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Class 5



So we have reached the end of the year! 

And although we've not had a full year together I have really enjoyed the Autumn and Spring term with you all in our upstairs classroom.

We had some wonderful times - from constructing Viking boats and watching them sink, to making messy paper mache Mayan masks. We've enjoyed hot chocolate and KitKats together in our investigative science sessions which are always my favourite. We went on a journey through the BFG - meeting the fleshlumpeater giants, onto Viking Boy adventures - which were rather gory in places! Sadly we did not manage to complete the Creakers - but this is something I'd love to do with you all at some point on our return.


I hope you received your reports with smiley faces-  I enjoyed writing them for you. Also the cartoon class photo I created which I have posted below. This was meant as a keepsake for the year so you can look back on it in years to come and remember the class of lockdown!

I hope you all have a wonderful Summer holiday - continue to stay safe - and we will see you in Year 6 (exciting times ahead!)

Over and Out

Miss Whitwell x



Good morning Class 5

So...we're heading towards our final week of this academic year as the summer holiday is fast approaching.

I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing class this year - I know I only had you in school for two out of the three terms - but I enjoyed every minute of it! You have all shone in your own ways and I am really proud of the progress you've made and the ways you have coped through this crazy time. I feel lik we have helped to get each other through it :) So thank you!

I have set some work for this week (super easy and fun activities) for you to do to while away the final hours. You will be getting your reports in the post very soon too - we are all working like little elves to get those out to you and sort the school out for September.

We can't wait to see you all back here soon :)

Enjoy the summer! Take care! Keep Safe!

Miss W x

shared 11-7-20

Don't feel discouraged Class 5 players - some of Class 6

were back at school, so they had to play!

 One last battle and competition set for this

week, but you can play TTRS and Sumdog all summer!!!



We're well on the way into July - seems crazy to think the six week holiday is only weeks away!

I have uploaded a new project for you over on our other tab - so go and check it out! Lots to do in there to help you keep busy. Remember Mr Baker's Stay at Home Sports Day challenges can be completed this week still too!

Keep on sending me your work and anything else you've been up to - our page is looking bright, colourful and busy with all the photos of you all!

See some of you on Zoom and remember for any others of you who maybe haven't been able to come - you are always welcome. Just email the school for a reminder of the log in details.

Speak soon!

Stay safe - always!

Miss W x

5-7-20 Yikes and wow!

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 5 from 6-7-20

New whole school Sumdog maths competition from 6-7-20

Good luck everyone!winkMrs S


29-6-20 Fun on Zoom :)



Morning everyone,


I hope you're all well and not too exhausted from last week's mini heat wave! That certainly was a hot one!

I have uploaded a new project for you on our tab above. This week's project include activities such as word searches, money saving from NatWest and lots of drawing under art and science headings.

I hope you enjoy the activities I have put together for you - remember I love hearing about all the things you've been up to so email me at

Hope to see some of you on Zoom this week too!

Miss Whitwell x

26-6-20 Good effort Isabelle and Demi, but the Sunshine 1 - Maths 0 this week.

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 6 from 29-6-20 for the week

New whole school Maths competition on Sumdog from 29-6-20 for the week.

Keep learning. Good luck. 



Morning Class 5

I hope you're all well and enjoying another week at home.

The weather is looking really positive this week - so try to plan some nice outdoor activities to keep yourselves busy! yes Maybe a visit to a local woodland, a walk along the sea front or even just a play in the garden. (Don't forget your sun cream!)

I have uploaded a new weekly project for you over on our Home Learning tab, so go and check it out. There are some worksheets underneath you can do too, including some French work on 'holidays' - sorry about the topic content! But we can dream cheeky

Keep in touch by emailing me all your brilliance and don't forget to check out the quiz I will be putting up today on our Google Classroom page.

See most of you on zoom too of course and have another great week - stay safe!

Miss W x


19-6-20 Wow!

