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Thank you to all of the families who were able to come to a 'Loved one lunch'******Check out our Notice Board for holiday activities.*****See you all safe, sound and well-rested to start the second half of spring term on Monday 24th February*****Check our calendar for dates and times to join our class brilliance showcases*****

Class 3

Weclome to Summer

We have lots of exciting things planned for Year 3 over the next few weeks.

Starting with our exciting trip to Mountfitchett Castle where we will be exploring the wonderful and authentic Anglo-Saxon setting.


Then we have other activities iuncluding Sports Day and other sporting activities.

We have an art week using clay coming up and our usual science day!


Keep looking out for information and letters home.

Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here! 1
Picture 1

8-3-19 Poetry Slam at the CLC

Drama time in yr 3. The children dramatised how they'd wash a Woolly Mammoth

Drama time in yr 3. The children dramatised how they'd wash a Woolly Mammoth 1

Our current literacy activity!

Our current literacy activity!  1

Remember to check homework each week.

It will be: Spelling

                Maths or English

26-9-18 African Art at the CLC

We met and worked with children from another local school: printing, painting, collage, chalking; using oil pastels; designing sun-shades and making beaded jewellery.


Our pupils had a lot of fun and were had amazing attitudes to learning and trying different skills.