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Class 6 Closure Activities, Information and Messages

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shared 11-7-20

Well done, Class 6 - at last. One last battle and competition set for this

week, but you can play TTRS and Sumdog all summer!!!


This week some of our class were back in our classroom and learning together. It has been fun and it was lovely to see each other and talk in person. Any nerves have been squashed by everyone acting and working together safely. 


I hope everyone at home is well and you are using your time to read or practise skills, and getting ready for your next steps in education. 


Take care and don't forget you can join us in the classroom on Zoom, for the next two Tuesdays at 1:30pm. 


New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 5 from 6-7-20

New whole school Sumdog maths competition from 6-7-20

Good luck everyone!winkMrs S




Well, we've reached July. I challenge you to write April, May and June lots of times because you've missed out writing the date so often now. 

I will be welcoming a group of you back next week, and will get to see that you are 3D and have feet and a back to your heads - and for so many of you that you actually have a do don't you? For those who are not coming back, I will invite you to a Zoom meeting from our classroom, next week so you can see us in 2D if you like.

If you are coming back:

  • arrive promptly at 8:45am
  • bring a bottle of water
  • comfy shoes
  • fresh clothes everyday
  • snacks to avoid being hangry
  • you can bring your phone, but it will have to be turned off/silent and kept in your bag. 
  • The school day will finish at 2:45pm

If you're doing Bikeability, you'll need a helmet and bike on 7th, 13th and 14th July

Mrs Clout from Bromfords will visit on 8th July (rearranged from 7th)


It's nearly the end of the school year, but while you start to wind down for a real holiday, make sure you keep September in view and read for pleasure, write for fun and practise maths skills - exercise your body and mind. 

I hope to see more of you on Zoom, while some of us are in school. Be happy, make memories and stay safe. Mrs Strange smiley



26-5-20 Sunshine 1 - Maths 0, but how embarrassing!

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 5 from 29-6-20 for the week

New whole school Maths competition on Sumdog from 29-6-20 for the week

Keep learning. Good luck.

shared 25-6-20

The Evening Echo are offering a Year 6 leavers issue of their paper in July, which will have group photos of local Year 6 pupils. So that Class 6 2019/20 can be included I would like you to send a recent photo (head and shoulders only uniform not necessary) to In addition, so that I can make a Year book for every pupil, please send a short piece of writing (300 words or less) by the pupil, with memories of North Crescent and a message for the future. The images will be made into a collage and sent to the newspaper for publication. Deadline for photo and writing Tuesday 7th July.

If you would like your child included but cannot send a photo, I will find one from this year, however you must email or phone to give us permission. If you do not send a photo, email or phone, then we will presume do not want to be included.


Well, it's a touch warm ain't it! I hope you're finding ways to keep cool. Make sure you drink enough and use as much shade as you can find, if you're outside. Wink - it's what ice lollies were invented for - wink. I know it's hard when it's hot but try to keep on top of your homelearning, not long to go until the summer hols, and there's still a lot to do. The more you do - wink - the more rewards you'll earn - wink. 

So we've had some busy Zooms again this week with some faces returning to see us, which is has been lovely. 

Talking of returning...some of you will make a bubble back at school from 6th July. If your at school or not, you should keep learning and thinking about your new adventure in September. 

Stay safe and keep cool. 

from Mrs Strangesmiley

19-6-20 The power of one.

New TTRS battle rematch Class 6 vs Class 3 from 22-6-20

New whole school Sumdog Competition from 22-6-20

Good luck, everyone! Mrs S wink


Our online heroes this week were: FA & MM yes


Bonjour ma classe, 

Aujourd'hui, je porte un pantalon bleu et un t-shirt bleu.

I hope you have been able to access the transition project this week or have been finding alternative resources to learn from and widen your knowledge. Remember your brain is a muscle and needs exercise. 

Had very busy Zoom meetings this week, and have enjoyed guessing Marvel characters and voting for the cutest baby animal. I even had the piano played to me by a talented classmate. I am in school this week, which has been fun. I've had the Zoom meetings in the office and been able to make some phone calls home; hearing from you makes my week, I love to share what you've been doing and learning. Look out for a new weekly plan on the website and an activity on Google Classroom, on Monday. 