New TTRS battle rematch Class 5 vs Class 4 from 22-6-20

New whole school Sumdog Competition from 22-6-20

Good luck, everyone! Mrs S wink



Morning all!

Hope you are all well and continuing on as normal - as this seems to be the new normal for the moment!

I know some of you have birthdays this week - so we hope you enjoy yourselves and get to eat plenty of cake! (Save me a slice. wink)

I have uploaded a new project on the tab above so go and check it out! Lots of animal, plant and Harry Potter based activities for you to delve into. Don't forget to email me your progress at - I love seeing all the bits and pieces you have been up to. smiley

I will also be putting on another activity or two on our new Google Classroom page - if you haven't had a look yet, go on over and use the code you have been sent to log in.

Keep safe this week - chat soon.

Miss Whitwell x


14-6-20 Wowee!

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 4 from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Have you got a rock slam challenge?

New maths, grammar & spelling competitions on Sumdog from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Everybody join in! Good luck from Mrs S

Wb 8-6-20


Hi Class 5

I hope you're all OK! I look forward to chatting to some of you on our regular zoom meetings on Monday and Tuesday - after all, they are the highlight of my week! smiley

What have you been up to this past week? Any highlights?

For me it was to see my parents and our family pet dogs. It has been 4 months since I saw them last, so this was hugely special for us. We had lunch and lots of laughs and I can't wait to plan the next visit.

I hope you've been continuing to make more special memories with your families. I find this is really important to keep us all going at the moment!

I have uploaded a new week of learning under our blue book tab above, so feel free to check it out! Lots more Harry Potter themed tasks and other fun activities linked to our topic.


Miss Whitwell heart


New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 6 from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20

Look for rock slams

New Sumdog whole school competitions maths, grammar & spelling from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20. Make it on to the leaderboard!

Good luck, Mrs S yes



Wow - June already! Pinch punch first day of the month! Can't believe May is over - that flew by! So it is officially summer now and I know many of you are out in your gardens setting up swimming pools to keep cool in and cooking up a feast on your BBQs! Sounds like a lot of fun. I had my first BBQ on Saturday too - I'd forgotten how much I love them. Yum!


I have uploaded a new weekly project for you to have a go at - there are lots of ideas linked to different areas of the curriculum so pop over to our Home Learning tab to have a look. I have kept the theme of 'magic' as that is what we would have been doing if we were at school. I hope you're enjoying the Harry Potter thread going through - I know I am wink


Remember to come along to our Zoom chats every Monday and Tuesday as these will continue as normal too.


See you then!

Miss Whitwell laugh

29-5-20 Top notch!

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 3 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Look out for Rock Slams

New whole school Sumdog competition 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Earn extra Sumdog coins from your teacher


Wb 25-5-20


Morning all!


I hope you've had another sunny and restful week. What have you all been up to? I have been doing some gardening here and also a bit of sewing to keep me busy.

Today is Bank Holiday Monday so I hope you get to spend more time with your family, especially if they are usually at work.

Remember to keep sending me in all the work and activities you have been up to this week and keep an eye on our rainbow tab above for the photos I upload of you and your work.

Keep smiling guys - another week done in these tricky times!

I'm proud of you all - stay safe - and happy Half Term!

Miss W x

22-5-20 Congratulations again, Class 5!

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 6 rematch from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20

Look out for and set Rock Slams

New Sumdog whole school competition from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20

Get on that leader board!

Good luck smiley Mrs S

Wb 18-5-20


Hey everyone!

Hope you're all ok and everything is going smoothly with you and your families at home.

It has been lovely to receive some more emails this week with some wonderful pieces of work, including stick hunts! Well done on those.

I have also spoken to lots of you on Zoom again which is always the highlight of my week!

Did you see we won the TT Rockstars battle against Year 4 last week!? Amazing work! We smashed it - keep it up by going over there this week for a fresh battle with another class. Let's keep up the winning streak!

