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Each day this week, tasks will be uploaded. Login to Google Classroom too.

Read and play on TTRS and Sumdog. Most of all, this week be safe. 

See you soon. Mrs Strange wink 

Friday 20th November 


Maths: arithmetic quiz. Choose to answer as many as you can in 30 minutes or choose certain problems 


History: scan through the PDF books and find an interesting photo or map, to share when we are back at school together.


Spelling: do your own test with this week's list


Computing: follow the link to use your programming skills to train an AI robot

Thursday 19th November 




Put yourself in the shoes of people who heard Neville Chamberlain make his historic announcement, from the radio on 3rd September 1939. Write a diary entry as if you were a person at the time. Listen to the radio announcement again from the link. 

You can choose who to write as: 
                   a boy aged 13 or slightly older 
                   a young girl who lives in a city
                   a man around 18 or 19 years old
                   a woman with young children
                   an older man who fought in World War 1

Success Criteria
sentences with different tenses - past, present and future
a range of punctuation
spellings from the Year 5/6 list (partnership books)
describe the feelings or things they did or heard


Here is an example I wrote - older woman whose son was killed in World War 1

Dear diary,
They said the Great War was 'the war to end all wars'. It felt like a lie then and today the lie unravelled. Chamberlain announced on the wireless that we are at war with Germany. We all just sat there in the church listening. It was a fine day outside in the sun but inside a sort of cloud hung over us. We knew what he'd say, the papers have been full of it. Even though we prayed and hoped - it was inevitable that it would come to war - again. It can't hurt me, I lost more than I could bear in 1916, but all those poor families who will be separated and torn apart. I am too much of a lady to write down what old Mrs Smith called Hitler, I have never heard her so angry - made us all blush! And Mrs Jones dropped her tea cup.
On the green outside, I saw boys holding broom handles and sticks, pretending to be soldiers - marching up and down. Broke my heart.


Mark your arithmetic quiz. Then invent new number problems. 


Challenge: write word problems to match the number problems. 


Warm up with a Supermovers routine.

PSHE - print or make the pictures to talk about: What is kind or unkind?

Wednesday 18th November 

English - compose a conversation between: 

Julie and Bill   


Bill and and adult he meets  (warden, Big Bert or the nice lady in the shelter)


Mr Tom and William


  • Use the PDFs attached to help with the style, setting, characters. 
  • Use the correct punctuation (see Monday's help)
  • Challenge: add and accent or another character but make sure it is unambiguous and not confusing


Maths - try the arithmetic paper in 30 minutes or work through questions you choose

French - watch the video link and draw yourself in your favourite clothes and label the clothes in French


PSHE : Road Safety Week 

Use the sheets below to explore road safety or make a poster about the risks and hazards of speeding vehicles on: drivers, cyclists (and other wheely things) or pedestrians. 


Facts: Nearly 4000 people were injured in Road Traffic Collisions in Essex, last year. World-wide 1.3 million people were killed in road incidents last year. 


Did you know? A car is 100 heavier than a child.


English: Improve the examples of speech. Think about punctuation, how the character is developed and rounded plus try to add accents to the speaker.

Maths: Use the answers to find the types of question you want to focus on. 

Science: experiment with making coloured shadows or make an art work inspired by coloured shadows. 


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