Stay safe and happy. Do more, know more and remember more. heart Mrs Strange


14-6-20  Valiant effort, boys.


New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 3 from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Find your rock slam challenge

New maths, grammar & spelling competitions on Sumdog from 15-6-20 until 19-6-20

Everybody, join in! Good luck from Mrs Syes


Our online heroes this week were: KK, LN, OM, MM, AT, LB & FA smiley




Hello Class 6, 

I hope you are all well and keeping busy with your transition work, exercise and fun. Maybe some of you have seen each other for a socially distanced visit or walk. 

Don't forget to send pictures or messages about your work or hobbies. Thank you to those of you who have been playing on Sumdog or TTRS (don't mention last week...oh deary me!) good to see your names pop up! 

There have been lots of smiley faces on Zoom, which has been great this week - some new faces; regular attendees and some returnees too. We have shared work, played games and said 'oooo' at new toys and gadgets. 

I will be in school next week, which means our Zoom meetings will have a new background but will still have some silly games and time to share work and news. I'm looking forward to Super Kawaii baby animals competition and Hidden Superheroes game. 

I miss you all. Stay safe. 

Mrs Strange smiley

shared 9-6-20 

Join the Summer Reading Challenge online.

5-6-20   Oh...but the only way is up, Class 6.

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 5 from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20

Look for rock slams

New Sumdog whole school competitions maths, grammar & spelling from 8-6-20 until 12-6-20. Make it on to the leaderboard!

Good luck, Mrs S yes


Sumdog heroes: LB, MM & JB smiley



Hello, hello!

Today we welcomed some children back to school, which was really nice. It's what we do! But while some are not in school the learning must go on. I've had some pictures sent to show me your work, from the new weekly project - thank you - and some feedback from phone calls home - thank you tooyes. When the sun is out or there is a game console calling to you to be picked up...I urge you to aim for some work towards September and beyond. There really are plenty of hours in the day for everything 🕒! 

We also need some TTRS heroes - we keep being beaten 😩

Don't forget to join me on Zoom for a chat, pulling faces or a silly game. You should have the latest details, but if you don't... email school to get them again. Mondays and Wednesdays 10am and 10:30am.

Hope to see you then. And hear from you and see your pics and messages. Don't be strangers! Make memories and stay safe. heart

29-5-20 Not bad.

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 4 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Look out for Rock Slams

New whole school Sumdog competition 1-6-20 until 5-6-20

Class 6 Sumdog challenges for maths, grammar & spelling this week too

Earn extra Sumdog coins from me.


Our online player heroes this week were: KK, LB & FA!!!!! yes


Hello everyone, 

Only a few on zoom this week, but I understand that the sunshine will be the winner this week - enjoy! But remember stay safe in the sun: protect your skin and drink plenty. 


So, school will reopen next week for our youngest pupils, and Class 6 will have to wait a little longer for definite news. Until then though, from Monday there will be short tasks set, which are based on a transition project sent by Beauchamps and Bromfords, which will join-up with work you'll continue in the Autumn term - so do try to access as much as you can.angel


Jump on TTRS for a maths battle or Sumdog for extra coins.


Hope to see you on zoom next week - some of us have set a challenge to draw a disguised book cover to guess which book. Plus show anything you've worked on or made or want to share (or send pictures to And join us for a game of 'Egg or Head?' and new for next week 'Horse or Unicorn?' 


Stay safe and make happy memories.laughMrs S





22-5-20 Thank you to our heroes this week...but where are the rest?

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 5 rematch from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20

Look out for or set a Rock Slam

New Sumdog whole school competition and Class 6 challenge from 25-5-20 until 29-5-20

Good luck cheeky Mrs S


Our online maths heroes this week: MO, BB, OM, JB, LN but especially LB wow! yes




Hello again, 

Thank you to everyone who could make it on to zoom this week, lovely to see you. And if you couldn't make it on we're thinking of you too. Make sure you do keep in touch with your friends in any (safe online or safe physically) way that you can. Take the extra time you have to make some happy memories; full of laughter and smiles. 

I'm still looking forward to getting emails with messages or pictures of your learning or other activities from home, or join us on zoom next week and share - live. 

Whatever you're doing: stay safe and look after each other. Mrs S wink



15-5-20 This was our score with 2 players.