I have been busy completing some of the tasks I have set you as well this week - painting rocks in the garden which I loved, so much so I am going to hold onto them for a bit before putting them out for someone else to find! I may have to make more for the public instead!

See my picture below :)


Keep safe kids! Hope so speak to you all on Zoom again soon! Have a lovely sunny week!


Miss Whitwell x


15-5-20 We're not worthy...we're not worthy! Wowzers, Class 5! But what could you achieve if you all played?

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 6 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20 

Look out for Rock Slam challenges too. 

New Sumdog NCPS competition 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20

Good luck from Mrs S wink





Afternoon Class 5!

Me again!


I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend celebrating safely with family - maybe even at a distance with your neighbours!

Thanks again to all those children who are joining me on our weekly Zoom chats - they are the highlight of my otherwise boring week! Keep it up guys.

As some of you now know - our next list of HP projects are now LIVE!

Head over to our Home Learning tab and check out the extensive list of magical ideas I have set for you to have a go at. Including stick hunting, rock painting, Quidditch playing and soup making! Have fun with these - I know I will. I will try my best to share my creations with you all right here.

Please don't forget to do the same by emailing photos to the home learning address:

Take care this week and enjoy the magic!

Miss W x

8-5-20 Sumdog & TTRS

Too bad this week Class 5 - you put up a valiant effort, great score!

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 4 9:30am 11-5-20 until 2:30pm 15-5-20

New Sumdog school competition 11-5-20 until 15-5-20. Get on that leaderboard!

Good luck smiley Mrs S


Wb 4-5-20


Morning all!

Thanks so much to those of you who have been joining in with our Zoom meetings last week and this week. They have been so much fun and it really has been lovely to see all your happy, smiley faces!

Lots of you have been sharing the work and learning you have been getting up to and sharing newly learnt hobbies with us too.

This week brings VE day on Friday which is a national bank holiday for us. What will you be doing to celebrate? Perhaps some patriotic bunting outside your house, or some music and picnic sandwiches in the garden? Maybe even a drink outside the front of your houses with your neighbours (at a distance of course!) Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a lovely day with your families!

You're all doing a great job at the moment, remember that! Just keep swimming....

Speak soon

Miss W x

1-5-20 Congratulations Class 5; amazing result!

New TTRS battle Class 5 vs Class 3 from 9:30am 4-5-20 until 2:30pm 8-5-20

NCPS Sumdog competition from 4-5-20 all year groups

Good luck!winkMrs S



It's Zoom-day!

We have had a busy morning using Zoom with you all for the first time. I was so glad to see so many of your faces today - it truly has been lovely to catch up. 

Remember I will be here every Monday and Tuesday 'Zooming' away so I can see some of your brilliant learning and hear what you have all been up to! So come and join me and the other adults on your given times. 

It will be amazing to see you there!

More home learning has been added to our rainbow tab above ^ so make sure you check that out too!

There are battles and contests going on this week on Sumdog and TT Rockstars - and as it currently stands Year 5 is winning against Year 6! So keep it up!

Speak real soon

Miss W x

24-4-20 Congratulations Class 5 against Class 6!

A new TTRS battle has been set for you Class 5 vs Class 6 from 27-4-20 until 1-5-20yesMrs S


Head over to our Reading tab under Home Learning Ideas to see something "Creeker-like" wink

Miss W



Hello Class 5

I hope you are all doing well and keeping busy with a range of activities. We have been so lucky with the weather than I imagine lots of you have been using your gardens and outdoor areas to catch some rays!

I have updated our home learning ideas tab with lots of activities under each curriculum heading so please feel free to have a look through and choose any of your liking.

I have also created a pack of ideas linked to our Magical Mythical Creatures topic from the Summer term. As you all know I was incredibly excited on the lead up to this topic as you know Harry Potter is one of my all time favourite book series. So with that in mind, I have created a list of activities linked to the theme for you to enjoy at home.

