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Class 3


                                          Wonderful Autumn!


The first part of our Autumn term went superbly. We seemed to cram so much in. We hit the ground running with our amazing D&T Pallet art. The designs were truly inspired. Have a look at the Powerpoint images on the slideshow. Well done Year 3!

In maths you all did some fabulous work on Addition and Subtraction up to 3 digit numbers. Your writing truly excelled itself producing great,instruction texts and narratives about the Stone Age. Thus continued through our humanities topic where we demonstrated our knowledge of The Stone Age and how it continues its journey into the Iron Age. We have begun to look at the geography of the UK and this will continue next term as we look at our local area in detail. In RE we have looked at the life of Christ and also the inside of the Christian church,

Mrs Taylor has been improving our French language skills and Rob has commented on how brilliant we have been in PE! Keep it up year 3. Together with this, we have discussed ways to keep ourselves safe online and the importance of building up strong relationships in PSHE.

Finally in this digital age, we have been looking at how computer networks operate. We will be looking at working with documents and images as the term progresses.

The next part of the term is going to be exciting as we approach Christmas. Lots more wonderful learning to be had!


See you all in 2 weeks!

Mr A

Our Wonderful Pallet Art

Our Wonderful Pallet Art


Hello Year 3

As you know we will closed for 2 weeks and won't be returning until the 30th November. I'll be loading work for each week.

Please take a look at the Home Learning block below. You will find Maths, Reading and an activity linked to recycling which is linked to The Tin Forest, our new book for the second part of Autumn.

The maths will be about multiplication and division.

Please keep working on your: 2,5,10,4,8 and 3 times tables.

Mr Alexander

Our New Book Is The Tin Forest


Please practice Times Tables at home. All year 3 should be secure in 2,5 and 10.

We are working on 3 and 4 at present. If you can practice these at home that would really benefit the children.

Hit the button is a good website

12/10/20 Our New Topic Is How To Wash A Wooly Mammoth


Welcome the class page for 3A. Here you will find all about our learning journey for the Autumn term. Our topic is Stone Age to Bronze Age and we have a whole range of exciting topics lined up. Spelling and other homework will be uploaded regularly. Please check the class page for photos and other exciting news.

Our Class Book Is Stone Age Boy

Our Class Reader For Summer Is: The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd.


Hi Year 3

And so we come to the end of a bizarre year. I only manage half a year with you but it was an absolute pleasure to work with and get to know you all. 

I was disappointed as you were not to finish the Spring and Summer as I had loads of fun stuff planned. But rest assured that next year, I'm confident that you will be able to complete all those activities with your amazing new teacher.

My highlights were: the great story writing you all did, the fabulous art you produced, seeing you on Zoom and just the all round effort you put in.

It's been an absolute pleasure to have had you in my class. Have a great Summer and I'm sure we'll be chatting about all the fun stuff you've been doing.

My very best wishes to you all

Mr Alexander


Well hello again everybody,

 This will be the last message from me to you for this academic year. The next time you will be reading a message from your new! Has that gone quickly or what? 

It's been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year,how ever short it was. The real shame was that I wasn't able to finish the year with you and say a proper goodbye. But that apart I'll be able to say hi to you all soon enough.

This is the last project I'll be adding on the class page along with the resources,Zoom meetings and Google classroom assignments. I've tried to make it quite fun with lots of art and outdoor activities. If you have time, write a letter saying how the break has gone for you. What positive have there been? For me, seeing you all on Zoom was the highlight. Knowing you were all well and happy was brilliant. 

Here's hoping you all have a great summer and to new beginnings!

Mr Alexander

shared 11-7-20


Well done, Class 3. One last battle and competition set for this

week, but you can play TTRS and Sumdog all summer!!!



Hello again everybody,

Hope you've all had a great week. another topsy turvy week for the weather but the sun returned by the end. It also looks like there's going to be some very sunny weather on the way. Fingers crossed.

A few more places have opened up for us. So who had a haircut? I confess that I've been having home haircuts, which isn't great but I haven't got much hair anyway ha ha!

It's great to see so many of you on zoom and I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing you on our weekly catch ups.

This week's project has the usual maths work from our friends at White Rose. There's some fun outdoor work and a great art activity based round a superb artist called Andy Goldsworthy who uses natural materials to create sculptures. We continue with our reading and there are some questions based on Chapter 5 of The Boy Who Grew Dragons. 

Don't forget the Google classroom assignments. I try to make a fun one each week.

See you all soon, stay happy and stay smiling!

Mr Alexander



New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 3 from 6-7-20

New whole school Sumdog maths competition from 6-7-20

Good luck everyone!winkMrs S



Hello again everybody,

Hope everyone's well and you've had a good week. That was a funny old week for the weather, wasn't it? First we had a heatwave, I could hardly go out, then wind and rain. Our gardens must have loved a bit of rain though, and our poor pets too!