Want to beat Class 5? We'll need a bigger crew.

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 5 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20 

Look out for Rock Slam challenges too. 

New Class 6 Sumdog challenge 9:30 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20

New Sumdog NCPS competition 9:30am 18-5-20 until 2:30pm 22-5-20

Good luck from Mrs S wink

yesOur online maths heroes this week were: FA, LB, MM, MO & GB yes


This week would have been SATs week. And as the poem suggests (below) some may be sad or glad that they are missing the tests. Whatever your point of view - missing the tests will be part of history. But while we sit on the sofa making history, you need to think about your future. 


I cannot urge you strongly enough to make use of the homelearning resources and to make time to exercise your body and mind. The work you do now will pay-off next year and beyond. The professionals and keyworkers that we are relying on to overcome Covid-19 were the children who: read books; did their maths homework and practised their writing and spelling. Be like them...we may need you in the future. 

coolMrs S

8-5-20 Sumdog & TTRS

Whoo hoo! 

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 3 9:30am 11-5-20 until 2:30pm 15-5-20 

New Sumdog school competition & Class 6 challenge 11-5-20 until 15-5-20. Get on the leaderboard! Plus I have set personal Rock Slams for the whole class. 

Good luck smiley

Online maths heroes this week: MM! FA! LB, MO, MG, IR & GB yes


6-5-20 Inspiring Shakespeare

to print or not to print that is the question

1-5-20 Come on you sixes!

New TTRS battle Class 6 vs Class 4 from 9:30am 4-5-20 until 2:30pm 8-5-20

NCPS Sumdog competition all year groups from 4-5-20

Class 6 Sumdog challenge 9:30am 4-5-20 until 2:30pm 8-5-20

Good luck laugh Mrs S

Online Maths stars this week. FA, MO, GB, LB & IR. yes



You do not need to have a Zoom account to join us, just enter the URL  and then the ID and password that your parents received in a text from us. Log on at your group's time then you'll enter a waiting room, until the meeting starts; the meeting can only go ahead with more than one person, so the more the merrier. Chat to us or show and tell, you'll be most welcome.

29-4-20 Zoom...just one look and then my heart went boom


It's been lovely to see or hear from you this week; great to see how well you look (no mad hair at all) and share some of your activities. If you haven't been able to join us, the next meetings are next week at the same times. You can join the meeting for as long as you want: they are locked and recorded for our online safety. Or if you don't fancy Zoom send us a message via email: or if you're messaging privately drop us a message to be passed on. Do keep in touch though. 


Couple of bits came up in our chats so I've added some printable worksheets if you want them and some recipes to try, to our page. 


Get on Sumdog or TTRS to take part in battles and challenges. If you need your passwords, I can email them to you, message us to request then at:


Stay safe. Mrs Strange wink




24-4-20 Sumdog Heroes this week: FA, MG, MO, LB and IR. A new challenge has been set for you starting 27-4-20, plus last few days of the National Competition. What are you waiting for!winkMrs S

24-4-20 Come on! We ain't goin' out like that!

A new TTRS battle has been set Class 5 vs Class 6 from 27-4-20 until 1-5-20 yesMrs S


Hello Class 6, 

Lovely day today. I hope you're able to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. 


I stood in my garden at 2:30am last night to watch for a meteor shower. I felt a little bit foolish (pjs and coat) but then was rewarded with a few bright whooshes - it was a beautiful night and I'm glad I made the effort. 


So, lots of bits of news. The staff contributed to a signed video, that you can watch - find it at the top of the class page. A new project is saved for you and if that's not enough there are lots of simple to follow video tutorials at and ...You don't have to do lots and lots - we're not expecting your home to become a classroom - but you should do some learning to keep you ticking over ready for whenever we're back together but more importantly to be ready for Year 7 - just 4 months away. Check out the links above, or jump on TTRS or Sumdog. We worked too hard to throw away your skills - your brain is a muscle that needs exercise. You have a right to an education. Be respectful. Be the best you can be.


Mrs Tucker and Mrs Quick have been phoning everyone to check in, but your parents will get info - today or tomorrow - to join a video chat, in groups, with me on Zoom, starting next week. I'd love to see you and catch up - so get dressed ( I know you're living in pjs) and sign up.