Have fun! And don't forget to email me at with all of your creative learning heart


Miss Whitwell

Magical Topic Project Activities To Do At Home

19-4-20 Times Table Rock Stars

Too bad you didn't beat Class 4. Let's see how you do against Class 6 - new battle 9:30am 20-4-20 until 2:30pm 24-4-20. Good luckwink Mrs S



Afternoon Class 5 laugh


How are we all? I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with lots of tasty treats and fun activities in the sun (who I'm sure will have his hat on again later in the week!)


We have set up a TT Rockstars challenge for Class 4 and Class 5 - so go ahead and log in to let the battle commence! You can find more information about the week long tournament on our maths icon under the Home Learning section above.


I hope you're all keeping busy as best you can and having fun making memories with your families. The staff at NCPS miss you all so much - so much in fact that we created a collage of photographs (I used my PowerPoint skills to piece it all together - it was easier than I first thought!) Check out our smiley faces on the homepage and at the top of the class pages. If your parents are on any of the Wickford Community Facebook pages, we have posted it there too so feel free to write us a little message back. It'd be great to hear from you! smiley


Catch you all soon

Miss W x



11-4-20 for news, puzzles and on the First News icon. smiley Mrs S



It’s April already! Which means Easter is almost here. I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what you are up to. Whether it’s egg hunts in the garden, arts and crafts, baking hot cross buns or simply eating chocolate, I hope you enjoy yourselves!


I thought I would share a little about what I have been up to during some of my free time: bike rides in my local area, lots of guinea pig cuddles, mindfulness colouring, crocheting a new blanket, baking banana muffins and eating chocolatey treats (trying hard to save some for the weekend!) 


Remember you can email me at any time with messages and work you have been completing at home. I love hearing from you all. Don’t forget to check out the rainbow tab above to see what others in your class have been up to.


Continue to keep safe at home guys! And I wish you a very Hoppy Easter (see what I did there?)


Miss Whitwell :)

Wb 30-3-20


Afternoon Class 5!


I truly hope you are all doing well and keeping safe at home with your families.

I have updated each subject under the Home Learning Ideas icon above. There are lots of your favourites such as games from Complete PE, an Art Hub for Kids competition, music lessons using our voice to continue our topic in class and there is even a Minecraft yoga lesson to keep you calm and collected at home. Why not try these activities with a family member too to help keep everyone busy :)


I have had a lovely week helping out at NCPS with children of key workers. It has been busy but lots of fun. The school was incredibly quiet without you all.

I am home now and I will be checking the school email inbox for all of your home learning. So keep me updated with the work you have been creating!


Take care

Miss Whitwell

Wb 23-3-20

Dear Class 5


I hope you are keeping well at this difficult time. I have uploaded lots of fun activities for you to keep busy with at home, see the Home Learning icon above. I will be uploading new activities and notes from myself weekly for you to look at.

If you have any work you are really proud of or you would like to keep me updated with what you have been up to, please email me using the following email address:

Please make sure you put class 5 and your name in the subject of the email.

I check these daily - so it would be wonderful to hear from you!


Enjoy this time to spend with your families, playing games, making memories and don't forget to exercise where possible too! I will upload some PE activities that are easy to do in your front room :) Have fun!


Stay safe and I hope to hear from you all soon


Miss Whitwell


20-3-20 Year 4 and 5 came together at a tricky time to learn some sign language before the school closed. We learnt signs to an inspirational song "Fight Song" to spread a message of love and determination

13-3-20 G B Strong, a local children’s author, came to visit and give us hints and tips in an exclusive writing workshop. Story projects to follow...

5-3-20 World Book Day

26–2-20 Class 5 invited family members to come and learn about our Choccy topic as part of our Brilliance assembly

7-2-20 We raised money for the Young Carer charity Kool Carers by attending school with crazy hair do’s. The school raised over £125!

6-2-20 The primary liaison teacher from Beauchamp Seconday School, Miss Bailey, came to visit us. She taught us how to use persuasive devices when selling weird and wonderful products.

