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School has now re-opened for EYFS; Year 1; children of keyworkers and a Year 6 bubble. Any questions or queries please contact the school office Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm. Thank you :)*****Weekly homelearning projects, activities, ideas and guidance can be found in the Children tab, click on Class Pages :) ************Zoom meetings are still happening! If you need a password email or and we will send it to you again :)******You can play TTRS and Sumdog all summer!

Singular & Plural

Singular and Plural

One of something is called singular.

More than one of something is called plural.

e.g. one cat   ---->    two cats

if the word ends in s, ss, sh, ch, tch or x we add 'es'.

e.g. one bush    ---->   two bushes

Task 1:

Can you write all these words as singular and plural?

 watch     toy     boxes     dress     banana     flowers     show     brush     classes     bridge


Task 2:

Some plurals do not follow these rules. Can you work out what the rule is when a word ends in y?

e.g. city --->  cities     penny --->  pennies

Can you think of any other words that end in y? Write down their plurals. 


Task 3:

Play Plural Puzzler (download from link below)

Roll the dice and move the number of spaces you roll. Read the word you land on then write down the plural. If you don't know the plural move back to where you were before you rolled.