Hope to see you next week on Zoom. Stay safe. Mrs Strange winkheart

20-4-20 15 day project part 2

19-4-20 Times Table Rock Stars Battle

Class 5 vs Class 6 from 9:30am 20-4-20 until 2:30pm 24-4-20. Good luck wink Mrs S



New challenges set for you this week. Enjoy!


Hello class 6, 


Hooray for chocolate! I had forgotten how good it tastes. But the downside is the extra miles on the exercise bike - but worth it. cheeky I hope you had a good weekend and were able to keep in touch with your special people. 


Did you spot our lovely collage, with a message for all of you? It was fun making the sign. Maybe you could make one too; you're a clever bunch, I'm sure you'd be able to work it out. 


I'll keep setting challenges on Sumdog and I'll set a competition on TTRS soon. A new project will be posted next week and keeping checking the Children tab for new items in the icons. I presume you're finding lots to do - but I'm not getting to share it with you crying - I'm not getting much email from you - so please send messages or pics of the things you're doing - I'm missing seeing you all. Are you keeping your trims in check? I bet there is some crazy hair out there. 


Stay safe. heart from Mrs Strange



11-4-20 For news, puzzles and on the First News icon.smiley Mrs S

9-4-20 Happy Easter!


Hello Class 6, 

Hope you are all happy and feeling good. This is a message to you, before the Easter holiday, which I know will be a little different this year. Despite the changes, I am sure that there will be lots of films, games to play and some sweet treats, but don't forget to keep in touch with each other, if you can - remembering to be kind and thoughtful in your messages. 

Here is some of my news:

While we are at home, all of the staff at NCPS have been beavering away to make our website really useful for you. We've also got an enormous list of jobs to do, and are working from home through the holiday too, and you know list is longer than most. Big success though, is my report that I was working on, by visiting the school near Stratford, was uploaded to the Open University website this week - waiting for it to 'go live'. Some of your next schools have been in touch, and you may start getting bits and pieces through the post, from them.


I have been helping my children, with their homelearning and been on a seek and destroy mission for cobwebs and dust! We have been using YouTube drawing lessons and painting in the garden. I finished reading High Rise Mystery, it's a pity it wasn't easy to share, because it's really good! Read it if you can. Out of character for me, I have been doing 5 miles on the exercise bike and going for a mile walk everyday too. blush


Thanks to BB, IR and GB for challenges on TTRS - I didn't do very well - I'm not fast! I've set challenges on Sumdog and will do more. I've had some work sent in, I'd LOVE to see more. Send anything that you're doing (I'm not checking up on you) just want to keep connected. Email: mailyes


That's enough for now: keep in touch and send me things; set me a challenge; be kind to each other; follow the rules about social distancing and STAY SAFE! Mrs S heartwinkheart


30-3-20 Finish projects from our Spring topic, at home.



I've set challenges on Sumdog: two for maths and one for spelling. Starting today, until Friday 3rd - so go for it. Mrs S cool


Hello Class 6,

I hope all is well with you and your families. Keep each other safe by following the government's rules. It can be hard to stay in for a long time, so try to play in the garden or go for a walk, jog or bike ride once a day. Or you could find online, a workout to follow. I have put a couple of PE type games listed on our page, and there is a challenge sheet on the main page. While the sun is shining get outside and keep fit. laugh


Hello Class 6, I hope you are all happy, healthy and keeping busy. There are new links to maths resources on the introduction page for the class pages. And if you were not in for the end of last week, the 15 day activity plan is listed on our page.

It was a pity we were not able to finish Shakespeare week altogether. But those who did make it into school, worked really hard to make short performances. See their pics in the topic area.



Don't forget if you have any work to share, send your photos to:




Right! Got your attention. Read below.

Send me pictures or documents quickly, to show-off your brilliant work and activities. Make sure you address it to Class 6. You'll get a message to acknowledge that I have seen it. I'll post some of your work on our class page.





You've all worked so hard this year...make sure you keep your minds active:

  • maintain your education
  • always be respectful
  • keep safe and happy
  • be the best you can be


I'll write you messages here: it will be my way of keeping in touch.

winkenlightenedMrs Strange

Homelearning during closure letter.

18-3-20 15 day project part 1

Essex library member? Or if not join online and access: books, e-comics and e-magazines.

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