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Class 4


Hello class 4 (for the last time)

Its that time. Thank you so much for being an amazing class for my first year of teaching even though we didn't get to finish you'll always be my first amazing class. 

Enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing you in person in September. remember you are only upstairs!



Wow, I cannot believe we are into our final week! what a year it's been, my first year teaching, and I'm still alive. It has definitely been one to remember and we have made so many memories even though the pandemic. I couldn't have asked for a better class to have had thank you laugh

Again thank you all for sending me your amazing work throughout lockdown and keep it coming this week.

The new project is below. Don't forget we still have two zoom meetings left before we say goodbye for the summer holidays 

I look forward to talking to you then

Mr. Baker 

shared 11-7-20


One last battle and competition set for this

week, but you can play TTRS and Sumdog all summer!!!



Hello, CLass 4,

WOW1! I can't believe it is 16 weeks since we were last in school, I miss you all and the good times and memories we were having/making in the classroom. I know you are creating lots of memories at home and I'm enjoying seeing the pictures. Keep them coming, please.


Not so good on the Sumdog last week. Let step it up, thank you to thoughts that are trying

A new Maths competition started this week so let's see if we can be winners again next week. G


There is a new project below and zoom challenge' I have posted a new Google Classroom activity for you too, so please try our new learning area. 


Remember to take part in our 'At home Sports Day' challenges. Having the schools P.E lead as your teacher means WE MUST WIN!!!

Wednesday 1st July - Wednesday 8th July

Mr Baker



New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 3 from 6-7-20

New whole school Sumdog maths competition from 6-7-20

Good luck everyone!winkMrs S


Morning Class 4, 

Wow, how hot was that mini heatwave! I hope you were able to enjoy it and do a lot of interesting things.

I have uploaded a new project for you below. Remember only one zoom meeting this week. I look forward to seeing everyone. 

I hope you enjoy the activities I have put together for you. don't forget I love hearing from you so keep sending stuff to the home learning email address 


Mr Baker 

Don't forget to take part in the at-home sports day!

26-6-20 Fantastic effort Tejay and Phoebe this week, but the Sunshine 1 - Maths 0

New TTRS battle Class 3 vs Class 4 from 29-6-20 for the week

New whole school Maths competition on Sumdog from 29-6-20 for the week

Keep learning. Good luck.


Hello Class 4,


I can't believe its been 14 weeks since we've been together! Does it feel that long to you? I know it does for me. I hope you have been enjoying the sun last week and also this week. I know lots of you have been working hard but mixing it with play which is great. 

I know a few of you have given google classroom ago so well done. It's going to take some getting used to for all of us including me. Make sure you still visit Sumdog and TTRS. 

This week's project is below with all the attachments you need please send me the bits are you proud of. Also below is this week's zoom challenge! 

Remember 'a day without laughter is a day wasted'

Enjoy your week and a look forward to seeing your work.

Mr. Baker

19-6-20 Good effort!


New TTRS battle rematch Class 4 vs Class 5 from 22-6-20

New whole school Sumdog Competition from 22-6-20

Good luck, everyone! Mrs Swink


Hello Class 4,

Woo! The sun is shining: summer is back. Doesn't it make things feel so much better when the sun is out? Make sure you spend some time in the sun getting the Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Yeah, I can't read that word either! 

I have uploaded this week's project with all the resources you need. Make sure you email the home learning there are any problems. I look forward to seeing some of the work. This week's zoom challenge is ready for you to look at don't stress yourself out about it though!

REMEMBER to try and login to Google Classroom and try the assignments. You have to remember to press the 'Turn In,' button to submit your work. It will take some getting used to but will be great when its up and running.

'Be brave, Be creative, Be kind, Be thankful, Be happy, Be you.'

Mr. Baker

14-6-20 All hands to the pump Class 4!


New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 5 from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Do you have a rock slam challenge?

New maths, grammar & spelling competitions on Sumdog from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Everybody join in! Good luck from Mrs S


Hello Class 4,

Wow, another week goes by just like that and you guys have sent me so much amazing work, I'm a super proud teacher.