This week sees another project with some more interesting challenges for you. We have a lovely cooking challenge which is making Rock Cakes. If you've never had one, you're missing a traditional British treat. Science is about making wind chimes. This is an outdoor activity and you can find some materials in your gardens or parks. There's more maths continuing our geometry and the reading continues with the The Boy Who Grew Dragons. There's a video with the great Andy Shepherd reading Chapter 4. I've attached all the worksheets below this message.

Have fun, keep smiling, love life!

Mr Alexander

26-6-20  Good effort Charlie and Ronnie, but the Sunshine 1 - Maths 0 this week.

New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 4 from 29-6-20 for the week

New whole school Maths competition on Sumdog from 29-6-20 for the week

Keep learning. Good luck.


Hello Again Class 3,

 That week went really quickly, and the sun is back! It's going to be a hot sunny week. Things are changing slowly but surely: most shops are open and for those of you who love your sport;football is back on TV. It's a little strange watching sport without any spectators in the stadiums, isn't it?

This week's project has a real mix of maths,English and crafts. Maths is about angles and lines. There's a cooking challenge to try and I've added the link below to a lovely summer healthy recipe. Our art is linked to maths and we're looking at Kandinsky. We're still reading The Boy Who Grew Dragons and I've added some questions to answer while you read Chapter 3. The sheet is below.

It was great to see some of you accessing Google Classroom. It's tricky starting but do try and use it. This week I've added a quiz on butterflies as part of our science. You may have to do some research to find the answers but do give it a go.

Stay happy and keep smiling!

Mr Alexander

The Boy Who Grew Dragons, Chapter 3. Questions

19-6-20 Brilliant score.

New TTRS battle rematch Class 3 vs Class 6 from 22-6-20

New whole school Sumdog Competition from 22-6-20

Good luck, everyone! Mrs S wink


Tvisha's Maths Challenge And Solution


Hello Again Class 3,

Hope you're all keeping well. The summer appears to have returned and we're enjoying a spot of sunny weather. I hope you're waking up to the wonderful sound of birdsong. There's always something about the sound of birds in the morning that's really uplifting. I have loaded this week's project below and also a link to the activities tis week: colouring sheets for mindfulness, banana Ice Cream recipe and a Mini beast activity. The maths focus this week is 'Ordering Fractions,' and there's plenty to be getting on with. I have kept a couple of the craft activities the same as I didn't get any back. If you need time to collect the materials then that's fine.

Do remember the new and exciting Google Classroom assignments. You have to remember to press the 'Turn In,' button to submit your work. It is worth doing and do persevere with it. Like most new things, it takes a bit of practice but you'll soon master it and be teaching us a thing or two!

Speak soon, stay safe, stay happy,keep smiling.

Mr A.

14-6-20 surpriseyes

New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 5 from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Do you have a rock slam challenge waiting for you?

New maths, grammar & spelling competitions on Sumdog from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Everybody join in! Good luck from Mrs S


Hello class 3.

                      Welcome to week 2. Well the weather changed dramatically and it's now summer and you guessed it...rain! The good thing is that our gardens and outdoor spaces will be benefiting from some much needed rain.  I hope you have found the projects interesting and are enjoying the new book The Boy Who Grew Dragons. There are lots of exciting activities to enjoy linked to the book. We have our second week project below. If you haven't finished the first week don't worry. I'm sure there's plenty to do. There is also the colouring sheet.

Another good piece of news is that some of you will be able to go back to sports and social clubs. Football training has resumed for my son and his team and I'm sure it has or will soon for many of you.

Keep sending in your brilliant work and keep safe.

Mr Alexander



New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 4 from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20

Look for rock slams

New Sumdog whole school competitions maths, grammar & spelling from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20. Make it on to the leaderboard!

Good luck, Mrs Syes 


Hello Class 3.

Summer is really upon us;the sun has been shining all week and the gardens and countryside are all looking amazing. Have you been out and explored? Look at all the flowers and plants that are beginning to bloom. Spring and summer are really the nicest times of the year.

We are doing things a bit differently this time. Below you'll find a new weekly project that has daily activities for you to think about. Each day has a mixture of activities, and some are just about sharing your feelings, writing them down or just talking to someone. It's really important during this difficult time that we stay in contact, keep talking and stay positive. There are signs that things are slowly going back. 

Keep smiling and keep shining

Year 3 project week beg June 1

Summer Project week 1. 1/06/20

29-5-20 Better luck next time, Class 3.

New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 5 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Look out for Rock Slams

New whole school Sumdog competition 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Earn extra Sumdog coins from your teacher

Class 3 online player heroes this week were:

BS, CW and KMAW yes



It's half term, this coming week, but there is plenty to keep you busy and challenge your mind on our website, but make sure you make time for fun, relaxation and making happy memories. Stay safe, Class 3 smiley

22-5-20 Outstanding again Class 3 smileysmileysmiley


New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 4 rematch from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20

Look out for Rock Slams too.

New Sumdog whole school competition from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20.

Get on that leader board!

Good luck wink Mrs S

Online maths heroes this week: CW, RW, HJ, CO'D & KMA-W yes


15-5-20 We're not worthy...we're not worthy! Smashing it class 3. I wonder what your score would be if more of you played- scary!

