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We hope you have fun this summer and we will see you ready to learn on Friday 3rd September. Be safe out and about. Be safe around water. Be safe in the sun.

Class 6 Closure Homelearning

Thank you!

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Class sharing


  • beautiful piano playing from Michelle
  • lovely email from Bethany, she's been busy with class work
  • Emirhan Zoomed from Turkey!


Thank you, everyone.

15-6-20 Applause...applause...applause! Fab, Finley!

The jpegs were too big to show as jpegs - that's how rich your work was. Fabulous work, Finley. 

  • varied sentence grammar and punctuation in your writing about The Black Death
  • solid comprehension linked to 'The Boy...'
  • thorough skills in your maths


shared 10-6-20 Happy Zoomers

shared 8-6-20 Who's on Zoom?

shared 4-6-20

shared 2-6-20 Top marks, Isla!

shared 2-6-20 Look what Piper made! Like... totally groovy.

28-5-20 Excellent exercise 🌟💪

27-5-20  zoom news

Michelle and I shared some pictures we drew - designs for costumes for A Midsummer Night's Dream



And Lara has been busy in the garden planting seeds to grow lettuce, tomatoes and cress. Summer yummy!


20-5-20 Michelle's art 

blush Sorry, the pictures I took were toooo blurry but your art work was brilliant and you had learned new skills - that was not difficult to see. Keep it up!



20-5-20 Thank you LB!

13-5-20 What a trooper!

You are a model student! This makes me feel very proud of how committed you are to your future. I hope you have a little party at the end of the week - we would me a jaffa cake.

12-5-20 Hard at work.

11-5-20 zoom buddies

11-5-20 VE day commemoration bunting

10-5-20 AS maths and memories - thanks for sharing


smiley Thanks to everyone who was able to join our chats on Zoom last week. I've got a guessing game to play this week - so come along. Remember you don't need to have a zoom account just go to the site and enter the password your parents were sent in the first week (same time: same password -every week) and wait in the waiting room. 

Group 1 Mondays 10am FA LB GB JB MM PW AT

Group 2 Mondays 10:30am CG ASm KM OM LN KK HT RN

Group 3 Wednesdays 10am AC MG EK EJ

Group 4 Wednesdays 10:30am EF LF MO IR ASo

9-5-20 AS feeding the ducks and geese

5-5-20 AS thrilling story

29-4-20 PowerPoint for heroes

Heroes certainly do come in a variety of shapes and places. And we've learned very quickly, to appreciate that some of the most important are like secret agents, with: disinfectant bottles, screwdrivers, cold, muddy hands in fields of veg, smelly lorries once a week or a sack of letters and parcels. Thank you all key workers and not forgetting stay-at-homers.

29-4-20 Converting fractions to decimals - teaching point

Hope this helps. The process can be more complex for some fractions - one process doesn't fit all, but the idea of simplifying the fraction by dividing or multiplying is commonly used. enlightened

28-4-20 letter

28-4-20 fact file

20-4-20 flower biology

17-4-20 TTRS & Sumdog top-dogs

Thanks to FA and AT, who put in a lot of time on Sumdog this week - excellent commitment and aiming to be the best you can be: not just for yourselves but for our school and your future. I'm so proud of you. angel

9-4-20 TTRS & Sumdog stars this week.

Thank you to MG, FA, ASm & KM for playing Sumdog. I have set up new challenges and a competition from 14-4-20 on Sumdog but don't forget to use TTRS too. yescool

3-4-20 Sumdog & TTRS brilliance

Thank you to OL, LB, BB, EF, FA, MM, MG, IR, GB, for their efforts playing the maths games and challenges - and some tried the new spelling games too. Keep it up! New challenges and competitions set on Sumdog from 5-4-20 until 9-4-20 just for you.yesangel

under the sea painting

Can you see what I see?

Un beau repas. C'est manifique, Monsieur A!

Hope rainbow

Inverse operations

Sumdog brilliance

Thank you Sumdog players this week: MG, IR, BB, FA & LB yes

Bedroom maps

Den building

Postcard from favourite places