Things are going to be strange for me this week as I am returning to work but not at North Crescent but to my old school to lend a helping hand. Don't worry I'm still 110%  committed to all of you as you are my super, amazing, fantastic class and I will make sure there is plenty for you to do and that I'm still keep an eye on the work you send in.

Anyway...How are you and what have you been up to? I know lots of you have been super busy as you tell me about it in our zoom meetings but I'd love to hear from a few more of you. The zoom meetings are still going ahead but I'll be in a different environment than usual. All meetings will now be on Mondays. If you are normally on a Tuesday and want to take part in a Monday one contact the school on and they will give you a new code.

Right, the new work plan for this week is uploaded in the folder below with all the resources you need plus the new zoom meeting challenge is there (I may have stolen this idea from Mrs. Barber but shhh) There will also be a few mini-tasks in the subject pages so keep an eye on that. 

I hope you have a lovely week and remember 'Happiness is right under you nose so show it' 

Mr. Baker 


New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 3 from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20

Look for rock slams

New Sumdog whole school competitions maths, grammar & spelling from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20. Make it on to the leaderboard!

Good luck, Mrs S yes


Hello Class 4,

The sun has certainly been shinnying on us. It definitely reminds me of why I think spring and summer are really the nicest times of the year.

I hope you all have been keeping busy, it’s really important to do that at this time. Thank you again for all the lovely work and messages you are sending it keeps a smile on my face J

We are doing things a bit differently this time. Below you'll find a new weekly project that has daily activities for you to think about. Each day has a mixture of activities, and some are just about sharing your feelings, writing them down, or just talking to someone.  I will still find other activities and add them to the subject pages.

Remember, ‘life is like a mirror, smile and it smiles back at you’


Mr. Baker


29-5-20 champione champione ole ole ole

New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 6 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Look out for Rock Slams

New whole school Sumdog competition 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Earn extra Sumdog coins from your teacher



Morning Class 4!


I hope you've had a lovely week and enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, today, and the rest of the week.  I’d love to know what you have been up to.


I’ve set a new Zoom meeting task this can be seen below.  I thought it be a bit of fun for our next lot of meetings. Don’t forget to keep sending me in all the work and activities you have been up to. Make sure to check out your classmate's works on the brilliance taps.


SUMDOG AND TTRS WE MUST WIN! Not that I’m competitive at all….

I’m super proud of every single one of you. Remember just smile and wave and all will be okay 







Mr Baker

22-5-20 Good score, Class 4.

New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 3 rematch from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20

Look out or set Rock Slams.

New Sumdog whole school competition from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20.

Get on that leader board! 

Good luck smiley Mrs S


Hi, Class 4, 

Thank you to all that made an effort to wish me a happy birthday in some kind of way. I had a lovely day full of surprises. 

It's been good to see a few of you on Zoom again this week and again thank you for all the work coming through! 

Well done to all that entered the 'loo roll' art challenge winner announced underneath. The new challenge is also underneath, GO GO GO! We will share them in our next zoom meetings.

Make sure we are going on to TTRS and Sumdog, we need to start winning. New work also set in the subject pages.


Enjoy your week, Smile, and be super happy 

Mr Baker


Challenge winner and new challenge link

15-5-20 High score Class 4, but they got a 'few' more than you. Go for it next week - everyone!

New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 3. 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20 

Look out for Rock Slam challenges too. 

New Sumdog NCPS competition 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20

Good luck from Mrs S wink


Hi, Class 4 :)

Week 8! Wow, lots more work coming in which is great, I can’t stress enough how important it is to just keep your minds busy not necessary learn but keep your brain busy and in a routine not just playing Xbox or PS4 and when things return to normal it will be much easier for you.

Remember you have the loo roll art challenge (voting for the winner on zoom next week) and the video to make. I will have them ready for next week.

There is a new project below which should keep you busy for a few weeks, make sure you check that out.

My new message is….. ‘Keep busy, don’t annoy your parents too much and keep smiling’ :D  

Over but not out,

Mr Baker


11.05.20 New Home Learning Project

8-5-20 TTRS & Sumdog

Too bad this week, Class 4.

New TTRS battle Class 4 vs Class 5 9:30am 11-5-20 until 2:30pm 15-5-20

New school competition 11-5-20 until 15-5-20. Get on that leaderboard!

Good luck  Mrs S



Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks! Thanks again to everyone that’s been sending their work in, it’s all been brrriiiiiillliiiaaaannttt!

I’ve set you a loo roll art task this week to decorate a loo roll however you feel, there are some examples on the Art subject page one of which is Mrs.Warmans. I've also added a new cooking recipe that Mrs. Taylor did and it looks amazing.

Remember if you haven’t joined us on zoom you don’t need to download it and then the ID and password that your parents received in a text from us. Log on at your group's time then you'll enter a waiting room until the meeting starts; the meeting can only go ahead with more than one person, so the more the merrier. Chat to us or show and tell, you'll be most welcome. Been great seeing some of your faces and would be even greater to see more!

There is a Sumdog competition this week so get on there and make us the winners!


Over but not out,


1-5-20 Too bad Class 4. Go for it next time.


New battle Class 4 vs Class 6 9:30am 4-5-20 until 2:30pm 8-5-20.

Check out a new school Sumdog competition for all year groups starting 4-5-20.

Good luckMrs S



So today some of us Zoomed and tomorrow more of us will Zoom! It was great seeing some of your faces and I look forward to this continuing as it was great to catch up. 

More home learning has been added so make sure you check that out too remember to look at the English so we can share next week!

Remember the Zooming will be every week in your same slot unless you are told a new time J

Look forward to seeing you all again remember to stay safe and keep your minds active J


Over but not out,

Mr. Baker


24-4-20 Congratulations for your battle against year 5

A new TTRS battle has been set for Class 4 vs Class 3 from 27-4-20 until 1-5-20 yesMrs S



Alright, Class 4,


How lucky have we been with the weather?!  I guess lots of you have been getting some sun and doing activities outside. I know I've tried to.  

I have updated our curriculum pages so please feel free to have a look through and choose any to your liking.

I have also added a project based on what would have been our summer topic so please take a look at that and give some of the tasks a go! And I'll look forward to seeing them. Enjoy! Remember email me with all of your activities and if you would like to share anything else.


Over but not out 

Mr. Baker  


See project below 

19-4-20 Times Table Rock Stars battle

Congratulations Class 4 - you trounced Class 5!!!

New battle against Class 3 from 9:30am 20-4-20 until 2:30pm 24-4-20. Good luck.winkMrs S




Hello Class 4


How are you? I hope your Easter weekend was full of chocolate and fun in the sun, I know mine was especially the choccy part! cheeky


We have set up a TT Rockstars challenge for Class 4 and Class 5 - so go ahead and log in to let and dominate! You can find more information about the tournament on our on the TT Rockstar icon above 


I hope you've been keeping yourself very busy and making lots of memories with your families. I'd love to hear some stories, you don't just have to send me work!  

All of the staff at NCPS miss you all so much we created a collage of photographs. Can you spot me? I'm the bearded fella in the middle somewhere.... holding the word 'THE'. Miss Whitwell put the collage together for us (I was very impressed). Take a look out our happy faces on the homepage and at the top of the class pages. If your parents are on the Wickford Community or Wickford Chit Chat  Facebook pages, we have posted it there too it would be nice of you to leave a comment :) 


I look forward to receiving some more work and hopefully hearing some memories.



Mr.Baker smiley


11-4-20 For news, puzzles and on the First News icon. Mrs S


School Closure

Hi All,

Below I have attached an English, Maths and Science project to do at home. I've also attached a pack of mini activities to do.

I will try my best to upload more as the weeks go on.

I've also added some website links for resources or online learning.

Read, write and practise your times tables.  

Stay safe. 

Mr. Baker smiley

Please send your work to 

Please write Class 4 under the subject on the email

Thank you

Term 2, And we are ‘On the rampage’

Keep an eye on our dated pages for updates and learning 

Spring 2

Term 1: 

On your marks get set go!


We are going to have very busy term! Our topic is Ancient Greeks and the olympics. We will compare this to the modern games.