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North Crescent Primary School

‘Guiding explorers of the future’

We hope you have fun this summer and we will see you ready to learn on Friday 3rd September. Be safe out and about. Be safe around water. Be safe in the sun.


yes  Safe Searching  yes

Please remember to use a safe search engine when using the internet,

just like we do at school. e.g. Kiddle.

Click on link below.

Online Safety Activities

Touch Typing

The link below is for a touch typing tutor that takes children from the home keys to mastery of the whole keyboard and typing sentences. Have a go. 

Mini Missions

Fun ideas for you to practice your computational thinking skills.

These skills are :

Algorithms - making steps and rules

Abstraction - removing unnecessary detail

Evaluation - making judgements

Decomposition - breaking down into parts

Pattern -  spotting and using similarities

Logic - predicting and analysing

Click on link below for some fun activities.