New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 4. 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20 

Look out for Rock Slam challenges too. 

New Sumdog NCPS competition 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20

Good luck from Mrs S wink


Thanks so much to those of you who have been joining in with our Zoom meetings for last 2 weeks week and next week. They have been so much fun and it really has been lovely to see all your happy, smiley faces! We even ran out of time on one of them yo were so chatty!

Lots of you have been sharing the work and learning you have been getting up to and sharing newly learnt hobbies with us too. I particularly loved all the cooking and planting you’ve been getting up to

Did you all celebrate VE Day with your family? Did anyone catch the fabulous Red Arrows RAF display team flying overhead?

As you know we are going to be off for another 3 weeks. Bad news; no school again. Good news; I get to see you again on Zoom!

Under this message you’ll find some more activities to keep you going for a while. In the meantime keep up the Times tables workouts, reading and research on the laptops or Ipads.

You're all doing a great job at the moment, remember that! Be patient, be safe and keep smiling!

Speak soon

Mr A. xx

Glorious Summer Project

8-5-20 Sumdog & TTRS

Congratulations Class 3. What a thriller!

New TTRS battle set Class 3 vs Class 6 9:30am 11-5-20 until 2:30pm 15-5-20. 

New school Sumdog competition 11-5-20 until 15-5-20. get on that leaderboard.

Good luck smiley Mrs S


1-5-20 Congratulations Class 3; smashing! 

New TTRS battle: Class 3 vs Class 5 starts 9:30am 4-5-20 until 2:30pm 8-5-20.

Check out a new Sumdog competition all year groups from 4-5-20

Good luck yes Mrs S

 24-4-20 Congratulations Class 3!

A new TTRS battle has been set for Class 3 vs Class 4 from 27-4-20 until 1-5-20. Mrs S



Hello Class 3

I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy with a range of activities. We have been so lucky with the weather than I imagine lots of you have been using your gardens and outdoor areas to get some sun!

Are you keeping fit with Joe Wicks in the mornings? Remember Joe’s videos are available for a while so you can do them at any time.

our home learning ideas tab with lots of activities will be  updated regularly so please feel free to have a look through and choose any of your liking.


I have also created a pack of ideas linked to our Spring/Summer from the themes of plants and our wonderful county of Essex. As you all know I was incredibly excited about going on our trip to Hyde Hall. Even though we have to postpone it, our own gardens can be brightened up with some activities I’ve created under the Sumptuous Spring heading.

Have fun!

And don't forget to email me at with all of your creative learning 


Mr Alexander

Sumptuous Spring Project

19-4-20 Times Table Rock Stars Battle

Set between Class 3 and Class 4 starting 9:30am 20-4-20 until 2:30pm 24-4-20. Knowledge is power - enjoy! winkMrs S

Happy Easter Everyone


Hi Everyone

Happy Easter to you all. Wishing you and your families all the best. 

Remember the message of Easter is that through tough times there's always hope.

Enjoy your Eggs!

Welcome to Class 3

11-4-20 For news, puzzles and on First News icon. smiley Mrs S


Week 2. Monday March 30th 

Hi All,

Hope your first week went well. Remember you can email work to me at the address given below.

Have you been keeping fit with the fabulous Joe Wicks each morning? Our family has and it's tough but fun.


Check out his Youtube channel each day for amazing workouts!


Keep up the times table activities with these sites:

Try the reading activity below. 


Keep a daily diary. 


Look at the Easter activity

Welcome to Class 3

Hi All,

Below I have attached an English, Maths and Science project to do at home. I've also attached a pack of mini activities to do.

I will try my best to upload more as the weeks go on.

I've also added some website links for resources or online learning.

Read, write and practise your times tables.  

Stay safe. 

Mr. Alexander 

Please send your work to 

Please write Class 3 under the subject on the email

Thank you

Daily reading challenge
Complete the fractions of objects worksheet

Class 3 Wish You A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Welcome back. 

We're hitting the ground running and getting straight back into our curriculum.

We are learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Below you can see some pictures of us 'Washing A Woolly Mammoth' during our drama day. We had great fun. 


Don't forget to READ, READ, READ-  working your way to the Golden Ticket. 


 Please have PE kits in school at all times.


Making Maths fun.

What is a Woolly Mammoth?

Super mathematicians.

Voting day at North Crescent- choosing our ambassadors.


Our Science this term is Rocks and Soils 

We will be exploring the topic through the reading of Stone Age Boy and Stig Of the Dump as well as some hands on experiments.

In Maths we going to consolidating our place value,addition and subtraction this term. We will be working hard on our applied reasoning skills.

As before we will be consolidating our times tables skills with the aid of Times Tables Rock Stars and  Sumdog.

Keep working on those skills.


Who can learn them all up to 12 by the end of the year?

Our English is going to be the lovely story STONE AGE BOY

                      Welcome To Class 3s Page


We have lots of exciting things planned this term