  to remove any jewellery including earrings. We will use the hall or go outside onto the playground or field.  

Please bring a book from home to read in school.

Please bring a packed lunch in a named lunchbox if you have not requested a school packed lunch.


Please download full information about returning to school from the link below.

Welcome to Class 2

Hello, I am Mrs Barber your new teacher for Year 2.

I cannot wait to meet you in September and begin our exciting year of learning together.

In the Autumn term our theme will be:

World Voyages and Beyond


We will look at the first moon landing, the voyages to the International Space Station, the tragic Titanic and the travels of Christopher Columbus.

What would you like to know about our theme?

Tell me by sending an email to 

marked FAO Mrs Barber.

I would love to hear from you.


   Summer Holiday Activity   

Please could you do a special activity for me over the summer holidays?

I would like you to tell me all about yourself so I can get to know you better. You can write, draw or use photographs. It could be called 'All about me'. 

Here are some ideas to help you:

  • You could draw a picture of yourself and introduce me to pictures of your family and pets. Can you add names too?
  • Tell me about your favourite things e.g. favourite stories, toys, games, animals, colour, clubs you attend, hobbies,   tv programmes, sports or food.
  • Who are the friends that you like to work and play with at school?
  • What are you looking forward to in Year 2?
  • You and your parents/ carers could write me a special message telling me something you would like me to know about you.

Happy Holidays

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Barber