31-1-20 We conducted a comparative test between the Mayan and Aztec ways of aerating hot chocolate. After careful measurements post experiment it was safe to say the Mayan whisk method was the clear winner!

30-1-20 Class 5 began their D&T project of creating a 3D Mayan mask. Stage 1: paper mache. Watch this space for more progress...

23-1-20 Power thoughts workshop

During our Power Thoughts workshop, we learned about unwanted thoughts and welcome thoughts. We now have a toolkit of ways to listen to our welcome visitor who fills us with positivity. 

13-1-20 we used the tool of role play to solve friendship scenarios in PSHE. We now have our own toolkit to help those who have trouble in relationships.

6-1-20 We kick started our multiplication week by using concrete apparatus to multiply three digits by one digit. We then used this to begin learning written methods

Welcome back to the Spring term. Class 5 are very excited to begin their new topic, Choccywoccydoodah! Which is all about chocolate!

We will be studying the Mayan culture and using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a hook for our English work. Even some of our science lessons on change of state will be linked to chocolate. We can't wait! See below for photos and updates on our topic so far...

16-12-19 Class 5's Christmas Party Plans this week

5.12.19 This week we tested water resistance using play doh in different shapes. We also tested Gravity, water and air resistance with our Viking longboats on the water.

27.11.19 Air resistance investigation

Still image for this video
During our science topic of forces, we looked at air resistance. We were challenged with making a parachute for an egg! We used maths measurement and design and technology skills to design and create our parachutes in groups. We then took it in turns to drop it from a height. We discovered that the larger the area of the parachute, the more air resistance it creates, causing the egg to fall slower. We even had two out of six eggs land without smashing! Watch our slow motion video for some of the action.

21-11-19 We became Explorers ourselves when using materials and equipment to test friction in Science with Explorer class

19-11-19 We had a wonderful time using the playground to explore perimeter problems in maths!

11-11-19 We showed how much we will remember the soldiers who fought for us by designing this poppy banner and holding a two minutes silence

8-11-19 Art - we have been learning how to weave using paper. We will use the skills we’ve learnt to move onto weaving with wool just like the Vikings did!

5-11-19 We role played predictions on how our main character escapes peril in our Viking text. We had a range of ideas on how Gunnar could break free from his chains and captors!

17-11-19 We had an entire day on creating our own 3D Viking models. Can you find and name the armour, houses and boats Vikings would have used?

3-10-19 We made Solar Systems for homework and Earth models in science to show how the planet works

27-9-19 Grandparents tea performance

Still image for this video
We performed Livin’ on a prayer to our audience. We even played air guitar. Take a look...

23-9-19 we discovered patterns when recording and measuring our shadows in science. We now know how the earth orbits, changing the position of the sun throughout the day

20-9-19 We absolutely loved the BookPeople bus! It has helped us with our love for reading...

19-9-19 We have really been enjoying our health and fitness sessions in PE and PSHE so far this term!

19-9-19 Voting day! Congratulations to Ronnie, Lucas, George, Sam, Marta and Billy who are now representing out class as sports, eco and school council leaders.

13-09-19 check out our amazing costumes for Roald Dahl day. We had the best time learning and reading more on the BFG, our current class book.

Welcome back to Autumn term!


This term Year 5 will be learning all about the Vicious Vikings! We will be linking English, Art, D&T and Geography to our topic when we learn about who they were and where they came from.


This half term our Science topic is all about Space! We will learn the planets in our solar system, how the sun, earth and moon orbit one another and the various phases of the moon.


We are really looking forward to learning new songs in Music, Religious stories in RE and how to look after our health and wellbeing in PSHE. Computing will be on E-Safety and we will also be practicing our maths skills using Sumdog and Times table rockstars once more.


Here's to a great half term! Keep checking our page for updates on what we have been up to!


Miss Whitwell