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Conjunctions - Using 'and'

Using 'and' as a joining word - conjunction

Two shorter sentences can be joined together using the word and.

e.g. We went to the beach.  We built a sandcastle.

We went to the beach and we built a sandcastle.

Task 1:

Can you match these sentences and join them together using the word and so that they make sense?

Nick read a book.           and     He played in the garden.
Sarah put on her coat. He went to bed.
Holly went to the cinema. She walked to the shops.
Sam ran very fast. She ate some popcorn.
Ben finished his homework. He won the race.


Task 2:

Can you finish off these sentences? Make them as exciting as you can.

1. The alien landed on earth and ............

2. The lion roared loudly and ...........

3. The plane zoomed through the sky and ..........

Task 3: