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yesSafe Searchingyes

Please remember to use a safe search engine when using the internet, just like we do at school. e.g. Kiddle. Click on link below.

Mini Missions

Fun ideas for you to practise your computational thinking skills.

These skills are :

  • Algorithms - making steps and rules
  • Abstraction - removing unnecessary detail
  • Evaluation - making judgements
  • Decomposition - breaking down into parts
  • Pattern -  spotting and using similarities
  • Logic - predicting and analysing

Click on link below for some fun activities.

20-5-20              How games work

Learn all about what goes into making a computer game and how algorithms work.

Click on link below to take part in the BBC Bitesize lesson.

Download the Barefoot resources for the activities below.

When you have finished this lesson can you answer the following questions and send the answers  into me ?

1. What three things do you need to create a computer game?

2. Can you explain what an algorithm is and write an example of one?

7-5-20             Learn how to code

Be SMART online - video lessons

Watch these videos with your parent to help you understand how to stay safe when online. 

Online Safety at Home

Think U Know are providing Home learning packs to help children and parents learn about Online Safety at Home. These can be viewed and downloaded from the link to their web page below. Resources for the children's activities and a parent help sheet can also be downloaded from pdf links below.

ScratchJr is a visual programming language designed to introduce coding skills to children ages 5–7.

ScratchJr Activities Guide

This video is about ScratchJr Activity Guide

Each of the activities found in the link below give  a quick way to learn how to use ScratchJr. The activities are listed on the site in order of simplest to hardest, but feel free to play around in any order you'd like!