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School has now re-opened for EYFS and keyworker children. We look forward to welcoming our Year 1 children from Monday 8th June. Any questions or queries please contact the school office Monday - Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm. Thank you :)*****Weekly homelearning projects, activities, ideas and guidance can be found in the Children tab, click on Class Pages :)

Design & Technology

   Win a climbing frame for our school    

Take part in this competition and have fun creating your dream climbing frame.

Draw and label your design with the measurements and materials you have chosen to use.

 The winning design will be manufactured and installed in our school. 

Wouldn't it be great to say 'I designed that climbing frame'

Closing date for entries 15th May 2020.

Download entry form below ( also includes ideas to think about in your design).

Take a photo of your entry form so we can show your designs on our website.

Have fun!

Could you be the next child inventor?

Look at some of the inventions below to give you some ideas and then think of a problem that you could solve by inventing a new product.

Draw your design and explain how it might work.

Phone Friend

Designed for people in wheelchairs so they can use a public phone.


Tooth - omatic

Designed  to put toothpaste  on a the toothbrush.


Shady Lamp

Designed to replace the dimmer switch, adjust the blinds to shade the light.


Pringle Hook

Designed to help get Pringles out of the tube.


Family Scooter

Designed so the whole family can ride together.

Leaf Catcher

Designed to keep the streets tidy during Autumn, when the leaves fall from the trees.


The Backward Glasses

Designed to see things that are behind you.


Creakless Slippers

Designed to be able to walk over creaky floorboards.


Food Cooler

Designed to cool food.